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Found 2 results

  1. How's it goin', everyone? My name's Jacob S. Lee, and I'm a screenwriter, video editor, cameraman, and artist As you might've guessed from the title, I'm doing an Equestria Girls fan film. But it's not gonna be just another basic EG movie. You know, with Equestrian magic, musical numbers, superpowers, all that stuff. I mean, yes, it will have many of the characters that you know and love and it'll pretty much follow up after the events of Legend of Everfree, but this is something that is very different than the previous four films before this. Why do I say this? Well, here's why. For this project, I wanted to step away from the basic formula of Friendship of Magic, like the aforementioned musical numbers and lighthearted tone (although the series itself had some pretty dark episodes), and give it a much darker tone than the last four EG films. I also wanted to give it some science fiction elements, unlike other MLP media, which leans more towards fantasy. And that's not all, folks. This will also include characters from two other Hasbro properties: Littlest Pet Shop and Transformers: Rescue Bots. Yeah, let it all sink in, guys. Now, with all that said, in terms of animating, editing, music, and voice acting, I'm gonna need a LOT of help with this one. I'm gonna work on hiring animators, music composers, and editors soon, but for right now, I'm gonna take care of voice acting. So, send in your auditions by April 20th of this year. Like my last project, I'm searching for those who are willing to have fun with their roles, be themselves, and let your voices be heard. I know it sounded redundant, but I'm just trying to make a point. All righty then, I'm looking forward to hearing new auditions. Like I said, this is a big project, so I'm gonna need all the help I can give. OK, hope you guys have an awesome day and, most importantly, hope you're all staying healthy! Here's the link for my project: Spaced Out
  2. howdy a while ago i watched a very old (one of the first in fact) mlp fan series on youtube but i think the creators took down the episodes recently it was called sleepover at fluttershy's or something similair. in it the cast (which was all male due to this being made before good mlp impersonates were available) play games while staying in character with the mane six and later the cmc they eventually transition into reading and reacting to the harry potter fan fic called my immortal while still remaining in character. they also did a 1 episode abridged series for season 1 before they took down sleep over at fluttershys and also tried to do a sequel named sleepover at pinkies. i was wandering if anybody remembers this and can point me towards either there origanal group channel or the individual channel's of the members who doubled as both the writers and the voice actors especially the guy who played twilight .