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  1. Sunshine Smiles

    Gahhh FINALLY.

    Heya, Squeaky! Always nice to see ya! I don't really use this place much either. Still, great to have a friend around these parts. Hope everything is going amazing for you.
  2. Sunshine Smiles

    Sup Everyone!

    Heya Major! This is weird. XD
  3. Sunshine Smiles

    Heya people!

    Yes! You may. Hehe.
  4. Sunshine Smiles

    Well, Howdy!

    Heya Kippers!
  5. Sunshine Smiles

    Hmm, this seems quite familiar.

    Howdy SNES! X3
  6. Sunshine Smiles

    Heya people!

    Name's Sunshine Smiles! Or Sunny for those of you who know me. I guess I'll try this out, though I'm more use to the discussions. Nice meeting you new faces, and happy to see you old ones!
  7. Sunshine Smiles

    Hello everyone

    Nuuuuuuu! Don't leave me, Smarty! I love you! ;~;