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Found 4 results

  1. Hello, my name is James Vermont and I’m making this post on behalf of Stable Tec Studios. You may be familiar with us for our audio drama series such as Confessions of a Wasteland Pony and Terminal Secrets, the latter of which I write and direct. (if you aren't familiar, let's help you get familiar! )) With the pre-production side of the last few Terminal Secrets episodes coming to a close (and the final episode set to air mid 2017), I’m looking toward what other horrors I can inflict upon innocent characters in the world of Fallout Equestria! This is what I’ve settled on, which is why I’m here today. With our art department focused primarily on the animated series, I have been recruiting members to the STS audio drama division to help with the next Stable Tec project, as well as to lend a hand to Confessions and Terminal Secrets. Right now, we are looking for artists, writers, musicians and editors to jump in and help us create more awesome content. Right, onto the new project. Coming up next year is an art heavy audio drama with some similarities to a motion comic, set four years after “The day of sunshine and rainbows” at the end of Fallout Equestria and six years before its final epilogue. And we’ve chosen to call this new series, “Harmony.” Let’s have some backstory! Back during the war a group of activists founded a town in Harmony Valley, a town made up of members from each species. This was as a form of protest. For some reason, the town was attacked by the Zebracan air navy and the nearby Pegasi, who had already closed the cloud layer, came down to help the fight regardless. Unfortunately the battle coincided with the bombs detonating and most of the airships were destroyed, littering the valley. Cut to 204 years later, 4 years after the day of sunshine and rainbows. Harmony Valley has been rebuilding with the same goal as their ancestors. Their homes built into the carcasses of the airships that litter the valley. Unfortunately trying to balance the town's multiple cultures and belief systems is a daily challenge. This only gets worse when our story starts as an Enclave Pegasus crashes into the town and remains in their care until he eventually doesn't want to return home. The enclave town he lived in essentially declares Cold War on Harmony. This is where episode 1 begins. The show is focused more on the town than on a single character, we see the town from the perspective of multiple main characters. Including Vienna, the lead character of terminal secrets episode 2, who acts as a Nick Valentine character (Image 2). We have the Pegasus who crashed into the town now trying to balance his former and new lives. The grotesque mayor (Image 1) who is a sickly, frail, crippled and disfigured hybrid of pony and Minotaur. The mayor's a bit of a country bumpkin but he tries his best and he's rather likable. Craven, the 14 year old centaur (a species we’ve been dying to use since Tirek’s arrival) girl whose entire family lost their honor, resulting in all of them being forced to take the name Craven, (this includes any new members born into the family). She's not as smart as she thinks she is. And there are a ton of other characters who will be popping in and out, including cameos from existing FoE characters or characters from Terminal Secrets and Confessions of a Wasteland Pony. Alright, that’s all I can really tell you without going into spoiler territory, but I think it’s enough. Let’s talk a moment about applications. If you are interested, please send your application in an email to or to You MUST include an example of your art, writing, music or voice work in the email. Thank you for your time, I hope to hear from you soon. James Note: The images below are not representative of our final art style, these are concept images of two characters for the purpose of design .
  2. Lord Seraph

    Artists you miss

    Just like this thread on Derpi forums (SFW Thread btw) Know any artists out there you missed, who either aren't producing art anymore, disappeared, banned, etc?
  3. My team and I are looking for people who want to make fan animations in the show's style. We're currently are in the production stage of our current animation Remorse of the Sisters. We have an animatic for anyone interested in watching. For anyone who would like to join the email is on the channel's about tab. Please know we are only looking for people who can replicate the show's style fairly accurately. We are looking for artists who can: -Animate with show style puppets -Make show style vector background -Use After Effects to create dramatic lighting visual and other visual effects About The Animation After watching the Lullaby For A Princess animation and recently finishing our first animation I was inspired to make a prequel to Do Princess Dream of Magic Sheep. Now, for over a year we've been producing it the best we can. This is our first real shot at animation, and it hasn't been without it difficulties. It's been really fun working on the project, and we're excited that it will be finished in the upcoming months. Hopefully with help we can release it sooner. Team Channel: Animatic of current project: Some Vector Art:
  4. hello basically there is a project going on about the mane 6 in a zombie apocalyspe and we have vas but we could use more we have writers but the main thing holding us back is the lack of artists we need artists of anysort storyboard if possible cause we have one storyboard artist but its too much work for him to handle so we require more if u are interested in taking part of the project here is what we have so far this is a small taste of our project. so please if ur interested pls send me a message