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  1. Suroguner

    Official DVDs

    Recently I've been online looking for Official DVDs, but lately all I can find are Region 2 dvds of anything after Season 7. Does anyone know what's going on with the Official dvds in the US? Did Shout loose the licence?
  2. Suroguner

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    Well her membership seems to be up in the air for me at least because of the episode where the core CMC all had nightmares and sent her a care package at the end. Also earlier in that same episode, they said something about her being able to be a CMC member anymore due to having a cutimark.
  3. Suroguner

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    5th if Babs wasn't kicked out.
  4. Suroguner

    S6 - Episode 19 - Discussion

    Ok, so Gabby got to become a member of the CMC, but is Babs still a member?