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  1. Hello Everypony !! Here PapyJr13 !! I'm Belgian. I'm 18 years old and I'm Brony since March 2016. My dream is to become a drawer of comics I'm not very fan of the VO in general, I watch all films and show in VF. So now for the season 6, I blocked at the episode "Newbie Dash" waiting the next of VF in September. I discover MLP in 2013 but I tought that it was just a show for little girl. It's in 2016 that I decided to give a second chance and I loved it instantaneously. My favorites characters are Rainbow Dash, Fluttershy and Sunset Shimmer. Sunset that I began to love when I seen Equestria Girl 2 and ater my read of the faniction "Long Road to Friendship" My favorites villains are Discord but I like too the others. In the fandom, I love the imagination that the show inspires or fanarts and fanfics. In shipping, I love Sunlight (My OTP), Fluttercord and Appledash. Finally, I have two OC's : Papy and Jr and a link for my Deviantart Gallery :
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