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Found 61 results

  1. Hello everyone! My name is Dan, but I go by the name Viridyan online. I've been a big fan of MLP; Friendship is Magic for a long long time, since 2011 actually when my friend got me into it, and as soon as I discovered the fandom around it, I got swept up in the wave and went along for the ride. I never really got to get involved with the fandom though and as such I missed out on what was some epic moments in time and opportunites to meet new friends, but now with a new MLP movie on the way and what I feel could be an uncoming wave of nostalgia for the show, I intend to engage with the fandom fully this time, if this is a second train ride I intend on being on it all the way!
  2. Pearly Marshmallow


    Hi, everyone! My name is Pearly Marshmallow and I am very happy to join this great community.
  3. Feather Skies

    Hello hello!!

    Hi everypony, I go by Feather Skies. I'm new here and I'm hoping to make some amazing new friends! I'm super excited to meet everyone
  4. Spectralram


    Hello there! I am Spectral/Ram, i have been a fan of the show since season one so i have strange flexing rights now, okay jkjk.I have watched almost every episode if i recall that is, i been visting this site for a while and i finally decided do make my account my hobbies are drawing, writing, roleplaying, listening to fanfics and making (adult) friends.My favourite ponies are Applejack, Big Macintosh, Scootaloo, Burnt Oak and Trouble Shoes to name a few. - I hope i can have fun and meet you all, please before interacting check my profile esp if youre a minor. -
  5. Rapid Miles

    Hello there!

    My name's Rapid Miles (possibly subject to change later). I'm a 20 year old who currently works as a cashier at a chain called Sprouts Farmers Market. My store in particular, is pretty terrible when it comes to working for them. Regardless, I am also in college at the moment, though am on break due to summer. One of my first MLP experiences was when a random kid in my Science class in 7th grade was drawing a certain pony with wings and a rainbow colored mane and tail. Wondering why the heck he was drawing something that seemed so girly, I asked him what he was drawing (in a sarcastic way, mind you). He replied simple "Rainbow Dash, from My Little Pony." My Little Pony? Isn't that the show for little girls with those weird pony looking things with really weird color palettes? That day after school, I decided to try and find the picture he was trying to recreate, and found MLP:FiM. This was not what I had originally thought of MLP. My past experience with MLP were the older generations of the show. It may seem odd, but yes. I was one of those "haters" and "trolls" that made fun of people for liking a certain kids show. Yet despite that, I became a fan. Not necessarily of the show (since the last episode I watched was from around season 2 or 3), but of the characters, the story, the lore, and the possibilities for story telling, whether it be somewhat canon or completely made up on my own. I currently am not too active in the MLP fandom, mostly due to the many toxic and downright stupid interactions I have had with other fans of the show. However, I have decided to maybe give the fandom as a whole a second chance, hoping that those toxic interactions don't become the majority like they did before. If you want to talk, feel free to message me on here, Telegram (@rapidpone) , or Discord (Rapidd#4939). For all of those who are interested, I will also be attaching a reference sheet of my OC to this post (Art is done by Mk_Classics). Thanks for reading!
  6. CleoGalaxy

    Hi! I'm Cleo!

    Uhhh, i don't know what to put here.
  7. StarryNet


    My name's Starry! I'm a Furry and a recent member of the Brony Community! This community does seem welcoming! Hope ya days are going great!
  8. Hello everyone i m Dystaz i m pretty young in the mlp fandom since i discovered the show from a friend just a year ago . So i decided to give the show a shot and i kinda watch all the season 3 times xD i really like it i m just a bit disapointed that i wasn t mature enough to understand what s behind it when i was younger . But anyway i met really awsome people on the fandom in games but not that much when it comes to content creation and i m going to be honest here im a bit shy and i don t really know if creators care of what s in the comments . So now i would like to dive right in and i think EQD is the right place for that i really would like to meet people that can both help me and be good friends . I really want to try to make content like music animation or drawing but not alone . Beside that i m making or at least tweaking music on my computer since now 3 years i already now tons of stuff so i ll be enjoyed to help people for that ^^ . So see you in the forum ^^ i hope it s going to be a great time and even if you re not an artist or somebody who is important that s not a reason for not being an awsome person so i ll be enjoy to meet you and maybe make a new friend By the way i don t think it s really that bad but sorry if my english isn t quite correct .
  9. Hello I'm new to MLP(loving the show very much) and equestria daily as well. I first got into MLP through the fan music such as DJ Pon3(now Scraton- amazing producer) and other artists on Cider Party. The fandom and the content is amazing as well. What do you guys recommend seeing since I'm new to the whole shebang?
  10. Ilona


