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Found 78 results

  1. MidnightFire1222

    MidnightFire1222's Art Corner

    I like to draw a lot felt like sharing some art I've done before. I'll post some of my most recent ones to start, pony and non-pony. I'll probably post other things as I make them or if I feel like it regarding older art.
  2. Hyrdo


    Hello there. My name is Hyrdo and I am currently in the progress of creating a MLP DND group. The game takes place in equestria and we use Dnd 5th edition and the a homebrew book. (Link will also be provided.) If you are interested in joining my group then please go to the link provided. Discord server: MLP homebrew book:
  3. dakotadarkhooves

    Dakota's Art

    Figured I'd make a thread to show off my pony-related artwork! I do a lot of different arts and crafts so expect a variety of things here. I'll update it whenever I created something new! If you'd like to support my artwork at its source, please check out my deviantART! (These are sorted from most recent to oldest.) Digital Art A design/piece I sold on deviantART just recently, 'Starkissed Satin'. A piece featuring my Space Cottonmouth (closed species by Pomiheii on deviantART), Audrey. A request for Frost Note on the Equestra Amino. This is their adorable bat pony boy, Frost Note! Some fanart I did of Apple Split. Even though he's just a minor character and only has two lines in the show, I adore him! A sketchy headshot of my vampire pony OC, Nightlore. My ponysona, Merry Anvil! She was based off my love for blacksmithing and swords. This is an older piece from 2015, but it's currently the only fullbody ref I have of Nightlore. Traditional Art None yet! Custom Ponies A WIP custom of Cattail, from a fakie. I'm still working on the rest of his accessories but I made his hat! A WIP G3 Apple Split! Plushies None yet! Sculptures/Other None yet!
  4. Not made by me, but the views are so low and it sounds so great I must share guitar heaven! Dat drop doe. And yes I copy paste this from my other post from another forums, as per usual. Fight me.
  5. I'm looking for someone who sings well(please send example of your work) and produces music(or at least has knowledge of singing vocals within song structure); has a clear, good quality mic; is a Christian that's willing to make a Christian MLP song; and has a nice autotune plugin to fix vocals(this is optional). I have Skype and Discord as a way of collaborating and I use FL Studio 12 as my DAW. Here's a sample of my work: Note: This is a makeshift soundcloud account just for purposes of sharing work for possible collaboration so please ignore my cover photo and any other missing details. Here's a 16 bar chord progression in G# Minor at 130 BPM for the song: I'm thinking of making a Chillout EDM song with this chord progression but I am open for options.
  6. Hey! In this place i will just throw some mlp art Feel free to ask me anything ~
  7. sapphicstarlightglimmer

