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Found 1 result

  1. So I've just made a new account on the site to protect my actual identity here, because I'm about to drop some huge info on what's shaping out to be a very promising Fighting is Magic build. While I was originally on the team for this build, from what my sources say, the plans have changed drastically. Originally, the build intended to feature Discord, King Sombra, and a cinematic story mode with unlockable secret fighters. This is apparently no longer the case. Before getting into the meat and bones of everything, I'd just like to say that although my sources are reliable, take some of this information with a grain of salt. For the sake of my sources' protection as well, I'll be keeping them anonymous. First off: the title of the game. Though it isn't shown in the images below, I've been told that the final name of the build may end up being "Crashie Edition," though it's likely to change in the future. Now then, onto the first two images: As you can see here, these two images show off the new designs for the Main Menu and Character select, but even the CSS shows that the build is in BETA. Meaning it very well could change. Obvious from the characters listed on-screen, 4 more characters join the roster of FiM in this build: Scooter, Zalgojack (I'll get to these two in a second), Big Macintosh, and Trixie Lulamoon. Trixie is said to be a modified version of the character Dex made for a Tribute Edition mod, whereas apparently Big Macintosh is made from recycled assets from the cancelled MEGA build, accompanied by new animations and abilities. This build essentially finishes him Now as for Scooter and Zalgojack, I can already hear you groaning and typing up your "NO OCS IN FiM!!!!1!1111!!!" rants. There's promise to this one for a reason! Both characters have entirely new movesets, and are getting original animations! They're not just recolors anymore from what I've been told, but the new animations are VERY Work-In-Progress, as the new animator has very little experience in this field. All four of these characters do come from the unfinished "Supremium" build (hence the WIP name "Crashie Edition.") This build is said to play unlike any other Fighting is Magic build that's ever come out, and not just in the way the characters play. Apparently some mechanic changes are taking place that make the game feel entirely different. The only one I can give information on is the change in how Launchers work: the input has been changed from Down+Forward + C, to Down + D. I'm not sure if this will change, as a couple of my sources said the lead dev reported the change as being "uncomfortable" to use. Apart from that, I can report that Applejack's Lass-O-Rama special move is being reworked as well, the only input I am able to give however is that it is less difficult to perform. This next change, I actually have a visual for. Rarity's Missile Gem is now getting an aerial variation. Though I'm not sure if this is an aerial command, or this is a new variation that comes from the air that is executed on the ground, it certainly changes up her playstyle a bit. I've also been told by a couple sources that she's receiving plenty of changes to her neutral game to nullify some of her normals and make them more "fair." This last bit of information I do not have visuals for, but I'm confident that some of this is true and will be showing up in the build when it is complete. -Starlight Glimmer, Gilda the Griffon, a new character named "Rotor," and Spitfire are planned to be added as playable characters. (I assume Rotor is another clone-esque character, or an OC.) -Assist Fighters are planned to be added, some of which I was told are Shining Armor, Applebloom, Sweetie Belle, Scootaloo, Spike, A character named "Combustion," Derpy Hooves, and Tempest Shadow from the MLP Movie. (Combustion seems to be another case like Rotor, and I was told that they also resemble Pinkie Pie.) -Twilight's "Supernova" Level 3 attack has been moved to a Level 2, to make way for her "Fulfill My Destiny" super where she transforms into an Alicorn and performs a stance-change of sorts where she can fly around the stage and shoot powerful projectiles for a small amount of time. (10-20 seconds.) This super will not only require all 3 bars of super, but all 3 units of her magic. -Rainbow Dash is receiving a new Level 2 super that doubles her flight time and speed, gives her a double jump and second air dash, and allows her to perform "The Rainbow Dash" ability for free for 8 seconds. -Big Mac is the first character to receive an alternate costume in the form of Cousin Orchard Blossom from Season 5 Episode 17: "Brotherhooves Social." -Trixie is rumored to be the only other character with an alternate costume, that being with her cape and hat on/off (it looks like the cape and hat being off is her default appearance.) -Fluttershy is now the only character to have a single unit of magic, and may only have one animal out at a time. -Scooter is getting a visual redesign from the new animator to differentiate her from Pinkie even further. The same may happen for Zalgojack. -Chrysalis will be added as the "final boss" of the game, and an armored Changeling will make an appearance as a miniboss character in the solo mode, but not as a playable fighter. -The lead developer of MEGA is an adviser for the build. -"Crashie Edition" and the MEGA devteam are planning a crossover to include a fighter named "Jackie" to CE, and to include Scooter to their new project entitled BATOTHBEA. -CE is planned to release in April of 2018. I should say that I was told that the build itself was designed to compete with Tribute Edition and Aurora specifically, just as MEGA was intended to, which is why the amount of new information is ridiculously overwhelming. Take some of these with a grain of salt, as i'm aware that some of them sound very outlandish, almost impossible even. In the meantime, I would like to get some opinions on this information. Do you think any of it is true, or do you want it to be?