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Found 9 results

  1. With Episode 19 "Dragon Dropped" recently being released early in China, this is an episode that has fans discussing the Sparity topic,(mostly positive, from what've I seen being discussed at various social media sites), It seems that this episode may be the (somewhat) official canon ship of Rarity x Spike. The reason I say that, is because of the way Rarity reacts towards Spike hanging out with Gabby the Griffon, this is something we've never seen from Rarity, when it comes to Spike hanging out with another female character before, till now. Because of this, along with the ending, where Spike says he'll always want his Rarity time, it pretty much (somewhat officially) makes Sparity canon. Yet, there are those that still feel that this episode didn't do that, and feel it did the opposite Despite the visuals in front of them. However, let's be honest, we knew something like this episode was going to happen, especially when it was made official that S9 would be it. And when you look at the sudden (out of nowhere) resurgence of Sparity in S8, with the acknowledgements in "Break-Up, Break-Down, "Molt Down" (being a Sparity episode in someways), the few moments in the S8 finale, to the subplot, and ending between the two in "Best Gift Ever", to recently in the first 20 seconds of the mid-season 9 finale. Yeah, I would say that the hints were out there, that an episode of this kind would occur towards the end of the series. And guess what, it did with "Dragon Dropped". Now throughout the series, (even through s3-s7 were low-key on it's Sparity moments), one could say that this SHIP is one of the more naturally grown ones that have happened, despite nothing really being made truly official (semi, yes), like let's say Big Mac/Sugar Belle or Maud Pie/Mudbriar, still it getting to the points it's gotten too in recent seasons, one could say, that if we get something in the end (like an epilogue moment that takes place a few years later) that shows Spike and Rarity being officially together, then one would find that very believable, from a character development point, and a lingering sub-plot coming full circle, like it did with this episode. So despite this somewhat (in a semi way) making Sparity official, why do others hate Spike x Rarity? Well, (IMO), I don't think it's the age argument, that many have used since the beginning (just about), no, I think it's this moment And believe it or not, it stems all the way back to S2, and the episode "Secret of My Excess" , where Spike willing and genersoaly gave Rarity his fire ruby, which orginally he grew and riped for his birthday. And the reason this is the true reason (IMO), is because many feel that Rarity manipulated and sweet talked him into giving it to her, despite (using that word a lot here) everyone else, even the show staff that worked on that episode saying otherwise. As far as the age argument goes, even Jim Miller on Twitter has (in his own unique way) debunked that argument/theory. So in that way and in closing, if S9 EPS. 19 "Dragon Dropped" is the only (if not possibly last) Sparity centered episode of the series, we can at least agree that Sparity is (somewhat semi) official in the series now. Will we still get moments here and there in the remaining episodes (21-26) or the proposed (if it's still happening) Holiday special at the end of the year? That's kinda 50/50 right now, but I wouldn't put it pass the creative staff, if they did add some moments, like for example what I mentioned earlier, but we will have to wait and see. Anyway, I wanted to finally get this off my chest, and give my overall thoughts. But what do you here say. Comments and replies would be great to hear. Take Care and Brony On!
  2. These are two very good questions, espeically when it comes too, (with all due respect) #GoldenFox and #MisAnthroPony, and their thoughts on it. So here I discuss this topic and try to answer these two questions Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #Sparity #RarityxSpike #SpikexRarity #RaritySpike #SpikeRarity #MyLittlePonyFriendshipIsMagic
  3. (Audio Only). With "She's All Yak" teasing, if not pushing a Sandbar x Yona ship, it's got the shipping discussion up and running again. So here I discuss the shipping of characters, some that are canon, (semi or teased/hinted at), some that fans use moments and scenes to justify, and some that possibly that we don't see coming, but certain moments in the show could prove otherise. Here I discuss it all (as best I can) Comments are Welcomed #MLPSeason9 #MLPShipping #MyLIttlePonyFriendshipIsMagic #Romance #Love #Teased
  4. PixelGrip94

    Things You Hate In Games You Love

    The gummi ship sections in the original Kingdom Hearts. Compared to the rest of the game, they're just so boring and monotonous.
  5. All I can remember is that I was sitting in the corner cuddling a grey bat pony. (she looked different than the other ones you see in the show) she apparently was infected with something that would kill her in a few minutes and there were many of Celestia's guards trying to search for her and kill her cause they thought she was a threat. cause she was acting very aggressive There was a medicine type thing in a room far across from us. But it was too many guards out there. I'm stroking her mane. trying to make her last moments loveable. I constantly look down at her to make sure she's still alive. She would sometimes look up at me with her eyes pleading. it wasn't a saddened expression. she just looked like she was really sleepy. while struggling to keep them open. I would rock her a little bit Then I woke up just when I saw that her that her eyes were about to close.
  6. Here I talk about what the message is and could be. You may or may not agree with it, but it's from what I see Comments are Welcomed
  7. I mean At least do some kind of follow-up and at least acknowledge what possibly could be for the MANE 6, and don't just tease and hint at it for one-time only or several-times only, and not do nothing, do something! Comments are Welcomed
  8. ArthurCrane