    Hello everyone, Decided to join this forum. Perhaps to talk and all. Anyway most people will probably know me as one of the authors of MLPMerch and perhaps also as fandom artist. Most likely my shirt design. I study animation as well and plan to focus on background and concept design.
  11. Hello everypony! My name is Rabble Rouser, a brony from West Michigan. I've been around a few other sites before, but decided to join this one! I'm a huge table top game player, so I'm always looking for fellow cardboard crusaders! Pleased to meet everypony!
  12. Winter Flash

    Greetings Ponies

    Hello all, thought i'd finally make an account (although this is actually the first time i've been on this) and i give greetings and i have some oc info as i still don't know where to put it so here's the link Thank you, Winter Flash
  13. jacobsf


    Hello I just so happened to be browsing through the internet and found these forums and it seemed like a good place to chat so I created an account. Well just wanted to say hi that's all. P.S: I have staffed servers and forums before so don't you mods worry about me causing trouble.
  14. I was into these pastel ponies since FiM came out, but fell off midway through Season 4. I've recently went back and caught myself up with the show and the movies (including this year's movie). I'm also considering catching myself up with the comics as well. I've known about this site for a while, but never got into it. Now that I'm all caught up, I figured I'd give this site a go. So... howdy. I hope we can all get along.
  15. King_CreepaLot

    A'ight, I joined

    I'm just your typical MLP fan, attempting to get into collecting, My Little Pony stuff, I should add. Other than that, I collect gas masks and other militaria including helmets, caps, uniforms, medals, field equipment, and other stuff. Also trying to get into historical reenactment for either the Wehrmacht during the Second World War or as a French infantryman during the First Great War. Napoleonic is just too expensive and requires a lot of knowledge on sewing, which I can't do for the life of me. I also play games, namely Garry's Mod, Red Orchestra 2, the Arma series (Least played is, 1 or Gold, or what have you), Civilization V, and others. Enough rambling, I'm here, I have no idea what I'm doing, and I probably don't have a purpose here. Working on a fanfiction that makes no sense because why not. Feel free to ask any questions, I'll try my best to answer them, even if they're way out there. So, erm... hmm. Hello, that is what starts a conversation, isn't it?
  16. Hi there! I'm Wicked Ways online, feel free to call me Wick. Hmm where to start, I'm 25, doing nothing with my life and chilling. I enjoy tabletop games/video games, tv shows, movies, basically all kinds of nerdy stuff haha. I'm a pretty laid back fella, just trying to figure out life. I'm about to start teaching myself piano, that should be fun. I'm a wiccan. I'm a night person, clearly by my choice of ponysona haha. I'm a avid roleplayer, I can do several paragraphs easy enough if needed. I'd love to chat and what not, so if you have any questions I am a open book. About Wicked Ways, my brother (Who is around here) is helping me design him, a bat pony clearly. Still working on his story but hey, all good things come in time. Most likely start him off as a basic member of the Night Guard. Cause I be lame and dig the armor. x3 lol
  17. Welp I can't say that I am new to the forum scene, or that I am new to Equestia Daily in and of itself, BUT! I can say one thing. I am new here. I know how this type of forum works because I have used mlp forums for the past couple of years. But yeah I am pretty boring. I am a artist, I play a boatload of TF2 and I bust my butt at school. Anything else you want to know? Just ask
  18. Hi I'm Salvador, call me Sal for short. I'm 17 years old and I've been around in this community since the end of season 2. The years I spent watching the series, reading fanfics, comics, and whatnot have been amazing, but sadly I slowly started to pay less attention to the community and the series as a whole. This was around the beginning of season 6. I'm not sure why that happened, maybe it was the lack of peers to share with, highschool and college(I live in Peru, we start college around 16.17) getting to me, or simply I began to get bored. When I realized that i stopped watching the series, I felt kinda... melancholic (Ha I wrote it correctly), but I did nothing about it (Differential equations require a lot of time and effort). Now, with the movie coming out in one week, I remembered a post, from way back then, about the future of the series and possible movie on 2017. And, heck ,it hit me hard. I felt old! At the time of the post, 2017 seemed so far of in the future, and here I am now, almost 2 am writing this. So I thought this was the perfect opportunity to come back, and be part once again of this amazing community that had made my teenage years so enjoyable. I hope I can get to know some of you fellow ponylovers and to get more involved with the fandom(You know creating stuff, or editing idk). With a love and a big Pinkyhug to whoever reads this Sal
  19. Sugar-Fable

