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Found 61 results

  1. I guess I'm on these forums now. I can already feel my competitive spirit getting riled up, my heart ablaze with a torturous desire for the higher ranks.
  2. Ice_Walker

    Um...Howdy ^^

    Well um...Hi? I'm Ice Walker, and I'm both a Brony and a Gamer. Obviously, that's why I joined this site of course :$ Anywho, I'm a rather active gamer, with a preference for RPG's and MMO Games. Um... Nice to meet everypony, and I hope to make some friends!
  3. davidhsonic


    I'm probably only gonna make suggestions and ask questions here. (Mostly because I have no idea where to start with anything else.) Edit: Can I do another one? I figured out where to start with the anything else! I like MLP, TF2, Terraria, Modded Minecraft, Sonic (games), YTP's, fan comics, food with more than two ingredients that isn't steak, messing around (to the best of limited ability), and being serious. I'd like to join the gaming herd, and maybe find someone that meets the list of requirements for my friendship. (This is the height of my comedic genius.) I probably missed something. Sry for the double intro
  4. [C*G*C] Hrothgar

    Hello World!

    Hello! I'm glad to have a chance to hopefully game with some of you, chat, and RP with others! I mostly game on steam playing games like Civilization 5, Stellaris, CS:GO, Gmod, TF2, and more! I also have been getting into Roleplay and tabletop gaming. So if you ever want to chat, game, Rp, etc. Just let me know if I'm on!
  5. Starly Glimmerwhale

    Hello i exist now

    Hello everybrony! I am Starly Glimmerwhale, and i am not good at talking and have no idea what i am saying currently in this instant when i am writing this introduction thing (that's actually how i talk) I play games a lot (as in that's pretty much everything i do) and some of the games i have that you can play with me in are CS:GO (i pretty much never play it though), AC:Unity, TF2, LoL (don't play that very much either), Unturned and of course, Pokémon X and Alpha Sapphire. I would love to play anything with anybrony here! So yeah, that's pretty much me. All of me. Everything you need to know. Right there. I am really tired. I am writing this at the middle of the night though, so that could have something to do with it That's it for now everbrony, Starly out! Ciao!
  6. Hello! I'm Grant. I'm in my later twenties and am a co-owner of a Magic: The Gathering card shop. In my free time I am almost always playing some sort of Blizzard Entertainment game (the newest addiction is Overwatch). Never been big on the TF2 side of things. Blasphemy, I'm sure. Otherwise I have a limited Steam library and a few games of note on the PS4. I've been a long time fan of the show but never really dove in and used the strong community to get together and play games with people, so that's really a waste in my opinion... Still a little skittish at first but always looking for something to do/discuss/enjoy. I'm usually a quiet one but quick to get hype with fellow players and always give my best to what ever is in front of me. This introduction is a little light... But hey, it's 2 AM. All of my information should be in my profile should you see something you like or want to play a game!
  7. Hey guys I am kind of new to these public forum things so I hope you can forgive me if I post something in the wrong area. XD Anyway a bit about me, I play games on occasion mostly table top and card games but also video games like skull girls, pokemon, marvel verses capcom 2, and rpg's like the witcher 3. I am a fan of cartoons and stuff like that mostly but I hope that on occasion we could get to know each other and maybe have a good time playing a game every so often if our schedules allow it. I own a pc, ps3, and ps4 if you were wondering cool hope know more about you and to maybe help each other out in the future /)^3^(\
  8. Steel Accord

    Greetings everypony

    Greetings everypony, I saw this on EQD and thought it would be a cool site to join as it's about two things I'm very passionate about. I look forward to posting and discussing with you all.
  9. [PH]Neil #9DaysTo21

    My Introduction

    Hello there, my name is Neil, you can call me by that name. My original Steam Name is [PH]TheNeiljoseph, but it'll changed depending on the occassion. So I've been into TF2 for 3 years now. I still like other games like Dota 2, CS:GO, CS:S, L4D2, and others. So if you want to know more about me, go here: Thanks again for reading this. I miss the old group, but this new group still satisfies me though.
  10. Hello there. My name is Twiliggle. I don't know what else to put. I'm a male who is in college and likes ponies and video games. You can ask questions by commenting if you wish, I will 90% of the time answer them. Please keep the questions SFW. Thanks, T
  11. Lady Froey


    Heya everyone, my names Froey. I use to play on the old EQD server that Borg had a year or two back. I'm happy to see the servers are back in some form and am looking forward to play. Cyber Commander introduced me to the forums, so I thought I check here as well. As for myself, I tend to spend a majority of my time on FIMFic writing, reading and managing forum groups. It looks like it might be fun here as well though.