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Found 10 results

  1. Hello! I'm a newbie here! I mean, I'm not new to searching through the site and looking around (haven't done so in a few years though), but I finally made an account! My name's Neo, otherwise, you all can call me by my OC name, Calamity. I don't mind! I'd prefer if you used they/them when not using either of those, however! I'm a digital artist! I'm not as active anywhere else as I am on Toyhouse or Instagram, but I'll try my best to be active here, as this is pretty much the only MLP site that's still alive it seems.. I'm also currently working on a draft for a Webtoon soon!! I really hope to make lots of friends here. I haven't been in the fandom since.. I wanna say season 6 or 7?
  2. CleoGalaxy

    Hi! I'm Cleo!

    Uhhh, i don't know what to put here.
  3. Colorboom

    Hihi everypony

    Hey everypony i'm Colorboom A.K.A Night Prose, I'm a brony from the chicagoland area who has been with the fandom since season 1, and it's a pleasure to be here.
  4. Hey there, fellow MLP fans. Hope you're doing well. It's great to be here! My name is ValieShy, previously known as Strat Attack, Valiant Venture, and Wonderbolt2187 across many Brony sites. I've been wanting to get back into the Brony fandom...the way I used to be...and so I'm updating and creating my profiles. Here's a few things about me... -- I'm a believer in Jesus Christ, and have been for many years now. -- I've been a fan of FiM for over four years now. Fluttershy's my favorite character. I can really relate to her. -- I make music inspired by FiM, ranging from electronic music to rock music with electric guitar played by yours truly. -- I play video games, mainly on Xbox One and Wii U. Destiny and Mario Kart 8 are my go-to games. -- I absolutely love going to the movie theater. I'm a big fan of science fiction movies and comic book movies. I'm glad to be here again. Everyone seemed to be pretty nice here last time. Hope to have a good time here. ValieShy
  5. Ruepocalypse

    Howdy Everypony

    Just posting a greeting because why not? Yup....I don't think I have anything else to say so I'll just leave it at that. So bland haha. ;o
  6. Silvestte

    Well, I did it.

    I've been putting this off, but it was necessary. I joined this horrible... thing. I shall try and navigate around, but it looks awfully complicated, to be honest. Or maybe I'm just stupid.
  7. Civviq Writer


    Hello! I am Civviq Writer. I love EQD and all things pone! ^w^ I really like to read, write, and draw. I'm from the Netherlands btw, so please excuse my English sometimes. You'll probably see me everywhere and nowhere on here, we'll see how good things go! Visit my Fimfic and Tumblr to see my art, my writing and general ramblings~
  8. Dennis Abernathy Harrison


    So, I decided to make an account on the forums. I really like how they decided to go with IPB. Anyway, I'm David.
  9. Just jumping into this to see whats up, and not much else... I'm not a forum kinda guy y'know?
  10. Greetings FIG's, I am your new Grand Harvester for this site, which means I'll be in charge of creating and organizing events, running the FiG stream, taking your suggestions and making them a reality, and doing general day to day operations. I am also your local sage to the Almighty Octagods. Please feel free to Start sending me suggestions right away!! I have a lot of plans already!! ~Revere