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  1. That's an interesting question. That was way back in October 2011 for me, so I'm struggling to remember which song it was exactly. It can't have been Tombstone's Discord remix since that was only released in January 2012. I'm pretty sure it was Alex S.'s Cutie Mark Crusaders Song Remix. I'm not completely sure when that was released and unfortunately I can't look it up since Alex S. deleted his old videos and only later reuploaded them again. Still, I'm pretty sure that happened to be the first brony song I ever heard. Another likely candidate is Glaze's Beyond Her Garden, which was released almost at the same time as I became a brony.

    And how did I react? Well, I liked it. It also happened to be the first dubstep song I ever heard, so I guess that introduced me to that genre. After that, I started listening to more and more brony songs over the years. As for Beyond Her Garden, it still remains my favorite brony song to this day.

  2. EqD has already been made SFW enough as it is. The comments are much more child-friendly than YouTube comments could ever hope of being and children nowadays spend a lot of time on YouTube anyway. There is nothing objectionable whatsoever about what EqD posts and in the very few instances that saucy content is even posted, it's clearly labeled as such.

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  3. I will have to say it's Siege of the Crystal Empire. It was an ambitious story arc, but it just didn't work. Especially the ending was disappointing, but it already started with the first issue. They shouldn't have taken some minor antagonists from the show and made them into outright villains. This was especially jarring with Iron Will, who was never that bad in the first place and even had a comic focused on him that pretty much redeemed him. Radiant Hope's character wasn't all that appealing and her motivations were unclear. She was smart enough to rally all those "minor antagonists", but as soon as Sombra appeared, she immediately became helpless and incompetent. The entire relationship between Radiant Hope and Sombra came off as terribly cheesy and I'm saying that even though I liked Fiendship is Magic #1. And when the Umbrum appeared they really lost me.

    I didn't like certain other arcs, such as Reflections and The Good, The Bad and The Ponies, but Siege of the Crystal Empire dared to take Sombra and reform him in the worst possible way. Say what you want about Starlight's reformation, but it wasn't even nearly as ridiculous as what happened to Sombra in that comic arc. It was just truly disappointing.

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  4. 49 minutes ago, Aaargh Zombies said:

    One consequence of this is that it's also attracted more "geeks" who are "all about the canon" which is why so many people vociferously refused to accept that EQG was set in the same universe as MLP, and who considered it to be a separate spinoff universe with no effect on the main universe.


    Early fans who are used to having 3 seasons of the show and 50 million fanfics are often less concerned about canon and more concerned about having more pony.

    I don't know about that. I think early fans are exactly the ones who are the most opposed to EqG. Don't forget that Faust herself was opposed to that idea.

  5. I always watch the new episodes on a livestream whenever it's actually possible for me. It happens only rarely that I'm unable to watch it live, but then I will always watch it no less than an hour after it has aired. I've been keeping this up since Luna Eclipsed, which was the first episode I watched live. In the five years that I've been a part of this fandom, it has never happened that I had to watch the new episode on Sunday or even later. I was always able to watch it on the day it aired.

    As for which livestream I use: I watched the first few episodes on Haxmega's stream before switching to Bronystate for May The Best Pet Win, I believe. I was on Bronystate when Derpy spoke in The Last Round-Up, which was definitely a lot of fun. Just watching the reactions was amazing. A few times, I also watched the episode with a few others streams, such as Spazz's stream or Xyro's stream back in the day. It was Bronystate for 90% of the episodes, though.

  6. 45 minutes ago, Aaargh Zombies said:

    MLP really exploded during season 2 due to its popularity on 4Chan. There were a lot of art boards that were popular with people of college age, or at least the last year or so of high school. Which is where a lot of the early fandom found out about the show.

    Since then MLP has become more mainstream and it's picked up a much wider audience as people are becoming aware of it from sources that have wider age ranges.

    I am well aware of the fandom's origins. I still have the original /co/ threads saved on my computer. But I agree with you there. The fandom may have started on 4chan, but it soon picked up a more mainstream audience, especially thanks to Equestria Daily, which was created by Seth, who frequented /co/ back then.

  7. 1. Pinkie Pride

    What can I say? I just can't see anything wrong this this episode! The songs are perfect, Weird Al is perfect as Cheese Sandwich, the conflict of the episode is great, the humor is great. It's the only episode I'd give a 10/10 because I can't find a single flaw with it!

    2. The Cutie Mark Chronicles

    Each of the Mane 6's cutie marks stories is highly interesting and gives us more information on their backstories. I'm personally very fond of Twilight's cutie mark story, but all the other stories are great as well. It spent several years as my top favorite episode and I used to think that nothing could ever top this. However, Pinkie Pride is now my favorite episode because no matter how much I love The Cutie Mark Chronicles, I can still find a few flaws with it, such as Fluttershy's ridiculously cheesy song and a few cheesy moments towards the end.

    3. Crusaders of the Lost Mark

    Who would have expected this to be the episode where the CMC get their cutie marks? I sure didn't. In fact, I went in expecting just another boring CMC episode and boy was I wrong! The songs were amazing, especially the last one. Was Diamond Tiara's reformation rushed? Yeah, it was a bit. Which is why it's only my third favorite episode. Still, I absolutely adore this episode!

    4. Return of Harmony

    The best two-parter in my opinion. Discord just is very entertaining and yet very devious here. There are some emotional moments and the Discorded versions of the Mane 6 are hilarious to watch. I just don't like this quite as much as the other episodes I mentioned here. That's why it's my fourth favorite episode(s).

    5. Party of One

    It's the episode where Pinkie was revealed to be much more than a flat character who's just "fun fun fun" all the time. She has self-doubts. She is afraid of losing her friends. And her breakdown is definitely one of the best moments in the entire series. That's why this is my fifth favorite episode.



    I think judging by what I've said here, you can definitely see why Pinkie is my second favorite character in the show. Ironically, despite Twilight being my favorite character, I tend to enjoy Pinkie's episodes more.

  8. 2 minutes ago, Aaargh Zombies said:

    It's definitely getting younger now that MLP is more mainstream.

    The percentage that's in college is going down and the percentage that's about 14-16 is going up, which is probably why the amount of ultra high quality fan content is going down. The older fans were already established in their art, the newer fans are still in getting to grips with things.

    I think that we've also seen the end of the phase where the fandom is close to the age of the cast\crew on the show.

    Yeah, I think I see what you mean. I'm not sure whether there are more younger fans now than before, though. The younger fans have always been present.