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Found 1 result

  1. Otaku-sempai

    Hearth's Warming Carols

    The season is well-past, but it will come 'round again (and again!). Share Hearth's Warming carols here. This Hearth's Warming carol is from the fanfic "Three Nights" by Bradel. The original story can be read here: "Three Nights" has been adapted for Christmas 2019 by Scribbler in four parts. - Part 1: - Part 2: - Part 3: - Part 4: Cadance’s Carol (The First Hearth's Warming Eve Written by Bradel (Set to the tune of Jean de Brébeuf's "The Huron Carol", a traditional piece of Christmas music.) Tonight we join and celebrate A tale of long ago When snow and ice encased the land And not a thing would grow Ere Luna and Celestia And all we call Equestria Refrain: Gather round, tell the tale Come, join and sing Of the first Hearth's Warming Eve The unicorns moved sun and moon But winter's grip was strong The pegasi, on clouds above Could not correct the wrong With failing crops and starving foals No earth pony could ease the toll Refrain In conference met the pony tribes But no consensus found Recrimination ruled the day And ran all hopes aground With hate and anger set ablaze The three tribes went their separate ways Refrain Each tribe set out to find new lands Not bound by snow and ice And when they did, they met again For they had found it thrice Then as their wrath they did reprise The wind began to bite and freeze Refrain To save themselves from winter's cold They hid within a cave And one by one, each pony froze All those by rage enslaved. But from each tribe one clung to life As one, they banished hate and strife Refrain Tonight we join and celebrate An end to ice and snow Three ponies of Equestria They set their hearts aglow The flames of friendship burning bright Have banished endless winter's might Refrain