    Hello everypony!

    Hello! I'm Fable and I'm new to the forums~ I love bat ponies and video games... Hope we get along!
  20. Fizzban

    Hello world!

    Hey all, I've been a brony for ... well, some years now, but for some reason I've never really gotten much in touch with the community, so I guess...hello? The thing I enjoy the most from the fandom is the creativity, from the music, games and art, it's beyond great and even inspired myself to get more creative than I believe I would've otherwise been and I guess I owe the community as a whole a thank you for that! I figure I might drop a drawing occasionally in the relevant forum section and maybe also post some let's play videos of the Fallout Equestria 2d sidescroller I've been enjoying lately, so if you'd like to check that out, I hope you enjoy it! For now, though, I just wanted to say hello ~ Fizzban
  21. EmployeeAMillion

    I'M READY!

    Hello, I'm EmployeeAMillion, a fan of all kinds of animation, including SpongeBob and MLP. Though I don't think either show's as good as they used to be ([url=]here's a thread I update on SBM to explain why in SpongeBob's case[/url]), I sincerely hope that doesn't insitgate any bad blood between us. Anywho, favourite character is Pinkie Pie, favourite season is 1 (followed very closely by 4), favourite episode is The Best Night Ever, started getting into the fandom around April 2016, never liked the 2-parters sorry to say (they always distracted from the simplicity of the show for me), and I frequent Derpibooru and SpongeBuddy Mania in case you want to see me there. See you soon!
  22. Hi there everyone! JoyStar here! Glad to see Equestria Daily finally has a forum! Has it been here for a bit and I just didn't notice? Oh well! I've been a fan since before Season 2, I most relate to Twilight, and my favorite ponies are Twilight, Sunset, Derpy, the Doctor, and Reformed!Diamond. As for other things, I like Harry Potter, Doctor Who, films by Disney, Pixar, Tim Burton, Laika, and Don Bluth, the Marvel Cinematic Universe, reading, writing, Mario, Zelda, Portal, Undertale, Breaking Nenjamin, Linkin Park, and Starset.
  23. Hello my name is Nick and I would like to introduce myself. I'm an up-and-coming artist of the pony variety and a amateur YouTuber and pony analysts. I'm also a bit of a writer and not just for fanfiction. I also write several original stories myself. You can check out my works on my deviantART I hope to meet many new friends and have intriguing conversations conversations about art, videos and theories about the pony show. As well as working with you all on art collabs, fanfiction, and much more. Hope to see you soon.
  24. Princess Luna


    Hello! I was searching for a new forum to join and came across this site! I have used Equestria Daily for my pony news for a few years now and just now found out they had a forum! I have been part of the fandom since 2011 if I remember correctly, and have been to many online communities that have since ended. I plan to roleplay on this site, mainly as Princess Luna (On the forums roleplay section). I hope to enjoy my time here and make some new online friends. Adios!
  25. reese_buttercup_404

    Hello everypony

    Hello everypony, you can call me reese, and I've been part of the fandom for a few years now and am just now getting involved in it more! I'll try to be on the forums here more and im always on the discord chat.