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  1. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    The latest version of my pony model Ive been working on. I would like some feedback on how I can be better. Thanks.
  2. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    something more like this?
  3. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    let me see what i can do about the eye. i want the oval shaped eye like the one in my signature. i went with the round eye because thats what you'd normally see in 3d animated film. but it dosent match up with how ive built the face. im trying out some ideas at the moment.
  4. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    so its been a long time since i last shared anything. ive been working on my new base model for awhile and have a couple face poses to share. theres a few more on my deviant art page if you want to see more.
  5. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    just trying out some HDR lighting
  6. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    i got more poses on my dev page
  7. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    i dont know what was going on twitter that past couple days. but a few people were doing star wars crossovers with characters that Tara Strong plays. so i made my my own!
  8. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    just going to stick to one thread instead of making a new one every time i want to share something. if you like what you see my dev art link is in my signature below, and heres my twitter feedback is welcome.
  9. A few renders Ive made recently. Critiques are welcome. My twitter feed
  10. eeyore84

    for fluttershy fans

    just a few renders i made. if you like what you see, feel free to visit my twitter Critiques are welcome.
  11. eeyore84

    3D Pony ART

    just rendered today. 2 and half days of work! source: