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  1. The Doctor

    Mirror Universe

    I wish the show had used that good-Changeling design from the comics. Was much better.
  2. The Doctor

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    Damsel in Distress trope. The trope that has Celestia and Luna be portrayed as weak and helpless leaders in each and every 2 part finale this show has done. The trope that's basically turned them both into Princess Peach, there only to serve the role of being captured in order to build tension.
  3. The Doctor

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    Or it was just a lazy writer more concerned with spectacle that story and wanted to get all of Equestria's power block out of the way with as little creative effort as possible by employing a trope so old and stale that even Disney has stopped using it.
  4. The Doctor

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    But we know the McGuffin throne wasn't used, because Luna could use her dream magic. As for Sombra, we see Celestia and Luna use regular magic against him. The elements weren't' seen in that flashback. Tirek, we're not told exactly, but youd think that when Celestia was delivering the exposition she'd have said they used them before, and them being gone, is the reason they can't use them now. Keep in mind Celestia and Luna protected Equestria for untold number of years before Discord came along.
  5. The Doctor

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    I would argue Twilight is far more adapt as a fighter than some wanabe-dictator who spent the last few years just bullying people into following her through mental and physical torture.
  6. The Doctor

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    It's inconsistent writing. Sombra was presented in "The Crystal Empire" as regional threat. Celestia and Luna didn't even need the Elements. Suddenly he's mounting a threat to Equestira in an alternate time line (though admittedly, time travel by it's very nature is stupid, so every alternate timeline making no logical sense isn't surprising. I can forgive it). Same with Tirek. No elements were needed to defeat him. Celestia and Luna don't confront Tirek when he's weak for no other reason than that Meghan wanted a big stupid fight in the final act. Chrysalis needed to be super-charged with more love power than she ever had before in order to take out Celestia (and Chrysalis was as surprised as anyone that she won). The mane 6 tear throw hoards of drones like a hot knife through butter. Now all the Princesses and Mane 6 can be taken out by a few drones without any problem. It's a reason I really don't care much for the 2 part episodes of this show anymore. The writers have long since decided to put spectacle over substance.
  7. The Doctor

    Starlight Glimmer is not OP

    She is incredibly overpowered. It would have made far more sense had she been using some magic relic, than to just personally have the power to remove cutie marks. But that was just one thing. Then you have the S5 finale where she's standing toe to toe with an Alicorn. That was just silly, and another case of the show doing something just for the spectacle, and not by thinking things out. Since she was changing time, logical thing would have been to de-alicorn Twilight for the episode due to the time changes. Then at least they're on more (appearance wise) equal footing. Now THAT was lazy writing. Celestia and Luna showed up in that arc for one page just to be defeated. There was absolutely no reason to even have them in that story. Cadance had only just tried to contact them, and the story was shorty (time wise) to say all the events passed before they got there. There wasn't some tie in to the Reflections arc that made Celestia's presence something that could have made for a story, that was totally ignored in the arc. But just like with the show, the writer felt that cheap drama needs to be built by worfing the Royal Sisters.
  8. The Doctor

    Classic "Who would Win" thread

    The answer is always Squirrel Girl.
  9. The Doctor

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    Well the comics and the books show Celestia and Luna as powerful figures. Very rarely have the comics gone down the road of just having them get captured to get them out of the way (has really only happened once and, until the S6 finale, was easily the dumbest way it's been done in the franchise). in regards to Celestia, both the comics and the books have shown that she is incredibly powerful, even to the point that she'll start glowing gold (she basically has a SSJ mode). Heck, Celestia is the one who blasted all the holes into the Changelings. She's also the only pony to ever wield all the elements on her own. And then you look at Amy Keating Roger's book. Celestia and Luna were brought to Equestria to be it's leaders and guardians. They ruled for a long time before Discord showed up, and did so without the need for the elements. Celestia ran it by herself for a thousand years. This lore that has been has set up is totally at odds with a show that shows these two as weak and helpless leaders in every single 2-part finale this show has done. Instead, the show has basically turned them into Princess Peach. Celestia and Luna in regards to the finales, are props. They aren't characters. They're there to get captured to build some cheap, quick tension. As for Celestia in the first two seasons, she wasn't shown to be captured in the pilot. I know Faust has said that was originally her intention, but that wasn't what was shown on screen. What we saw on screen was Luna leave the moon and go straight to Ponyville. Unless she made a 1-2 second stop in Canterlot. I have my own personal headcanon about what Celestia was doing during that time, but it's just a theory. Second season, Celestia actually has to help fix Twilight before Twilight can fix the other. Incredibly minor role, but it's there. Then you have the S2 finale. Honestly, I love it. I even like how Celestia was captured. It put a clever twist on the old "love conquers all" trope by having a villain who could use that energy, and managed to suck up so much, she was able to win (and was clearly as surprised about it as anyone) As for comparisons to Dumbledore and Gandalf. I didn't say they were exactly alike, I said they were inspired by. And I think there's enough similarities to make that claim.
  10. The Doctor

    Season 6 - Ranked

    Here's my episode ranking for S6 The Saddle Row Review Gauntlet of Fire Dungeons & Discords The Fault in Our Cutie Marks Top Bolt Where the Apple Lies No Second Prances Viva Las Pegasus Stranger Than Fan Fiction The Gift of the Maud Pie The Crystalling Flutter Brutter Buckball Season The Times They Are a Changeling Spice Up Your Life On Your Marks A Hearth's Warming Tail Newbie Dash The Cart Before the Ponies P.P.O.V. (Pony Point of View) Applejack's "Day" Off To Where and Back Again Every Little Thing She Does 28 Pranks Later
  11. The Doctor

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    They've basically taken a character who's creation was inspired by great Literary characters like Dumbledore and Gandalf, and turned them into Princess Peach.
  12. The Doctor

    Sum up an episode in 8 words.

    "To Where and Back Again" - Oh Look. Celestia and Luna got worfed again.
  13. The Doctor

    MLP Rewatch 2 EP 1/2 Friendship is Magic

    I really enjoy this episode. Great introduction to the world and cast. Was also just a fun adventure.
  14. The Doctor

    This topic is about Starlight Glimmer.

    Starlight really is the most majestic of all horses. Just look how awesome he is!
  15. Just post what I did in the EQD thread now that it's out. I'm sick and tired of seeing Celestia and Luna get worfed for the sake of the plot in each and every two part finale this show does. So no, I'm not going to enjoy an episode where my favorite character gets worfed again just because the writers can't think of some other way to write them out of the story. You don't have to tear down other characters in order to build up others. And the damsel in distress trope has become so commonplace the writers don't even need to feel the need to explain it. Celestia was defeated by a super-charged Chrysalis, who was more powered up than she had ever been before. Now she and Luna are taken out by a few random drones. You know how you could have fixed it in this episode? Have Celestia and Luna on a mission somewhere. Without Spike captured, there's no way for Starlight and the others to contact them. Could even add in a line about how Chrysalis chose that as the reason to attack. You build them both up, and they're not in the episode. Do it with Cadance too. Cadance and the Empire captured and learn of the Changeling plan. Throax is sent to Ponyville because he knows the most about Changelings. Build up Cadance and Shining Armor by showing they're competent. Then the episode goes as usual. Nothing else would need to change. Much as I want to see Celestia do something, I'd be perfectly happy for just some creativity by the writers in figuring out ways to not have her in the episode without resulting in a tired old Disney trope. I did like Discord and Trixie this episode. They had great dialogue. Onward to season 7. Wonder what stupid way Celestia and Luna will get captured next time...