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Found 44 results

  1. Japony

    Star Dreams Fanclub

    Star Dreams is a pony unique to MLP gen 4, Friendship is Magic. She is a light pink unicorn filly with pink, teal, and purple mane and tail. She doesn't have her cutie mark. Star Dreams made her first appearance in Friendship is Magic toyline, in the 2012 playset "Sweet Slumbers with Applejack and Star Dreams".Her second appearance was in the "Cutie Mark Crusaders and Friends" Collection, in 2013. Her third and most recent appearance was in 2014, when she decided to show in the FiM Rainbow Power Bath Spa Set, with Rarity and Rainbow Dash. Unfortunately, she has never been seen in the animated series, in spite of her many shared appearrances with half of the mane 6, and the CMC in the official toyline.But though she seems to shy away from the series, she has gotten bits of fanart from her admirers.Fanfics: And since we know so little about her, the speculation train is taking passengers! (personally, I like to think little Star Dreams may be related to a Sunset Shimmer, and could harbor a fascination for best princess, Luna. Perhaps even having a friendly rivalry with Pipsqueak for her affections)
  2. i made a website where one can watch Pony Videos around the clock. it is still work in progress. at the moment there are ca. 200 videos in the video list (will be expanded bit by bit). the videos run in sync or nearly in sync on every computer. the list of videos is mixed on the basis of the actual day. then the time between the start of day and the actual time is calculated, and at which position and video one should be. according to this the player is synced then. at the moment the site is very minimal, but it works good. now it also has disqus to discuss videos and talk to each other ^^
  3. This are 2 older Projects of mine: is an website that shows a countdown and release time in the users timezone. the enviroment changes during the day, and many things are linked to some fitting pony videos. similar to ponycountdown. it is 100% accurate and consideres daylight saving time. takes it a little further, it shows every important pony event, it works on mobile devices too. it syncs every 30minutes for new release dates. one have a greater overview over every pony date. it has link to the sources. and like ponyclock it is very accurate, and shows countdown and release time in the users timezone. with daylight saving time consideration. i'm very happy about this 2 projects, because it really helps people to have a overview when an episode or an event occur. i think especially for oversee users this helps a lot to keep track of the times. different timezones and dst are an natural enemy of every oversee brony.
  4. (Youtube Video with this Info: ) Hello I am Zant. My team and I (TeamworkIsMagic) are planning on producing a My Little Pony Friendship is Magic Abridged series, which we will be calling My Little Pony Fighting is Sorcery. We will be taking episodes of MLP:FIM shortening them to about 5-10 minutes and revoicing it to make a parody. We plan on this project covering all of Season 1 and the Season 2 Premiere. I already have plenty of writers and editors for this project. However, to make this project a reality our team needs voice actors. If you are interested in voice acting for this project please remember that 1. You should only do this if you really want to; Make sure you are willing to put in the effort and are passionate about this project 2.You need to be active. Give me updates and stay in contact. Communication is key. It's fine if something unexpected happens and you can’t record your lines but you must let me know immediately. The voice actors will be asked to send me their lines for an upcoming video every month. Also they may be asked to record additional voices for minor things, such as cheering or a line from a minor character not casted. You do not have to sound like the actual characters as long as it fits the character. If you want to, you can tryout for multiple characters. The Audition Lines are here: Email me your audition at In that email include a) The character you are trying out for b) Your audition lines in an mp3 file C)Your Skype The audition deadline is October 15th Note: All characters curse at some points. Profanity is used throughout this project.
  5. Quite Quiet

    Post Apocalyptic Pony [OOC]

