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  3. Hello. I'm Ray and while this isn't the first time I have been to a MLP-related forum, I am please to get know all of you in this website. After all, Friendship is Magic, right? ....and yes, I like ponies. Both real life and MLP ones. For those curious as to how did I get there; I was searching around MLP Discord servers and after I joined a few more MLP Discord servers, noticed somebody mentioned that Equestria Daily have their own forum site and I decided to check this out and one thing led another, ya know? How did I get into MLP? It's a long story, considering the entire MLP franchise has been around for almost 40 years but when I was a kid (maybe like 6 or 8?), I would watch some bits and pieces of FiM but since my family have a lack of Hub/Discovery Channel, I rarely get a chance to watch it as a kid (well, until years later, my family got a Netflix account but that's for later). Flash forward to 2017-19, two of my cousins started watching FiM and EQG. At first, I don't think FiM and EQG fits for my tastes and thought I'm too old to watch that cartoon. But flash forward to 2020, while I was staying at home during COVID, I saw a video of Sunset Shimmer on Twitter and I thought "Why not give MLP a shot?" Long story short, I got into it. Though tbh, I'm a late bloomer in this fandom since BronyCon was gone and FiM already concluded their story.
  4. Hello, I'm Ray :happybonbon: and I have been with the brony fandom since September 2020. While this isn't my first time going to the MLP-related forums, I certainly didn't know Equestria Daily have a forum until their Discord server I recently join mentioned it and one thing led another. Anyways, I'm glad to be here. :HappyPinkie: