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Found 61 results

  1. Peaceful Chaos

    Hi howdy hey!

    Howdy! Hi! Hey! How y'all doin'? I'm new here, as if that weren't already obvious, and I'm not precisely sure if I'll be posting anything on this site anytime soon... But hopefully I will power through my laziness and do something I've been hoping to start for a while! Would anybody here lend a ha-HOOF! I was going to say hoof, (Horse puns are a holy scripture) and give me some pointers? Or just say something completely irrelevant that is somehow still interesting? Now uh, I don't rightly expect many of y'all to see this, so I'll just leave this here I suppose.
  2. InkWhite


    I'm the I to the n-k-w-h-i-t-e and ain't no other pony that can write like me. I'm Inkalicious.
  3. Bakaarion


    Hello sisnies, bronies, Foremost, sorry by advance for my English, I'm actually trying to learn, this is one of the reasons why I registered here. ---------- if you are interested by my MLP entrance, I hope you are well seated. I found you the Zecora's song if you want to listen during riding reading : She sings very well. Im 26 and very new brony, since last october, I had no idea what my little pony was before that. Of course I knew the new design, but I thought that was similar to the old cartoon I saw in some advertising in the 90s. It's some time I wanted to watch it to understand why my internet had ponies everywhere, but never had both time and motivation for that. I never hated or blamed bronies, because I remembered that I like pokemon after all, even if I stopped to play it after 2nd Generation, I still enjoy to watch what pokemon become. After all, my parents didn't like videogames (make children crazy and stupid), and my gameboy was my only way to play, outside or in bed at night. As my first real RPG, these memories are so strong. I think it's the main reason why I was ok to watch my little pony (door locked, curtains down). No reasons so much people like it if it is for little girls only, it does not make sense, nobody liked ponies before, nostalgia cannot explain this as for me with pokemon. But with studies and work, I never started the show. But on last summer, I watched a rap battle between rainbow dash and sonic, that was very great (and very powerful by the way) ! no, that was awesome ! My curiosity was back, and 3 month later when I had 2 weeks of free time, I FINALLY DID IT ! I haven't been instantly charmed, the firsts episodes I though "Eh, what I am doing ?". It was not aweful, but I saw no noticeable reasons for a success. My quest was now to understand the success, and what I watched was not very different of another cartoon. Plus I hated 2 ponies of the mane 6 : Pinkie Pie and Rarity, I don't like these cliché. The all pink pony is just annoying, make jumps and smiles everywhere every time as seen in a lot of cartoons, I'm sure she still smile if one of his friend is dead. And the diamond one is the same thing with fashion. I don't like fashion. More, I hate it, and this superficial pony too. But it was not enough to stop it, after all, the lore was good, magic, creatures, and the design is really good. I watched all the episodes in 4 or 5 days and at the end, I was shocked : I really wanted more. I didn't realized I was addicted while the watching, when it was stopped, my heart bleed, I was sad. Some episodes was little boring, but most of them was awesome. Finally, Pinkie and Rarity are not just stupid and crazy, they good ponies after all, I was rude so much, I'm sorry *tears*. ---------- I want more ponies, an that's why I'm here, I watched a lot of fan videos (my favorite is double rainboom), and that's why I am really motivated to learn English, most of the fanmade videos are not subtitled and sometimes I understand nothing. It's frustrating. Some years ago I already signed up on a forum about a Zelda radio, that was a pleasant experience, hop it will be the same here (no doubt about it). My favorite pony is Rainbow Dash (the second is Applejack), and I'm sad we all are agree about that (don't lie, google trends said it to me). On background ponies, I don't know, I think it is Zecora. Oh pony ? Okay, maybe.... Well, consider Zecora as my favorite background pony. In life (yes, the "real" one *sigh*), I'm a bungling web developer, I love music (practice Saxophone and Drums), I like actual Jazz (funk, soul, fusion, ...) and soundtracks from videogames (Jeremy Soule <3). And I love videogames of course, especially RPG. I have not a large experience with videogames because I started with a NES (given by my uncle) when the N64 and PS one was the great consoles. After that I had the master system II (given by a friend). Of course, I had my gameboy (1989 version, old mare, sold by the same friend) too. I caught the train with the gamecube and never left nintendo after that (I have THE wii U guys), even if I have a PC with tons of unplayed games on steam. I think it's all, Thank you for your time ! I enjoyed writing. I'm sorry but it was in a Required text box, I had no other choice.
  4. Frey


    Hey there, The name's Frey (or Raiden), and I'm new to these forums, although not new to the scene (?) at all. I've been around ever since it all began but I grew tired of the community's constant clashes and divisions so I ended up giving up and walking away. I never replied to posts on ED, I just lurked (albeit I should admit that I did post once or twice during Fallout: Equestria's publication and termination because I couldn't hold the tears and I needed some venting). I was an avid user and poster at Ponychan and sometimes visited the other chans, but all the people that I knew are now gone and have moved on, too. Since this show and its fans have such a huge and special place in my heart, I thought I'd give the community a try once more. I don't know what else to say so, if you've got questions, please feel free to ask. I hope I can make some new friends around here.
  5. Friendship is Horses


    Hi, y'all. I figured I'd try to be more outgoing in the fandom, so I made a forum account! I'm here now. Look, I already found the pony emotes! Ponymotes if you will. This is going swimmingly. See ya'll around the place.
  6. cannibalism


    hi guys. i'm new here to EQ but ive been on many other pony sites, mostly Arena. i like to collect, and i'm very fond of old generations, but i like g4 too. my favorite g4s are rarity and celestia. i hope i can make some friends
  7. Imalou

    Incoming !

    hOI everypony ! My name's Imalou, I've been watching and in the fandom since march 2011 and I'm a pony drawfag ever since ! I'm the proud momma of theses three that you may have seen on the drawfriend or derpibooru or even /mlp/ I'm a 20 girl, French, living in Paris for being more specific (honhonhon) and a professional concept artist in the game industry. My passion for drawing exists since I learned how to take a pen in my hands hehe, I've been drawing digitally since i'm 11 ! I love animals, especially doggies ! I was initally a furry before entering the world of the ponies -come at me bro !!- My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie and she was the character that made me watch MLP I love meeting new people and have fun, I love going to conventions, sing at the MLP karaoke and draw other's people fav pony/OC ! My favorite vilain is Chrysalis <3 and my favorite artists in the fandom are Crookedtrees, AssassinMonkey, Equestria-Prevails and Tsitra. My fav seasons are season 1, 2, 4 and 5, for me the best Pinkie Pie's episode are in season 4 <3 I found this forum while reading an article in EQD who was introducing all the staff of the website and I saw there was moderators and admins of the forum so that's why I'm here ! I'm looking for meeting new people because in 6 years most of my brony friends stopped watching the show, I'm missing the good old vibes from 2012 :'( ! The french forum where I was is pretty dead for now so I'm looking for a new place to discuss about the show ! I think that's all, if you have any questions about me or about drawings don't hesitate <3
  8. Yo! I'm Lime and I'm 14 years old. My main interest is music and I play the bass guitar. So yeah. I just joined this site because I'm drifting back to MLP. I used to be a hardcore brony like 3-4 years ago when I was 11 or something. So yeah I hope I enjoy this forum haha.
  9. Hey y'all, after years in the fandom I decided it was about time to actually join this site! I'm mostly interested in this whole Draw Friend thing. Any tips on how to get into that would be great! So yeah, hi! -Topknot
  10. Nuke87654

    Hello everyone

    Hello folks. I'm Nuke87654 and I've decided to migrate here to these forums and give it a try. A bit about me is that I like to consider myself a reviewer on stuff that interests me. I try to be as fair as I can in my reviews and such I do allow folks to challenge my views and see if they have the stronger argument. My favorite pony is Twilight Sparkle as I do adore the bookworm pony but I do love the vast majority of characters in the series in all media, comics and EQG included. I hope to be able to make many new friends and such here in this place.
  11. Hello my name is Masquerade Melody, Im currently 14 years old at the time of this post and got interested in the show after watching the first episode on TV.
  12. Hello there! I am Grey Guard, an 'Equinologist' and writer from Mexico. I consider my self a very tolerant and open guy, which is what allowed me to give MLP a chance in the first place; I am a fan of high fantasy, steampunk and sci-fi, I like the regular show, EQG, and Fallout Equestria, and Twilight Sparkle is best pony (IMO). I've never been a member of a forum before, so this is quite a new experience for me; but anyways, I hope to have to fun here with my fellow bronies and pegasisters, and I wish to anyone reading this a wonderful time! P.S: Dont know what else to add, but feel free to ask me if you really want to know more about me.
  13. FragrantGingerCalamari


    HI every-attack helicopter! I'm FragrantGingerCalamari!
  14. Dawning Demon

    Hello everyone!

    Hello everyone! You guys might recognize me from the EQD Morning and Nightly discussions, if you don't then you can call me "Dawning Demon" or just "Dawning" for short, as you can already tell from my profile picture I'm a huge Sunset Shimmer fanatic she's my overall favourite character. I hope we can get along and chat on this new forum.
  15. Chrome Thunder


    Chrome Thunder AKA Graywolf71 here. Amateur (by my standards anyway. OK maybe advanced amateur) artist, photographer, and custom pony maker, train nut, storm spotter, and lifetime member of the New Lunar Republic. My profile has some more info. Still need to make a header for my page, and my avi is the one I use on my Google account (won't change it for now since it is one of my ponysona). This wolf likes to hide in the shadows, then suddenly pounce on unsuspecting threads so you may not see many from me (either that or because I forget to visit the forum for a few days XD). I'll see you around.
  16. RK_Striker_JK_5