    Forward: Hello everyone, I'm Quite Quiet or QQ if you prefer. I've seen a lot of interest for RP, so I thought I'd start one of my own. Thanks for taking a look at this thread, and hope to have fun with everypony. Overview: Life in Equestria was not always all fun and games, but it was a happy and simple life. A life you could understand. Unfortunately, that all seems to have come to an end. The world as we knew it is over. However, that does not mean that what's left of our lives will be filled with nothing but gloom and doom. There will be hardships, and there will certainly be an adjustment period, but surely we can find reasons to smile in this new world, and in that regard perhaps it is not so different than the previous one. This game is about trying to start a new life, after losing the old ones we were used to. It's about finding new happiness, no matter how drastically things have changed. Scenario: Up until yesterday, you were a regular resident of Equestria, the land of pony folk. There was no great war, no horrible plague, and no mysterious invader. One day you just woke up and simply could not find anypony. You were the only one in your home. There was nopony out in the streets. Everywhere you looked you just found deserted homes and businesses. There was no sign of struggle or conflict. In some places you found traces of ponies that make it look like they were just there a moment ago, like a table with a meal spread out across it. However, upon closer inspection you'd find that the food was long cold and stale. It's as if the everypony just picked up and left without a word, and you were left behind. You may as well be the last pony in all of the world for all you know. Are you really alone though? Or will friendship find a way? Rules: On top of the regular Forum rules, I expect everyone who participates to follow the following guidelines to ensure the game run smoothly. Follow the regular Forum Rules for this website. Do not control another player's character and do not write what happens to another player's character. If you wish to directly interact with another person's character, write an 'attempt' and let that player decide how their character is affected. For example, if I wish to attack another character, I'd write something like this: "QQ attempts to attack Lavender Foe by throwing a rock at her." Then I would wait for Lavender Foe's player to decide if I hit or not, and the consequences of the attack. Do not show up with all of the answers. Part of the scenario is that the players do not know what is going on, and solving the mystery is an option I want to keep open for those interested. Do not make up your own reason as to why the majority of the population seems to have disappeared. Not only ponies are gone. Actually, most creatures with sapience have disappeared. Sapience is defined as such: The ability to think and act using knowledge, experience, understanding, common sense, and insight. To further define it, I'll use the phrase 'High Intelligence'. In other words, wild animals are still around. Ponies, Dragons, Cows, Sheep, Diamond Dogs, Changelings, Yaks, and Draconequus, are just some of the races that have mysteriously disappeared. However, they have not all disappeared. There are a few odd exceptions for unknown reasons. Thus you can play as anyone from any race, as long as it's understood that the majority of the sapient population seems to have disappeared. There is no night. The sun is up in the sky, and there is no one to lower it or to raise the moon. We are thus trapped in a world of eternal day. I'd like to take this time to remind everyone that this is a fanciful fantasy of colorful pastel ponies. While I realize that eternal day time would very quickly destroy the world beyond repair in reality, this is not reality. For the purposes of this RP, the world can actually function with eternal day due magical magic reasons. The temperature never rises to high above summer like temperatures. Both Canon and Original Characters are welcome. There is no Post Length requirement. Don't feel intimidated by longer posts and feel like you have to match length, but don't feel like you can only post a small amount either. Post the quantity you are comfortable with and remember to have fun with your writing. Conflict will be decided through RP until further notice. I'd like there to be some kind of simple system that decides the outcome, but since there isn't a dice roller on this site, I'm not sure what I want in terms of systems. I'll be testing things out as I go, and am open to suggestions. All of these rules are subject to change, and more rules will be added as needed. Last of all, have fun everypony. If you're interested in joining, please post interest here. Feel free to ask questions, suggest suggestions, and comment with any comments you might have regarding the game, even if you do not intend to play. If you do want to play and have a character you feel would fit the scenario, please post all relevant info in this thread. Please look forward to the in character thread which will be starting soon. If you're interested in joining, the following info should be enough for now. Be sure to explain what your cutie mark is and what your super special talent is, if you have one. Name: Race: Personality: Background: Appearance:
