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  1. CB Custer

    Autotune pony is here

    Hiya autotune pony! Welcome aboard the U.S.S. EQD Forums, mate.
  2. CB Custer

    Hi everypony

    Hello, Eldonde! I saw you at Bronycon, but couldn't stop to say hi in person. Welcome to the forums!
  3. CB Custer

    Legitimate Question: Why do we need forums?

    ^^This. Never cared for the main discussions, but I like the organization of forums, so I immediately feel comfortable here.
  4. CB Custer

    Hello everyone! (ZX)

    It's the legendary ZX! (love your pmvs!) Welcome aboard the U.S.S. EQD Forum, mate.
  5. There is not yet a post about PMVs? Preposterous! Alright, everypony, what, in your opinions, makes a PMV great? Which PMVs are your favorites? For me: Good timing (esp lip syncing), characterization, and a good story. I prefer slower songs than harder/faster ones.
  6. CB Custer

    Introductions are in order

    Hehe. Sorry, C.B You guys will see around the "Rocket Tier's Theatre" or wherever people are discussing PMVs
  7. I was just thinking to myself on Wednesday, "I wonder if EQD will ever have a full forum..." Surprise! I am Steven (CB) Custer, and I joined the herd in March 2015, and I discovered PMVs that April. PMVs are my favorite content that the fandom produces. I started making my own about 10 months ago. See my stuff on Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCKK3Z2-6gxLEVlnoWZIDRNQ /)