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Found 1 result

  1. So PAYDAY 2's Annual Crimefest is up and running as of yesterday. There's not as much content this year around, but Overkill is letting us know exactly what we're getting, which of that includes 2 Heists and a new Heister. Here's the layout of the events for the next 10 days: Day 1 Introduced the Story Line mode. A special Side Job game mode that allows you to play specific heists in order to better explain the story and lore of PAYDAY 2. It's a great way for new comers to play the game and understand the story behind PAYDAY 2 as well as get them comfortable with how the game plays, plus it allows players who don't own the Ultimate Edition to play certain heists they otherwise do not have access to. Day 2 is the dev team live-streaming on Twitch right now, going over the Story Line mode and talking about other PAYDAY 2 related stuff. Day 3 will no doubt introduce more Trophies (and possible achievements) for your Safehouse. Day 4 will most likely introduce and talk about the upcoming VR Mode for PAYDAY 2. Day 5 is a new Heist! Day 6 will probably be a Q/A segment. Day 7 is the new Heister, most likely August, the winner of the #MyHeister contest during the Search for Kento event. Day 8 will most likely be a look into the upcoming Mobile Version of PAYDAY 2. Day 9 is another new Heist! Day 10 is something related to Reddit. Beats me what that means. You can check out all the content right here: Also, as of right now and during the Crimefest event, PAYDAY 2 is Free to Play and the game itself is more than 50% of right now, so if you don't own the Ultimate Edition, now would be a great time to get it! And if you haven't played PAYDAY 2 before, install it and give me a shout out, I'm one of the best PAYDAY 2 players around and am willing to give any new players a helping hand. Thoughts? Comments?