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Found 50 results

  1. Lady Kiriness

    Kiri's Artwork

    I'll hop onto the bandwagon and share some artwork! I hope you enjoy it. This is a sketch of Kiri, my Kirin OC. I'll share more later! In the meantime, you can check out my art blog, which is located in my profile. ^^
  2. Applestack

    Pony art!

    Check out some of my pony art and feel free to share some of yours! All my art can be found in my deviantART gallery.
  3. Chopsticks

    Chopsticks' Recent Art

    Sleeping CMC (I can't get the gif animated links to work, click here: AJ vs RD What Snowdrop Wants Last Taco Flutters I always imagined Fluttershy to be fairly tall with cute little wings, and a body style that might make her clumsy. Chrysalis on Hearts and Hooves Commission - Harmony Keys Wants to Play Commission - Harmony Keys title card Twintail Disappearing Ink I tried to make a Changeling OC whose colors didn't attack everypony's eyeballs. Commission - Softstring Strider Commission - Ice Down Shine Like Sunset Shimmer In All My Morning Glory
  4. Dream Nation

    Dream's art thread of DOOM

    AKA Dream Nation's place to shamelessly show off her art. I do have a deviantart under the handle "Tastes-Like-Fry", and I will initially post pony things that are already there, but when that art runs out I will make more, and at that point I will be happy to take requests for OC vectors (BUT NOT RIGHT NOW - I WILL LET YOU KNOW WHEN I KNOW). You may notice that my art has "TLF" logos on it, but when I get to making OC requests it will have a Dream Nation themed logo. FYI; TLF/Tastes-Like-Fry username was inspired by a deleted scene from Futurama's "The Sting" Where Leela kisses Fry and then smacks her lips and says "Ooh, and you're honey glazed" ... it was a messed up episode and I freaking love it. I mostly do vectors, but I've done some drawing in flash, gimp and photoshop as well. I now have access to the Creative Cloud suite from Adobe (I love being a multimedia student), so if anyone knows the Adobe programs and has some hints for me on how I can improve on areas, it would be great as I'm still learning the programs. I am a whore for comments, whether they be constructive criticism, simple feedback, conversations or simply "me likey". One thing I ask you not to post is your own art (unless it's an appropriate reaction image), you can certainly post a link and ask me to look at it and comment on it (which, if it's in Deviant Art, I will comment as "Tastes-Like-Fry") TLDR; I'mma post my pone art. "TLF" is olde username, but also me. I will do OCs latter, but not now 'k? Talk to me I'm lonely My art only. But link me and I will look at yours. (Quick question from the newbie that is me (will be deleted once answered) : Does my PMVs count as art also? I only just started making them, and even though there's a separate subforum for videos, I'd like to keep it all in one manageable thread if I can. - Is it appropriate for me to post them here also?) Now that that's out of the way. Onward to art! I'mma start with my favourite one. Das me with Andrea Libman. Got her to pull a silly face
  5. I'm trying my hand in doing SFM posters of the Mane 6 wearing various TF2 hats/unusuals. Just fill out the form below if you want a poster to be done. PM me on steam or discord if you have any questions.
  6. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    Hey, guys! I am looking to get a few extra commissions. I am running out of inspiration and nothing makes me happier than drawing an OC or something of the like. All of my commissions are Pay What You Want. This means that as long as you pay a minimum of $1, you can pay me as much as you like and think I deserve. Don't worry, I won't feel bad if you only pay me $1. If I would have been butt-hurt by that, I would have set the minimum a bit higher. I accept PayPal or Deviantart points. I can do traditional sketches or digital. traditional sketches will be mailed to you. They will not be colored or framed. Here are a few examples of my work. You can find more at
  7. Just some art that I have done Shameless self promotion: I am open for commissions! At the moment I only take points on Deviantart! Find me here:
  8. Just some art that I have done Shameless self promotion: I am open for commissions! At the moment I only take points on Deviantart! Find me here:
  9. KiiKrindar