  6. There comes a time when entertainment transcends itself and evolves into a different beast with its own instincts for us to tame. From puppeteering to animation, from stereoscopes to modern film masterpieces. Humanity's thirst to create, experience and enjoy the surreal has brought us far into the bones of what makes us tick. And with every piece of technology, we go from basic materials like paper and cardboard for board games, to the highly sophisticated device we call our gaming stations. In 1972, Atari's Allan Alcorn was tasked with creating a game based on "Virtual Tennis" he had played at college as a warm-up exercise to show his skills. Allan took it one step further and changed how the game was played by adding the ability to bounce the ball at angles, instead of just straight ahead. When the game was done, it was called "Pong" and it was the world's first game console. The world's first version of Pong Oh how joyous the transition, as mortals attempted to reach into another world, changing how the false environment reacts to our input in a final act of challenging the notion of god. What stops our own reality from being merely a game by higher beings with superevolved intellects and understanding of the universe? To realize that the numbers we input into a computer translates into actions, emotions, rules, etc of another "world", we can all agree how terrifying it must be to ponder the theory of whether humanity is the same. Made up of a sequence of inconsequential numbers. That our actions hold no meaning other than those perceived by our own ignorant minds. A famous painting of Zhuangzi dreaming he was a butterfly. Zhuangzi is an ancient Chinese text from 476-221 BC written by Zhuang Zhou as a foundational text on Daoism. In one of his stories "Zhuangzi Dreams of Being a Butterfly", the story goes: "Once, Zhuang Zhou dreamed he was a butterfly, a butterfly flitting and fluttering about, happy with himself and doing as he pleased. He didn't know that he was Zhuang Zhou. Suddenly he woke up and there he was, solid and unmistakable Zhuang Zhou. But he didn't know if he was Zhuang Zhou who had dreamt he was a butterfly, or a butterfly dreaming that he was Zhuang Zhou. Between Zhuang Zhou and the butterfly there must be some distinction! This is called the Transformation of Things." This is the fundamental issues brought up in Simulated Reality Theories. How would mankind be able to tell if they were within a simulated reality, or in Zhuangzi's case a dream, if we do not even have the rules to follow when distinguishing them? Humanity's greatest struggle is always of the consciousness, whether or not the human mind learns of the actual universe and its principles or rather the universe creating principles simply to humor us. It is foolish not to wonder about the impact we have when technology advances further and further. When games itself become capable of creating life in a separate yet similar world, we realize that there is another final frontier. The earth, sea and space are all physical frontiers for mankind to explore and discover. However, programming and gaming has created another campaign we must take. Is it possible to find out about our reality from learning more about false ones? What distinguishes Battlefront above from reality? If we were in the game, would we even be able to tell the difference? Let's say we agree that humanity is in this supposed simulated reality and we are all being monitored by otherworldly beings who surpass us in intellect. Where would this being even come from? Aliens? Demons? Parallel dimensions? Actually, the answer could be ourselves. Technological Singularity is a theory that suggests that because of the ability for technology to compute at a higher rate, we may accidentally invent artificial Superintelligence that surpasses even mankind's most gifted being. This will trigger a technological growth due to the superintelligence wishing to improve itself, thus, making itself the most powerful device in the universe. Humans would be toys to these superior creatures. In Science Fiction author Vernor Vinge words: "Within thirty years, we will have the technological means to create superhuman intelligence. Shortly after, the human era will be ended." Of course, Vernor's theory of superintelligence being achieved in 30 years was not proven true, however, his words still stand. If humanity ever reaches that level of technology, humans will find themselves back in the food chain. The big bang created us, we created technology and technology will create other things. Each generation of intelligent beings trumping the last. And as we've seen with automated cash registers and self-driving cars, stumbling upon superintelligence might not be as farfetched as it seems. We might be on the cusp of the end of the human era, not through the death of our reality, but the replacement of it with a simulated experience. Maybe not the death of our bodies, but the death of consequence as we wander through the universe of a game that means absolutely nothing. So I propose we make a pony game based on Star Wars Battlefront. Luna could be the Empire and Celestia could be the Rebels. That sorta deal.
  7. Ay, this here post is going to be my art dump, ill update it with new art whenever My art mainly consists of horses, but from time to time i draw other sorts of fanarts as well aye But first, some shameless self promotion: Deviantart: Twitter: Aight, get some cringe below OLD ARTSTLYES My Personal Favorites LATEST DRAWINGS Aight, those are just a few examples of my cringe, most of the content is still on my DA, probably on the scraps yes dear lord what have i done with my life
  8. Laen666