    Do It For Flash 2017

    It’s been a different year for Equestria Girls, huh? Instead of the traditional film, we had three mini-movies plus a couple of shorts, and if what went down at Hascon is any indication, there’s more on the way. There’s even a Youtube series in the works! Pretty exciting, huh? I’d say it’s been a good year for the franchise, but of course, there’s something that’s been bothering me for a while now. Something that’s been missing… What’s up with Flash Sentry? I mean, yeah, he was around in the background a few times but he never really “participated” in the stories in any capacity. We didn’t even get a single line for Vincent Tong. This bugs me because I’ve been a supporter of Flash since the first film back in 2013 and it made me want to see more of him, to have the series do him justice. Sadly, the story of Flash is a bumpy and messy one. Whenever the series took an unexpected turn, he was forced to adapt without so much as a fighting chance. Very little in the current direction of the series is geared towards getting the best of him, and he’s left to sustain on whatever he can get, which is not a lot. Because of this, and the less-than-friendly reception he’s had from certain fans regarding his very specific role in the series, I’ve made it a personal mission to do my best to support him any way I can. I’ve bought Flash merch/toys, I’ve written a lot about his role, its possibilities and how there may be more to him than what’s immediately apparent, and I’ve even written letters (actual physical letters) to Vincent himself, all the way to his manager’s office in Vancouver, Canada. I feel pretty powerless when it comes to affecting how much Flash we can get out of Equestria Girls, so the least I can do is let the one person that matters the most know that I still care. Last year, I was determined to take this to the next level… Things lined up for me to attend Nightmare Nights 2016 in Dallas, Texas, where Vincent was a special guest. It was nice to see that there are plenty of fans who genuinely like him and Flash (though the usual jeering was still present and accounted for). I made it a point to show some love to Vincent by giving him a present. The original plan was to get several other Flash fans in on the action by having them mail their own gifts to me so I would pass them on to Vincent. Due to some poor management of the project and a very narrow time window, I couldn’t get a single other present for him. I was disappointed in myself, as I felt that I had partly failed Flash and a few fans who genuinely wanted to be a part of this little stunt… …I want to try this again. But it WILL be better this time. Now, I’m not going to any MLP cons anytime soon, but I have something else in mind that could work: I’m going to send Vincent a Flash Sentry digital care package. What I have in mind is to collect a whole bunch of Flash related fan works, put them in a USB drive (a FLASH drive, if you will) and send it to Vancouver. Of course, this isn’t just on me: I want to include as many Flash fans as I possibly can. That’s where YOU come in… It can be anything you want it to be: fanart, fanfiction, a letter, anything you can think of to express why Flash matters to you, why you’re a fan of his, and what you want for him in the series. It doesn’t matter why or how. As long as you’re showing him some love, anything goes. It doesn’t even have to be brand new. If you’ve done ANYTHING Flash-related in the past that you’re proud of, send it in. It’s all good. As far as deadlines are concerned, the plan is to have this package sent by the end of 2017, so we still have time to work things out. BUT WAIT! We’re not just gonna send this care package to Vincent. I’m planning on sending this as well to both Ishi Rudell and Katrina Hadley, who’ve been directing A LOT of Equestria Girls since at least Rainbow Rocks. While what becomes of Flash may be a little above their authority, it doesn’t hurt to let the other people in charge of bringing Flash to life that there’s plenty of us who believe he matters and want to see him shine. ONE MORE THING! I want more than more than just your fan works. I also want your feedback. What do you think of this idea? Would you like to know more? Do you have any suggestions to make this even better? If you’re interested in participating, or have any questions, contact me at . Thank you for reading and I look forward to hearing from you.
  9. PixelGrip94

    Games You...

    Games you hate that everyone else loves or Games you love that everyone else hates Please keep it civil people. Former - Borderlands 1 & 2. Hated the first one and I played all the DLC on the GOTY edition. Tried number 2 and only found one of the problems with the first game fixed with others made worse. - Call of Duty. Too many in too short a time span. One every year doesn't mean improvement. - Sports games. Same reason as above. - Grand Theft Auto IV. Got incredibly bored of the story only 1/4th of the way through the game. Only fun the game had to offer were cheats. - Metal Gear Solid series. Series plot is complicated for the sake of being complicated, not being deep, meaningful, or interesting like it pretends to be. I feel like playing the series to understand the plot would be the equivalent of homework. - Demon's/Dark Souls. I understand that's it's not a game for everyone, but personally, hair ripping challenge does not equal a fun game to me. - Sly Cooper Trilogy. Liked number 1, hated 2, felt 3 was meh. - Assassin's Creed. Same problem as Call of Duty. Only difference is that I didn't feel the first was good enough to warrant a greatest hits release, let alone 20 sequels. - Fallout 3/New Vegas. 3 had "so much to do" despite me wandering the wasteland for multiple hours looking for something to do only to get killed by some random enemy due to high level gap or lack of useful weaponry. Liked New Vegas until the end required me to do more side quests than I already dumped multiple hours into before even contemplating the end missions due to (again) insanely high leveled enemies and lack of useful weapons/ammo for useful weapons. Not to mention the severe lack of healing items that healed more than half a point. - Pokémon. Worse than Call of Duty in the sense of repackaging the same game and charging full price for it. While they take longer to release a new title, that makes it all the worse when it's basically a carbon cutout of the previous games from the last 20 years. Lost interest from Black and White on due to the story misleading me into thinking that it would delve into more interesting dilemmas than "leader of evil group wants to take over the world with Pokémon/be the best trainer in the world" - Skyrim. Similar problems to Fallout. Not a lot of healing items and you die rather easily (though not as easy as in Fallout) and while it actually had a lot to do, the game does a poor job of explaining it in enough detail to where I actually bother to try doing it. - Super Mario/Mario Kart/Mario Party. Exact same problem as Pokémon. Only difference is the games are usually only rereleased with each new console. Only exception to my dislike is Smash Bros. - Bioshock Infinite. I don't exactly hate this game, but I didn't really see what people found so great about it. Played through it, but didn't find it having as much of an impact on me as the original Bioshock. Honestly, I don't really have any games that I like that everyone else hates. At least not to an extreme degree like the games above. Probably the closest is Final Fantasy XIII. I didn't think the game was too bad and I liked the battle mechanics and how you had to be pretty strategic in some fights to survive.