    Sketches galore

    I got back to drawing after a few months of hiatus. I haven't really posted any of my art before, but now I'm going to, since there's no better way to force yourself to get better than to know someone will actually see your drawings. Therefore lo and behold, my today's work: On DA: On tumblr: As I wrote in the description, any tips, remarks and critiques are welcome. I'll be trying to draw about 7 sketches a week as I used to, maybe won't publish them all. Also, if anyone has any tips in regards to switching from analog to drawing on a tablet they will to be appreciated, as I can't figure this out at all. Hope you'll enjoy!
  10. Hello! I'm relatively new here on Equestria Daily but I would like to put myself out there as a new artist in the community! Here is a link to both my art and my prices if you are interested in commissioning me! And if you want to participate in my Sona-Sunday event, please consider becoming my patron on Patreon! Thank you for your consideration!
  11. Imalou

    Incoming !

    hOI everypony ! My name's Imalou, I've been watching and in the fandom since march 2011 and I'm a pony drawfag ever since ! I'm the proud momma of theses three that you may have seen on the drawfriend or derpibooru or even /mlp/ I'm a 20 girl, French, living in Paris for being more specific (honhonhon) and a professional concept artist in the game industry. My passion for drawing exists since I learned how to take a pen in my hands hehe, I've been drawing digitally since i'm 11 ! I love animals, especially doggies ! I was initally a furry before entering the world of the ponies -come at me bro !!- My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie and she was the character that made me watch MLP I love meeting new people and have fun, I love going to conventions, sing at the MLP karaoke and draw other's people fav pony/OC ! My favorite vilain is Chrysalis <3 and my favorite artists in the fandom are Crookedtrees, AssassinMonkey, Equestria-Prevails and Tsitra. My fav seasons are season 1, 2, 4 and 5, for me the best Pinkie Pie's episode are in season 4 <3 I found this forum while reading an article in EQD who was introducing all the staff of the website and I saw there was moderators and admins of the forum so that's why I'm here ! I'm looking for meeting new people because in 6 years most of my brony friends stopped watching the show, I'm missing the good old vibes from 2012 :'( ! The french forum where I was is pretty dead for now so I'm looking for a new place to discuss about the show ! I think that's all, if you have any questions about me or about drawings don't hesitate <3
  12. Allyster Black EqD

    Allyster Black - EqD Artist

    Hey yall! Just stopping by to give a quick introduction and say hey. Also I am crazy late to this whole forum thing. For anyone who I have yet to introduce myself to, my name is Allyster Black. I am a professional 2D and 3D artist and current horse drawer of outside of EqD I publish my own work. Mainly pictures of characters from "Fallout Equestria" and work on personal animated projects. As a day job I work in 2D and 3D illustration. To see my art go here: Have we met? I go to conventions all around the US every year. Feel free to stop by for upcoming events! What kind of things have I drawn? Let me post some recent pieces!: A WIP of a current painting. If you have any questions feel free to send me an email at Feel free to comment, and I will try to keep this updated with new art or for when I am handling responses.
  13. Yup, free art, probably mostly sketches, but I may get more complex with requests if I am so moved. Two rules: 1 - Ponysonas/OCs that are based on show pony species only. Pegisi, Unicorns, Earth Ponies, and Alicorns. 2 - Full body reference images required. That's it! Give me things to draw, tell me about your OC, the more I know about them the more fun I can have with the drawings. Also, please let me know if you're ok with me drawing my ponies interacting with yours in purely platonic ways, that allows for me to explore even more! -Topknot
  14. To the people who participate in making contributions to the fandom, what kind of stuff do you do? I personally make comics, if anyone's interested :3
  15. ryuredwings


    A lot of people seemed to like the requests I did, and the quality so I thought I would let y'all know in this neck of the woods that my commissions are open! I only really open them up every 2-3 months since they take time away from me updating my comics, but unfortunately I'm in a little bit of a money bind. Patreon is seriously hiccuping and hasn't charged my patrons for this month and I've got bills that are knocking on my door. >>;;; If you want a closer look at my commission examples, go ahead and click here. Important Information: I do not draw NSFW (to an extent, suggestive dress and poses are usually fine) Additional characters are $10 a piece. The max amount of characters in one image is 4. All commission inquiries should be sent to Tumblr asks and ims, and dA notes will be ignored. Payment for an accepted commission needs to be sent within 48 hours (that’s two days.), and will lock in your slot. Failure to do so will result in your slot opening up. You can pay via the donate buttons on my art blog ryuredwingsartarama Clarification about reference sheets can be found here! I'm only opening up 4 slots, and then when they fill up, commissions will be closed until I'm finished with the first batch. Depending on my work schedule, commissions are usually done within 2-3 weeks. I do suffer from chronic pain so sometimes stuff comes up that I can't control though. Anyway, I hope everyone's having a great day! The weather is gorgeous where I am! Nice and cool, but still sunny.
  16. ryuredwings

    Skeeeeeetch Requests?

