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Found 1 result

  1. Last episode, when Spike asked Discord for Skelenor in the end reminded me of a funny/sad/pathetic story I took part in. I put it here because I thought it would be too off-topic anywhere else. During the last years of college, and thanks to some endless strikes teachers were pulling at federal universities, I ended up with vacations on weird periods. One such time happened to include Brazil's Valentine's day (it's in May, rather than February). As I usually did, I traveled with my family to a small town in the state of São Paulo where I happened to have a bunch of great friends. We did a lot of things. RPG, LARP, CCG, board games, we even had a reading and writing club. Well, one of said friends owned a nice, rustic, restaurant and decided to create a 'Valentine's Day Lottery' and the prize was a romantic dinner for two, completely paid by the lottery entry fee. The thing is that it was for two, not for a male and a female, but two guys, two girls, etc... It was big because it was a small town and it was full of 'conservative ideas'. We, being the nice friends we were, decided to help her spread the news around town and also entered the lottery. To raise the prize's value. That is when the fun started. All of my friends were either in a relationship or actually engaged. Of course, I wasn't. From that day, they started to make fun of me, because I had a chance of winning the dinner, but didn't have anyone to go with. Some of them even started teasing me, saying they'd find me someone to go with if I won. Particular the owner. See, I didn't want to go. I only got on it because I wanted to help and because everybody was in. I had a cynical view on love, the stereotypical "Oh... It's just chemicals in your head, it just gets in the way. The holyday is nothing more than a commercial gig". Something pretty similar to what Discord said in the beginning of the episode. That is why I thought it was funny, even if it is a kinda overstated opinion. Of course, this friend of ours, the one that owned the restaurant, was the romantic type (the kind to make this sort of thing). Let's just say that if she was in the fandom, she'd be the shipper that wants everyone to be in a relationship, happily ever after. She was also into some neo-pagan stuff, and she was angry at me because I was very into understanding pre-christian mythologies, particularly Norse, Egyptian, Celtic, Assyrian and Hellenic. She just didn't understand how I hadn't gone into the same religious schtick she had. Because of that, I still wonder if she rigged the thing so that I would win. Our friends went nuts. Half of them pressured me into getting a date and the other half wanted me to give them the ticket. One of those friends was an Air Force cadet (this town housed the Brazilian Air Force Academy), and this guy was the perfect, annoying, kind of person. He was engaged to some amateur, local, model and they insisted that I had to give them the ticket. It got so annoying that I almost blacklisted his and hers emails and phone numbers. Finally, I lost it when he said "Dude... It's just gonna go to waste with you." It sounded bad, but I knew that he knew I wasn't interested in a date. But it pissed me off when he said it. "Fuck it. I'm going on this stupid dinner." Of course, the 'harassment' didn't end until the big night arrived. I made sure to arrive late, all dressed up and looking pretty. All of our friends were there, after all, the restaurante belonged to one of us. So, in I go, accompanied by a tall cardboard with a stick figure drawn in it, with a blue dress and silver hair, and a bow tie in her head. People thought I was insane. But I gave the waiter the prize ticket and he took me (us) to the center table. The owner went there to talk to me, as she was supposed to greet the winner, and she was somewhat angry, like I was making fun of the the whole thing. I was... But I said. "Seriously? YOU'RE judging me?! You're hurting Platina's fellings!" The twist of the knife here was that Platina is the name of a recurring goddess character in my stories. I swear the only reason I wasn't kicked out of the restaurant was because she was my friend and because people were laughing their asses off. Except a couple of my friends that were actually pissed at me for not giving them the ticket. It took days before some of then would talk to me again, but it was one of the best diners in my life. I swear... If this episode had aired at that time, I would've dressed in purple and green, and taken Skelenor to dinner, because I know that she watches MLP too. It would've been even better.