    Some of my mlp art

    I really like drawing humanized mlp so I wanted to share some of my art. Also I'm on derpibooru as mylittleyuri (in case some of these look familiar)
  8. Even though this is mostly season 6 material, it is important right now as the return of Queen Chrysalis is still potential in future seasons. Note that I refer to the ancient dark stone as a stone – not Chrysalis's throne, since her throne is just that. Another fact to note: other than the MLP TV show, I have not used or am aware of any other source of the following information; if you know of someone who has additional information, please contact me. Also, if you see an error in the information and ideas I have presented, or if you can expand and build on my ideas, then please comment away to your heart's content. Warning: season 6 finale spoilers!!! (I had to say that just in case, I hate being a spoiler) I begin with a quote: "Nothing other than changeling magic works here. Chrysalis's throne is carved from an ancient dark stone that soaks up outside magic the same way changelings soak up love" - Thorax (MLP season 6, episode 26). This statement provokes various ideas, questions, answers, and theories about this "ancient dark stone". 1. - Somehow, either the stone's power doesn't affect changeling magic, or Chrysalis altered it to produce that result. My Theory: I think that changeling magic is either naturally immune or naturally in sync with the dark stone's power, and that no alteration of the stone or its power was necessary. 2. - Does this ancient dark stone have some remains that were left after it was carved that still counters magic, and are there more of these dark stones located somewhere? My Theory: I think that the remainder of the stone if any was rendered powerless, since it is obvious that once the dark stone was destroyed at the end of episode 26 it lost its ability to absorb magic. However, I think there are more of these ancient dark stones somewhere out there (because Thorax says, "Chrysalis's throne is carved from an ancient dark stone", not the ancient dark stone), and that Chrysalis may know where they are and intends to use them for her benefit as she returns for her ultimate revenge. 3. - Does the stone itself contain this counter-magic power, or did Chrysalis alter or infuse it to produce the anti-magic results? My Theory: I think the power in the stone is natural, and that the only thing Chrysalis altered was the shape of it (and that this did not affect its power in any way). 4. - Does this stone grow more powerful as it soaks up more and more magic, just like the changelings (or at least Chrysalis) become stronger as they soak up more and more love? My Theory: This is based on the above statement made by Thorax (" ancient dark stone that soaks up outside magic the same way changelings soak up love"). Therefore, I think that the stone's power grows as it absorbs more and more magic. Conclusion: with these ideas, questions, answers, and theories, one can come up with a general idea of the nature of this ancient dark stone, but they cannot be 100% certain of it – as of now. I have not fully explored and analyzed all potential ideas and theories that can come from this, but I will stick with the four I have come up with for the time being. I am hoping to see the return of these dark stones along with Chrysalis or any other villain in future seasons. Edit: I found a valuable statement regarding stones - "Rocks take different properties when interacting with magic. With the right stone you can rule all of Equestria if you wanted too." - Maud (season 7 episode 4 " Rock Solid Friendship"). However, it is not clear as to whether or not Maud was kidding, and she does do stand-up; although, I don't see why Maud would joke on a matter that could be very serious. That is my interpretation though, but the end of the statement was true (whether Maud was joking or not) and is exactly what happened in the season 6 finale - Chrysalis was for a moment ruling all of Equestria and no magic ,other than changeling magic, could stop her as long as her throne remained intact.
  9. Hi guys! I just made an MLP discord server and would be happy to chat to you all on it. The link is here: Have fun and I hope you join! :D. (If posting discord servers isn't allowed here please tell me so that I can hide this post)
  10. I first thought it might be a octagon gen, but that is too rectangle in shape. So next I looked at a oval gem, it looks all most right, but it is oval in shape, which Trixie's gem doesn't have. So what shape is Trixie's blue gem and does her gem have a name ? I can't remember if the name of the gem was said in the show.
  11. Winter Shimmer

    Tempest Shadow

    Heya Is Tempest Shadow as insane and badass (and lovely) on the whole movie as in the clip « Open up your eyes » ? *_* Winter Shimmer
  12. I think the S7 finale (wither you enjoyed or not) gave us an idea of what Josh and Nicole has/have in store for us in this upcoming season. As far as the Pillars go, I've been thinking, that something is being set up that will cause them to go back to their original timeline in history, maybe they start losing whatever power they have or like Mistmane did in her story, start to grow older and in this case, weaker because they're slowly losing their power, and the only to save them is to send them back to their own time. Also I think somehow we will probably find out the that there is something more Darker than the POS, Tirek, Chrysalis , or any threat they've faced combined. I also think that all 6, if not Mane 7/8 Will get a vision of what this NEW Threat is, and what they may have to do to stop it, which may be something silmiar to what The Pillars did a 1000 years before to contain the POS. But those are just my theroies. Do you all agree?
  13. Violet Cookie

    What the show means to me

    I've been watching My Little Pony since 2014. It was when I first watched season 2. I saw the premiere on DVD. The first episodes I ever saw were: Return of Harmony pt 1 and 2. I remember seeing Discord for the first time and just laughing at the chaos he caused. Later in the year, I discovered Rainbow Rocks. I hadn't seen the first Equestria Girls movie at this point but it was what made me like MLP. Skip to 2015, when the Friendship Games came out. I still didn't know much about the show but I knew enough to get by. However, it was only during the season 7 hiatus when I truly began to love the show. I went through a stage of depression and I felt the world was against me. I couldn't bring myself to watch anything on TV that included killing or other really bad things happening. So, I turned towards MLP. I saw some episodes on TV and then I discovered Bronies. I discovered the fandom. I discovered hope and joy again. I have been in this fandom ever since May and now have seen every episode of Friendship is Magic. I now have a YouTube channel and a Deviantart account. Not many of my friends understand why I am a Brony but they don't mind. I feel that the show has made me a much happier person and fills me with new hope towards humanity. My idea for my blog is to go through some of my all time favorite episodes and explain how they made me feel and how they impacted me as a person. Thank you for taking the time to read this post. Brohoof!
  14. Here's a new video of mine which is MLP In Real Life titled "Be A Tree" featuring Fluttershy and Wubcake as "Twilight". It came out pretty well! <3
  15. Light Blade

