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Found 32 results

  1. Lord Seraph

    Video Game Music Thread

    This thread is for posting soundtracks found in video games. Remixes and covers are welcome! I'll start
  2. Jet Cirrus

    Black Ops 2

    Things To Post - Post any gamertags (remember to say what system you are one) to start a party. -Post new Easter Eggs -Leader Boards/Scores -Anything Bo2 Related
  3. TheGamerBronyPony

    Anyone Wanna Game?

    Just Msg Me Or Put Down Below If You Wanna Game. Hell We Can Even Jam To Music While Gamin
  4. Figured I'd formally say "Hi!" before ducking in and out of these forums with news to share. The kind of news I put out revolves around the pony-themed game projects I develop. My first pony game was this mobile RPG called Unicorn Training based on Starswirl the Bearded & his apprentice. And now I'm working on this Pony/Pokemon crossover project for both mobile and Steam platforms! Hope my journey from noob to notable gamedev is fun to watch and as inspirational as other brony dev work has been to me. You can keep up with my developer shenanigans at
  5. TheGamerBronyPony

    Literally anything Related To Gaming

    Welcome To... Well I've Been Looking For Some People to Play With And Talk To. If You Wanna Skype: ArcherPlayz XboxOne: Midsizesniper28. I Play To Many Games To Count But I'm Always On Between Uhh Anytime Of The Day hahahaahaaa.... Well If You Wanna Talk U Know Where To Find Me
  6. TheGamerBronyPony

    Welcome Everyone

    Hello Everyone. Welcome Pegasister's And Bronies Alike To uhh.... Whatever This Cue The Bass *Bass Drops*
  7. Cobalt_Cresent

    Payday 2 builds

    So. Anyone got some builds for Payday 2? And if wrong thread to post, just guide me to where it should be Right now I am running a Frenzy berserker build with Anarchist. And I can say one thing. Even just with Lightweight vest, you're almost a undead god if you run around with an Eagle Heavy Rifle and just shoot everything. I can damage around 500 to the Cpt Shields. And this is bodyshot only as 68& headshot damage is putted into damage.. So, those FBI guys with vest, are killed in one shot and the shots is going through the armor, so they are killed no matter what. Hope you all understand my derp English, I am doing my best.