    Hello, all. Hmm, others are doing it. So, *Jumps on bandwagon* I'm RK_Striker_JK_5. You may have seen me around Space battles, Sufficient Velocity, Other Media at and other places. I've been an MLP fan since the mid-80's. My first memory is seeing the G1 episode 'revolt at Paradise Estate'. I got into friendship is Magic around the premiere and have been watching since. Ah... I'm a huge Star Trek fan. Star Wars, but mostly the Expanded Universe from before Del Rey took it over and... long story. Transformers, god yes. I don't play modern video games. All I know of, say Overwatch, is it's called Overwatch. I am not joking. I write fanfic, too. So... that's about it for now. Any questions/comments?
  17. I go by MoonSugarPony online, but you can call me Ari! I joined this forum to chat with others and make some friends. I do not usually interact with others online, but there's a first time for everything! I'm 21, I am Australian, and I live in Helsinki - have been here for almost 8 years now and never gone back to Australia. It was a lot to get used to, and I don't think I'll ever get completely used to the cold. Outside of ponies, I also like Undertale, Pokemon, Animal Crossing, and Steven Universe. I'm an artist, and you may have seen my bat pony Paper Stars in a few Drawfriends lately! Here she is: You can find me and my art on DeviantArt, Derpibooru, Tumblr, or on Twitter - the latter is where I go to shitpost and to dump my stupid meme doodles. It's a pleasure to meet you all! c:
  18. I'm glad to see EqD finally has it's own dedicated forum section! I'm a Computer Hardware Engineer in training. You can find me around forum pages involving Race Cars and Counter-Strike!
  19. Sci-Twi


    hi there! i just registered and hoping to meet some cool people applejack is my fave pone ok done
  20. Hello everyone of the new EQD forums, I'm Canyon Light and it's nice to meet y'all. I am pretty humble to myself, though you may (probably not) have seen my name pop up on EQD time-to-time. Just your average dweller of the Internet on multiple sites. I especially like to comment on any blog post that catches my interests. New episodes of FiM, Fallout: Equestria, Ponies in the News, etc. I was surprised to read about the EQD forums going live blog post. Thought why not? And gave it a shot here. If any time is good to join a forum, it is when the forum is so welcoming.
  21. Greetings fellow friends! It’s my first time in a forum like this. So I'll try to give my best to be a great member of this community! But before I’m going to share my dreams and thoughts with you guys, I want to properly introduce myself. The name’s Alex. Coming from Switzerland and currently 19 years old. (Incredible sorry for my English here. I hope it won’t bother you that much.) I’m still in education as an IT specialist. currently I’m working for a small ERP company as a pupil until summer next year. In my free time I’ve been playing games ever since I was a child, especially games from Nintendo like Zelda, Super Mario and mostly Pokémon. I dare to say that games made me the person, who I am now. Game design is a big deal for me. Since 2012 I played with the thought about making a game on my own. But what exactly has that to do with My Little Pony? In 2014, my family suffered a terrible lost. To overcome those hard times, I started to watch My Little Pony and since then I’ve been interested in the great world of the colored mini Horses. Although I like the fandom, until today, I never was an active community Person. My Little Pony influenced my life almost completely, like some of you can imagine. My dedication for My Little Pony was so high, I wanted to create a game where the world of Friendship is Magic would be the focus in it. I want to create a game where its story has a big remix of everything I’ve played and experienced in my life in it too. That is when I started the Project “Chronicles of Harmony”. The Game, I’m working on, would happen to be the first one in its series. So I want to learn as much as possible from the experience that may come. I heard, as a game Designer it’s important to listen to feedbacks from customers and testers. That is why I wanted an "interface" with the fandom (you) and me making the game. So I can listen to your critics and wishes, wich could enhance the game! With this post I wanted to shout out my existence before I give more Information on “Chronicles of Harmony”. Let me gather all my plans, so that you can finally see, what I work on. I’ll post then a big entry in the "Game-Dev-or-what-its-called-again-Sektion". Thanks for reading it through. That means a lot to me. Best regards Alex Post Scriptum: For those, who are wondering: My current favorite Pony is Luna. I know it’s obvious because of my Username but don’t judge me. I have my reasons. ^^
  22. Oh hello people who wanted to waste their time to greet me. The name's Mishaka, some shitposter came from the ND and MD of EQD. Now, I nothing else to say other than your replies that I'm too lazy to reply.
  23. DawnInPonyville

    Hello, pony friends!

    Hey there, friends! It's me, Dawn, trying out the new forums! Let's see how this turns out!
  24. I'm Noobslayer1000, just joined this good ole dandy forum. Ponies are cool and I'm sure you think ponies are cool, so that already gives us something in common. Can't wait to get to know you all
  25. HomiePony


    What is up my dudes.