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Found 1 result

  1. Nova25

    Reporting Drawfriends errors

    N.B.9 : It has started again (details in the new post at the end of the page)... People not caring enough to follow a simple string of number. This is a new 'long string' of errors in the Drawfriend numbering, with no hope of someone caring to fix it in the foreseeable future. For gods sake, why... ------------------------- Reported in one simple and clean way, for *whoever can solve this* 's convenience. People are invited to report/email about this issue to Sethisto. Email and/or other ways. More reports mean more chance for this to be solved. Temporary backed up, for safeguard against Sethisto tyrannically and highly targeted elimination of the Drawfriend Error warnings. Sethisto, I hope you read this : What you are doing is unfair and nothing short of bullying at this point. Drawfriends #30331 (labelled #30330) : ...year 30XX... and more. ...etc, to be updated. N.B. : It was said that this problem will, eventually, be solved... No exact E.T.A. was given though. N.B.2 : I will be sure to keep an eye out for when '2016' comes... N.B.3 : ''2016'' just rolled by... Will communicate with Sethisto now. N.B.4 : I was told this has been put on the ''To Do'' list. Eventually, this will be solved. One day... N.B.5 : I'm getting a bit tired of this. All of this. N.B.6 : Honestly... Really... Just do a second wrong to make this right. Like, skipping one number, say no #2049... That would rebalance the count, in a way. Sethisto can do that, right ? Yes ?