    Traumatising Pony Experience

    So, everypony, what would be your most traumatizing (in one way or another) to you? That would include the show, EG movies, and IDW comics.
  16. Scream Man

    A father of a new fan

    Hello all, I confess this is a new area for me, as my little all most 4 year old has become hooked on the show (And I don't mind it either) and wants to start getting the toys. Now she has been given some over the years, and we managed to get the Mane Six and some accessories. Recently she saved up and bought Twilights Oaken Treehouse for Herself, and has decided she likes the smaller scale better. Now i have been a toy collector all my life ( I even Podcast about it!) so I know what she means when she says she doesn't want to use the bigger scale anymore. Its made me try and look into the smaller ponies, but Im getting a bit confused about what is in what scale. is there an online guide or listing for the MLP toys by scale? While she now has Twilight and Zakora, she obviously wants all of her favorites from the show, and ebay searches make it tricky to figure out what is available that will match what she has. Thanks in advance!
  17. Light Blade

    Cinema Promotion Stuff

    So apparently Cinema Scene is going to make some promotional goodies for movie theaters in the wake of the MLP filum. I dunno about cups, I would totally get me hooves on those figures. What do you think?
  18. Creativa_Artly1198

    MLP One Offs that We Want MORE Of

    What one of characters do you want more of? I know my personals are cheese sandwich and rara. Which ponies are yours?
  19. InsomniaticCricket

    Editor NEEDED *Please read*

    So over the past few months I have been making an MLP abridged series but its come to my attention and to the attention of the main editor that we are a bit understaffed. We need a second editor for our show to help lighten the load on our editor and also possibly move things along quicker than usual! Here is an example of our editors work and what we are hoping we can find someone to help us with : Details : Our editor uses Premier Pro and Adobe After Effects You would be helping him with things such as making small new lips flaps, editing scenes together, etc If you have the two programs listed thats even better! If you are interested please email me at or on Discord at SciTwiWiFi #5732 Thank you for your time and i hope to hear from you all soon. Thank you! -Aj
  20. Dr Ned

    Mlp questions

    here are some questions Ive had bout some of the shows character etc floating around in my head who /what created discord? he didn't just poof himself to life did he? why didn't Celestia fight alongside Twilight during the fight with Luna/Nightmare moon? ( I understand the Chrysalis battle Celestia was knock out) but what did she do? fly off does anyone think canter lot would be a pace for another episode?
  21. PrincessOfCompassion

    Hello I'm new

    Hello everypony I am Aria and I am new to this site. Its so lovely to meet all of you I have been thinking of joining for a while now and decided to finally fill everything out and well here I am looking forward to talking to all you lovely folks if you have any questions don't hesitate to ask.
  22. Applestack

    Pony art!

    Check out some of my pony art and feel free to share some of yours! All my art can be found in my deviantART gallery.
  23. Light Blade

    Single MLP Trading Cards

    Does anypony know a place where I could buy single MLP Equestrian Friends trading cards? I couldn't find cards I am looking for on amazon or ebay being sold separately, and I don't feel like playing the game of random with them packs.
  24. Imagine your Fluttershy and your lost deep within the Everfree Forrest how do you get out? Would you use woodland friends, or have to calm an angry monster? Write a story and post it below!!! Don't forget that its Fluttershy appreciation day soon I know I'm excited for it. She is a fave for a lot of ponies alike and I know that I cant wait until the 28 to see all the fan art that you guys have posted. So mark it on your calendars. E-p.onyx!
  25. Hi everypony i'm DJFlutterShydale but you can call me flutters for short I love video games, music and love to make new friends i'm new here this stuff is new to me