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Found 1 result

  1. Recently, some guy known as George Takei made a poll on some sort of website called Twitter, he didn't like the result so he claimed it was hijacked by "virgins", and this brings me to something i have noticed before. But first, i forgot to mention that this guy describes himself as homosexual and constantly brags about how much into embracing sexual liberty and tolerate diversity he is. So it comes as an irony (but not a surprise) that he points out some difference in other people's sexual life as a way to bash said persons. I believe this is indicative of how people behaves when a certain behaviour which was previously deemed repugnant becomes accepted so they can no longer use that as an insult but they still want to derogate someone else for being different, so are virgins the new scorned minority which is ok to mock in a society where homosexuality is mainstream? What do you think? PS: this is not about virginity itself, i'm not interested in knowing whether it's good or bad or if you're a virgin at all. It's about the way the word is used and why it's considered as an insult.