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  1. This does sound like a very interesting concept. I would love to see a bit about the Mane 6's lives before they met Twilight and probably also Twilight's life before she met the Mane 6. To be fair, it would probably be pretty boring on Twilight's part, since she'd be doing nothing but studying. Maybe it would be interesting if it focused on somepony else, like Celestia or Luna.
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    Why did you join the fandom?

    Once upon a time in the not so magical land of 4chan, I was browsing through /b/ as I used to do pretty often back in those days. It was early 2011. I noticed that for some reason people were starting to make several threads about strange colorful ponies, so I kind of wondered what all the fuss was about. However, at first, I simply dismissed as /b/ being /b/ (It is the Random board, after all...) and thought: "Oh, /b/ is mocking some stupid children's show again. Whatever...". At that point, I didn't yet understand that people had some genuine appreciation for the show and I thought it was some kind of troll thing. So I just ignored it for several months. Mind you, back then I never visited /co/ (The Comics & Cartoons board), so I missed the early start of the fandom there. I only noticed it when people started posting it on /b/ in early 2011. Finally, on October 2011, I finally decided I wanted to find out what all the fuss was about. I lurked one of the /b/reads (That's what the pony threads on /b/ were called) and discovered that people really did like that show for real. I googled the show and found the Know Your Meme article and read through it. This thing was starting to kind of intrigue me. What finally pushed me to give the show a chance was the fact that Lauren Faust had previously worked on The Powerpuff Girls, one of my favorite shows from my childhood. So I watched the show in chronological order, starting from the pilot. I was very skeptical at first, to the point of skipping the intro and the fairy tale-ish storybook opening because I felt it was "too girly". However, I still kept watching and despite skipping some parts of the first episode I didn't care too much about, I still decided to watch the second episode. It was the second episode that finally convinced me this show might be worth watching, after all. The other Mane 6's initial reactions to Pinkie Pie's "Giggle at the Ghosties" song made me realize this show is at least pretty self-aware and even though the way Nightmare Moon was defeated was rather cheesy, it still charmed me. So I kept watching. It was Bridle Gossip that definitely turned me into a brony and also made Twilight my favorite character, with her hilariously sarcastic responses to the others when they're all hiding from Zecora at the beginning. It was then The Cutie Mark Chronicles that made me practically fall in love with Twilight because I realized I identified myself with her more than with any fictional character I had ever seen before. Twilight still remains a big part of why I watch this show, although probably less so today than it used to. I started watching the show the week before Lesson Zero aired (I think it was Wednesday, October 12) and I was caught up by the time Lesson Zero had just aired (Sunday, October 16). It was also around that time that I discovered Equestria Daily. I soon started looking for some brony forums to join (the first ones were and and yeah, that's the story of how I joined the brony fandom. And because I feel this is relevant, here you have the first post I ever made on a brony site, namely what I wrote when I was introducing myself to the members of, back in December 4, 2011 (,3858.msg233824.html#msg233824). It's funny to see what has changed and hasn't changed about my passion for the show and this fandom since then:
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    Favorite Season of MLP:FiM [Includes Poll]

    1. Season 2 2. Season 1 3. Season 5 4. Season 4 5. Season 6 (so far) 6. Season 3 I just think season 2 has the best episodes overall. There were a lot of really good ones, some okay ones and relatively few bad ones, in my opinion.
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    Who are the best ponies?

    1. Twilight Sparkle 2. Pinkie Pie 3. Rarity I'm kind of surprised Twilight is so low and Fluttershy is so high on the best pony poll.
  5. I guess the writers just don't particularly care about revealing the exact nature of Twilight and Spike's relationship. We know they're close and that Spike is her "number one assistant", but apart from that things are kind of unclear. But then again we've had already some episodes showing us that Spike is basically Twilight's adopted son, so I don't think they really need to confirm anything.
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    Greetings everypony!

    Hello blue. Nice to see you here.
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    Skies are going to get smoky

    Hey Smoky. Nice to see you here as well.
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    Hello, pony friends!

    Hey Dawn. Nice to see you here.
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    Hey Ice. Nice to see you here!
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    Why hello there ponies

    Hey blue. Hey Apple.
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    Hello everyone

    Hello everyone. For those who don't know me from the MDs or NDs, I am Purple Smart. I am 23 years old and I live in Switzerland. How are you doing?
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    Hello everyone

    Don't worry, Sunny. I'll be on the MDs as usual, at least for now. You also have me on Skype so no worries. <3