    Morning everyone! (Actually afternoon where I am, but whatever, it feels like morning to me.) I need to get my drawing game on today, and I figured I would see if anyone wanted to help me out by giving me something to warm up with! You can request canon characters or OC's, although canon is preferred since I draw those quicker. If you'd like me to draw an OC, please provide a reference when you post! FYI, I'm a sucker for drawing princesses, NMM, and Queen Chrysalis. (If you want to see what the hek kind of art you might be getting here's my dA.)
  17. Ay, this here post is going to be my art dump, ill update it with new art whenever My art mainly consists of horses, but from time to time i draw other sorts of fanarts as well aye But first, some shameless self promotion: Deviantart: Twitter: Aight, get some cringe below OLD ARTSTLYES My Personal Favorites LATEST DRAWINGS Aight, those are just a few examples of my cringe, most of the content is still on my DA, probably on the scraps yes dear lord what have i done with my life
  18. Laen666

    3D Pony ART

    We Should have a Art Thread for the Artist of 3D PICTURES that was make with Source Flimmaker, Poser, Gmod and all the other Renderin Softwares. i make the beginning with 1 of my pics. the other are in my own topic. Next one Please
  19. Lord Seraph

    Artists you miss

    Just like this thread on Derpi forums (SFW Thread btw) Know any artists out there you missed, who either aren't producing art anymore, disappeared, banned, etc?
  20. I go by MoonSugarPony online, but you can call me Ari! I joined this forum to chat with others and make some friends. I do not usually interact with others online, but there's a first time for everything! I'm 21, I am Australian, and I live in Helsinki - have been here for almost 8 years now and never gone back to Australia. It was a lot to get used to, and I don't think I'll ever get completely used to the cold. Outside of ponies, I also like Undertale, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Steven Universe. I'm an artist, and you may have seen my bat pony Paper Stars in a few Drawfriends lately! Here she is: You can find me and my art on DeviantArt, Derpibooru, Tumblr, or on Twitter - the latter is where I go to shitpost and to dump my stupid meme doodles. It's a pleasure to meet you all! c:
  21. My team and I are looking for people who want to make fan animations in the show's style. We're currently are in the production stage of our current animation Remorse of the Sisters. We have an animatic for anyone interested in watching. For anyone who would like to join the email is on the channel's about tab. Please know we are only looking for people who can replicate the show's style fairly accurately. We are looking for artists who can: -Animate with show style puppets -Make show style vector background -Use After Effects to create dramatic lighting visual and other visual effects About The Animation After watching the Lullaby For A Princess animation and recently finishing our first animation I was inspired to make a prequel to Do Princess Dream of Magic Sheep. Now, for over a year we've been producing it the best we can. This is our first real shot at animation, and it hasn't been without it difficulties. It's been really fun working on the project, and we're excited that it will be finished in the upcoming months. Hopefully with help we can release it sooner. Team Channel: Animatic of current project: Some Vector Art:
  22. Hiya, I love drawing humanized mlp and I was wondering if anybody else here draws that too. Also any fans of humanized mlp art? (Not equestria girls, like fully human with natural skin tone.) sometimes I draw them with horns and wings too. This is my deviantart here.
  23. Laen666

    Laen666 Art Thread

    Hi this is the Thread for my Art. I work with Inkscape and SFM because that there are 2D and 3D Art. Have Fun with it.
  24. Toki Zensekai

    So my Fiance is opening Commissions

    As the title says, she's got commissions open and I'm helping spread the word around. She's a really flexible artist and can do just about anything you ask that doesn't involve explicit NSFW. Check her out here: