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Found 3 results

  1. Last night, I ran my first session of Roleplaying is Magic for a couple of players (known on EQD as Straydogdragon and Lemur), and had some of the most fun I've had roleplaying in a long time. So much, in fact, that for the first time in over 20 years of roleplaying, I've decided to start a kind of blog about the ongoing Equestrian Chronicles. Introducing the PCs. My two players have both made interesting and fun PCs, so let's meet them here. First off is Gimbal Lock, a young green and purple female Pegasus (check out Lemur's awesome art below) who specialises in the creation of hail. A prankster at heart with a strong anti-authoritarian streak, she "works" (or at least, looks like she's working when her supervisor is watching) as a Ponyville Weather Pony, Junior Class. She always has a saddle-bag full of odds and ends, and often has just what she needs for a situation (GM Note: The Bits and Bobs edge allows her player to, once per Episode, declare she has just the right item needed, within reason). Her guiding Element of Harmony is Laughter, though she also has a spark of Kindness as well. The other character is Mutt, a young male Diamond Dog, with dark brown fur and a stubby little tail. Mutt is a seemingly contradictory personality, an impulsive kleptomaniac with a strong sense of Generosity. He will, at times, even give back stuff he stole just moments before... and then probably steal something else from the same pony, causing many a confused scratching of the head. His tendency to not think things through gets him, and those around him, in a lot of trouble. Luckily, he's quite good at getting out of trouble as well. Session 0.5 I had originally intended the first session to be character creation, but the process took quicker than I thought, and having a couple of hours of session left, I decided to start the game proper, hence calling it session 0.5, instead of session 1. Our story started late one morning, with the City of Ponyville in an exited state, as it was mere days to Nightmare Night, a perennial favourite. With the streets crowded, Mutt decided it was a good time to risk some sticky paw discounts. An outdoor stall selling cheap, tacky, Princess Luna and Nightmare Moon memorabilia caught his eye, and he started to sidle up to it, acting all nonchalant like. In the meantime, a bored out of her skull Gimbal was on weather Patrol duty, even though there wasn't a stray cloud in sight. Thus, she was spending more time scanning the Ponies having fun below. She saw her friend, Mutt, sidling up to the Luna/Nightmare Moon stall... and, at the same time, she saw 3 other ponies, 2 Earth Ponies and a Pegasus she recognised, expertly stealing from the same stall. The Pegasus was Storm Front, a personal rival of hers. Just as much a slacker and trouble maker as her, and yet somehow still the instructors pet, using his charms to get others to take the blame. She watched as they pocketed a handful of souvenirs, then made their way down a nearby alley. Deciding to have some fun by "messing" with her rival, she flew down to meet Mutt, who had snatched a pewter miniature of Princess Luna. Quickly explaining what she saw, they started down the same alley. They hadn't yet decided what exactly "messing with" would entail, planning to wing it as it were. The alley led to a dead end, with one door, which led into the kitchen of Ponyville's Party Palace, one of Ponyville's hottest new nightclub; closed now, of course, since it was barely midday. Mutt's expert, thiefy eye (I don't care, little red squiggle, thiefy is now a word) noticed signs of quite expert tampering on the door, and realised the thieves (the bad thieves that is, not him, he's a good thief), had gone into the Palace, and locked it behind them. Not having the right tools on him for a break and enter job, they looked for another way in. On the top floor they saw that one of the windows was jammed open, slightly. Gimbal flew up to check on it, and was able to squeeze her own body through, just, but Mutt would need to force it open a bit more. After a quick debate about how to get him up to the window, Mutt decided to simply try climbing the wall. One Alicorn-roll later, and suddenly the Diamond Dog was a Diamond Cat, scaling the wall with ease. Shimmying the window opening, he slipped in, and they found themselves on the dance floor, dull and lifeless during the day. They saw stairs leading down to the restaurant and kitchen area, and snuck over to listen down them. At first, they heard nothing... but then they heard a low, pained groaning. Perhaps it was the upcoming holiday that played tricks with their minds, as they had thoughts of zomponies. When Mutt smelt the coppery tang of blood, vamponies were added to the possibilities, before they realised that somepony must be hurt downstairs. Climbing down, they found an old security guard Earth Pony, with a nasty stab wound in his side. Suddenly realising something very serious is going on, Gimbal pulled out some bandages and gauze she just happened to have in her saddlebag (using the Bits and Bobs Edge) to staunch the bleeding, saving his life. He still fainted from the blood loss however, just having enough energy to point to another set of stairs leading down to a basement level. Mutt snuck down the stairs a bit, while Gimbal starting forming a huge hailstone near the top of the stairs, thinking she'd need a weapon if there's some stab-happy pony around. Seriously, who stabs over tacky, cheap, souvenirs? Mutt overheard a conversation down below, to male voices, speaking in hushed, terrified tones about the psycho-pony working with them, who just out and stabbed that security guard like he was scratching an itch. They went silent when another voice, seemingly friendly and polite, but with an unmistakably unhinged edge, spoke to them, demanding to know if they were gossiping about him. He don' like gossip, see, make's 'im... twitchy, They immediately shut up. From above, Gimbal saw a now terrified Mutt signalling frantically, that the stabber and some other ponies were down the stairs. And thus, she decided it was time to put the huge iceball to use, pushing it down the stairs. Mutt barely managed to dodge the icy ball of doom himself, by leaping up and pulling himself up against the staircase ceiling. The record breaking hailstone crashed its way down the stairs, and soon the heard cries of alarm, followed by cries of pain and thuds. Mutt then saw a crazed looking Earth Pony, hide covered in scars, one eye a sickly, staring white, running up the stairs with a jagged dagger held in his mouth. He must have dodged the iceball, and was now looking for the bastard who tried to, quite literally, ice him. Mutt hid against the ceiling, and would have evaded noticed, but decided that he couldn't let his friend face this psycho-pony alone, and tried to jump on him from above. He mistimed the attack, however, and the dagger wielding pony deftly dodged, then stunned the Diamond Dog with a hard double backhoof kick, before turning to try to slash him. Mutt barely managed to avoid being disembowelled, but still took a shallow slash for the privilege. He started to run down the stairs, with psycho-pony in pursuit. Up the stairs, Gimbal couldn't let her friend face this pony alone, but not having time to form an adequate hailstone, opted for lightning. Being a young, relatively innocent mare, however, she hadn't the heart to aim to kill even this mad pony, so her plan was to just frighten and stun with lots of little bolts. Unfortunately, she lost control of the lightning and one of the bolts did scorch his side; not enough to kill or even maim, but it still hurt like Tartarus, pissing him off even more. Still, silver lining, she did succeed in distracting him from Mutt... by turning his murderous eyes to her. Gimbal fled up the stairs, and quickly hid among the stacked stools of the restaurant area. Luck was on her side and despite some close calls, she managed to evade the murderous Earth Pony, as she gave up to head back downstairs to find that Diamond Dog mutt. In the meantime, Mutt had found the stunned pair of ponies, both also of the Earth tribe. The iceball had knocked them like bowling pins, not breaking anything, but seriously winding them. He also noticed a huge hole in the wall, leading into a freshly dug tunnel through the earth. A tunnel he recognised as the paw-work of Diamond Dogs. He didn't have much time to think on this, as he heard hoofsteps coming down the stairs. He quickly slipped into the tunnel. then dug a small side tunnel for himself to hide in. The crazy eyed pony entered the tunnel, and walked past Mutt's hiding place, going further down the tunnel, which seemed to drop quite steeply up ahead. Gimbal snuck down the stairs to rejoin her friend, and they spoke to one of the guard ponies, learning that the psycho-pony was called Cracked Heart, that Storm Front and his friends had taken their haul down the tunnel already. He also revealed they had been paid a thousand bits just to act as guards. Now Mutt and Gimbal were even more concerned. Something big was going on here, involving wealthy ponies, and even at least one, if not more, Diamond Dogs. What in the Tartarus was going on here? After a quick discussion, the pair decided not to go down the strange tunnel, but instead decided to try to find some relatively friendly Diamond Dogs to talk to for advice and maybe information. That's where we ended the session, but not the Episode.
  2. This is all stuff inspired by the "Roleplaying is Magic" RP my friends and I do called "Equestria Chronicles" which you can see a blog of our adventures of on Equestria Daily HERE! My good friend LytletheLemur also does lots of art from our RP you can find on his DeviantArt page, including original works inspired by the RP like his comics "Gimbal's Job" and "For the Love of Nutmeg" Anyways, I'm going to be posting my own artwork related to our OCs here, I hope you all like them!
  3. I hope this is the right place for this. I'm hoping to start a Roleplaying is Magic (Season 4 Edition) online campaign (via Skype: I'm looking for between 3 to 6 players, and for the sessions to be on Mondays, starting around 5:30pm GMT+11. The story will be set a few years after the events of Season 6. There have been no major, world shattering events in that time. Celestia and Luna still rule together from Canterlot. Cadence and Shining Armour watch over the Crystal Ponies. Twilight and the other Elements of Harmony still reside in Ponyville, some with families of thier own now. Ponyville itself has grown significantly over the last few years, as Ponies (and other creatures) flock to the famous home of the many-time saviours of Equestria and Beyond. Still not as big or crowded as places like Manehattan or Fillydelphia, it has nevertheless become a respectable sized, growing city, while still maintaining its rustic charm. The players will take the role of denizens of Ponyville, wether born and bred, or newly minted. Not just Ponies (though they still make up the majority), but Griffons, Friendly Changelings and others can be found in this "sleepy little town". Normal, everyday citizens.... with a, perhaps hidden, spark of adventure deep within.... Maturity wise, this story will not be grimdark or overly sexual, but neither will I shy away from mature topics such as sex and death and drugs, etc. The themes of the show (especially the redempive power of friendship) will be front of centre. I just won't feel the need to bend over backwards to avoid even the mention of such things as death and alchohol, as the show writers (understandably) feel they have to. If anyone is interested, either post here, or send me a Skype message.