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Found 8 results

  1. Greetings everyone,My name is Lucie, I am 21 years old.Currently awaiting admission to a professional degree in compatibility, following my studies in this field, I have a rather broad objective to work in a private or public structure aligning numbers and foreign languages.My free time is mostly divided between a psychological and moral support structure online as a volunteer and watching cartoons.My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic has been with me for about ten years at a rate of approximately two episodes per day out of travel. But also, through the card game MLPCCG and others little things. English is not my mother language so I'am sorry for your eyes.
  2. Hey! Just made an account on the forums as I wanted to be more involved within the community. I've been a fan of FiM for about 7-8 years now, and yet somehow I still haven't finished the bloody show. Rewatching it at the moment and currently still on season one as of writing. That's where forgetting 60% of the lore gets me, but oh well. My Carrd is linked on my profile if that's something you're interested in. I'll be around here sometimes.
  3. Name: KJ Age: 19 When I got into MLP: 2005 probably (mid-G3), been on-and-off ever since Fave ponies: Star Catcher, G3 Pinkie Pie, G4 Pinkie Pie Other interests: anime, Nintendo Flaws: gets distracted easily-speaking of which, I should probably be doing my TAFE work rather than making this topic
  4. Greeting then, my fellow victims equines..and others. Created the account, bet never had the time to use it, but today, as the free food Love is shared & spread across the world, I can't just sit in my little hole all day! The fandom... in a way I joined...hmmm about 2 years ago(holy crap!) and thanks to EQD event NATG i made my own character and even more. As for what I do most off my days?Well I just complain and moan about the state of the world, but hey, If you enjoy such a thing: here is some of my work: So in the end, a big hello to you all, especially to my own kin who DECIDED NOT to become some ugly hippies!
  5. ZeBronyCaptain


    Wow... um. maybe I should have done one of these first... It's been years since I've been on a forum. Anyway... Allow me to introduce myself. NO? Well too bad I'm going to do it anyway. I'm ZeBronyCaptain (Say it with me "Zay-Bro-Knee" since evidently some people have a hard time saying it...) Or just Captain if you prefer.. Though I'll answer to "hey you" and "that one guy" on occasion. I'm not new to the fandom by any means, though I usually prefer to stick to the shadows. Seeking the most opportune moment to strike. I dabble here and there in art and fanfiction writing (under a different name mind you) and just recently started putting together episode reviews on my youtube channel. It's not much, but it's a start at least. So to answer a few questions right off the bat. Did you really just plug your own channel? Why yes. Yes I did. Shameless promotion for the win! Why join the forum? I felt it would be a better waste of my time, and gives me the opportunity for deeper discussion than the comment sections of the regular EQD posts. Why a zebra? Honestly... why not? It actually seemed the best fit for me. And it kind of just stuck. That's pretty much what I've got to say at the moment. So without further ado. Have a complimentary popcorn. Forum drama is one of the best shows in the universe. And enjoy the ride ^_^
  6. I am quite a bashed, not knowing how to appropriately assert myself forward thorough in these forums. I am going to make a statement start off by show that I am indeed a Chinese person who is from a non-US country and lives in Asia. I have been watch this show since 2014 and I have enjoy it much. My favorite pony is the Rarity because she is like my the grandmother who also makes clothes and sell when she was not deceased. I also like the Pinkie Pie a lot because she makes me smile a lot from how she is. She is such a happy pony. I am pleased to be able to meet and speak to bronies from many lands and talk with them about the show I enjoy within myself. I am very pleased to make of you my friend and talk to buddy. 我很高兴认识大家!
  7. Hi there everypony. Just saying hello. New here and hope to make some friends.