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Found 1 result

  1. Steel The Bat

    Steam Skins

    Hello everyone this seemed like a good enough place to post this and if not im sorry. I made a ton of skins today for STEAM and if you guys want them here is my Dropbox folder with all the skins. Lastly if you think a skin is too bright ask me and i will make a "dark" version of the skin. These skins are made using the steam customizer. I hope you all like them and if you want me to do one of your OC let me know. I enjoy making them and look below for instructions. A Pic to get an idea of what they generally look like.All skins share the same Layout but have different colors and ponies. Folder: You will also need the Setup for the Customizer to use the skins. The Setup.exe Customizer: How to use/install skins. *Step 1:Download the Setup.exe and use it to install the steam customizer. *Step 2:Download the desired skins from the dropbox folder. *Step 3:Once you have completed steps 1 and 2 double click the skin you wish to use and that's it.