    3D Pony ART

    We Should have a Art Thread for the Artist of 3D PICTURES that was make with Source Flimmaker, Poser, Gmod and all the other Renderin Softwares. i make the beginning with 1 of my pics. the other are in my own topic. Next one Please
  9. SugarSweet

    Best Pony Competition!

    There can only be one best pony. LET THE BATTLE BEGIN!
  10. Komaeda Nagito

    A EqG Spin Off Movie

    Canterlot High Ponies. There should be like a spin off movie where the ponies get human features like the humans get pony parts. So like the ponies get human arms and legs, but pony bodies and faces.
  11. Hello to all the folks on the new forums here! I'm Chaotic, quick things include that I like watching the ponies, I like chatting about just about anything. I do enjoy role-playing, reading fan-fiction, Video games, what else... Oh! I also do fan-fiction narration and audio-books over on my YouTube: So nice to meet ye all, and hopefully this all moves to a greater future, aye?
  12. I have started a group to expose EqD for the lying scum they are. They have been touting this "Sethisto" person as a real individual when in fact, the "Sethisto" you see at conventions is nothing more than an actor paid by Calpain to take the blame when things are tough. Proof: 1) No one can make that many spelling mistakes and not realize it. This is obviously a ploy by Calpain to make Sethisto look like the dumb leader who can't be bothered. Calpain has tried his best to make it seem as if Seth is an entity of his own by giving him a personality. 2) No one can actually like Trixie without projectile vomiting. Time and time again I have heard of individuals going to the hospital for saying Trixie is best pony and meaning it, yet, Sethisto has no signs of any symptoms when he does so at conventions. He is clearly reading from a script written by Calpain just to push even further the fact that Sethisto might be "eccentric" or "totally real". 3) Look at this man Big bucks was paid to have this sad soul don this outfit in public. Calpain has scoured funds across every couch he has as well as every couch his relatives have to procure enough to make the actor above humiliate himself for our viewing pleasure. You can see the pain in his eyes. Need I say more? I need more evidence men. Make sure you give it solid backing so we can force EqD into revealing the truth.
  13. Out of a hundred people At some stage in a person's life they realize they have the sudden urge to do the extreme, to let loose and perform something that's new and refreshing. Many people feel this way at the age of 2 where they learn the dangerous arts of walking, however, unbeknownst to most of the earth, there is a disproportionately large amount of people who do not reach that stage until adulthood. This is the post to read if you have started late but can never wait. Here are the top tips to help you walk to the finish line, or to the bathroom line. Who cares. Posture Posture will always be important in walking. Think about it, when have you ever not needed posture to perform a task? Cooking, cleaning, eating and drinking all require a certain posture. And even though you might think it doesn't matter, try to think that it does and you'll find that it gives your struggles meaning. Try straightening your back as if a ghost has suddenly shoved an acorn up your backdoor. You might look dumb but you know that its good for you, you player. Call me. Poise If its one thing I can't handle is when a person has no elegance in their walk. Put some style into it and make the world watch you as you blaze through it with some substance. Try swinging your hips or taking big steps to really distinguish yourself from the rank and file of society. Who needs to be the same when you're capable of walking on two legs, am I right or am I right? Right? Walk like you want to walk, stop walking like you'd rather be sitting down and not doing anything. Proper Clothing In extremely important global world news, Superstar Pop Star Mega Idol Nicki Minaj was seen unable to walk in her dress at the VMA's. Ladies and gentlemen, this is one reason why proper clothing is vital to walking. It is the pillar in which we lay our trust in our legs, where each step forward is done with a calm heart and a steady gaze.If Nicki Minaj aka Supermega Pop Star Mega Star Nicki Minaj is unable to walk in her dress at the VMA's what will humanity do then? Our best can't make it, that means you can't make it. So put on proper clothes, not Nicki Minaj. Finding Inner Peace and Reason for Existence When you get down to the core of walking its all about the spiritual enlightenment you have. Every mountain starts as a rock and every rock believes it can do it. Inside the enigmatic trans-dimensional mechanism known as the human mind, we have more power over the universe than we previously thought. The outcomes, despite how scientist claim to be defined clearly by superposition, can be altered greatly by just a single thought held strongly in place with faith. Lots of it. Like the great Naruto once said, "Believe it." and he's a Hocage, so we have to follow suit. Believe you can walk, and with that you'll defeat Pain and Madara. Because the real obstacle in walking is the person in the mirror. I hope you have learned much from this and if you haven't, I believe you require teachings far beyond my skill level. I recommend a great mind like Stephen Hawking to teach you thought it may be difficult to grasp his methods on walking. I have said all I can say and with that, I'll say one final thing. I believe in you.
  14. My twin girls absolutely love My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic comics. They take care of their collection and especially the limited comic they won 2 years ago. They didnt stop screaming until IDW shipped the comic! Great times!
  15. Laen666

    Laen666 Art Thread

    Hi this is the Thread for my Art. I work with Inkscape and SFM because that there are 2D and 3D Art. Have Fun with it.
  16. Yotes

    Battle Gem Ponies

    Battle Gem Ponies is an indie game project coming to Mobile and PC platforms. You command super-powered, shape-shifting ponies in strategic turn-based RPG combat. Embark on a journey to become the best pony trainer in the world and protect the world from those who want to use the powerful ponies for evil. Battle other players in a variety of multiplayer modes both online and offline using either a team developed in the single player mode or by selecting and customizing a team from a list of available ponies. The game is currently in Pre-Alpha (Ver. 4) and new builds are uploaded every couple months with added features and bug fixes. It's mostly a one-man project by me, @TonyYotes, with music done by E^2 and Blucario. Please give it a try if you're curious and keep an eye out for the Steam Greenlight campaign coming in January! Download Battle Gem Ponies Here! (Or watch the latest Trailer!) It's a simple work-in-progress RPG coming out March 2017.
  17. ChivalryKnight

    Who is best pony?

    So, You must all tell me, who is best pony! If there are two best ponies in a row then they cancel each other out, since there cannot be two best ponies of the same. I shall start! Best pony is definitely Pinkie Pie!