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Found 39 results

  1. Equestria Daily posted an article asking how people will the movie and addressing the ways fans plan to see the film. Comments are Welcomed
  2. Recently a cyberbully/troll joined the "Friendship Is Fanbase" Facebook group, only so they could insult the fans there. And just happened to be a member of said group and I was not happy seeing this. Here I discuss how message boards and Facebook groups need to prevent this from happening, and why these trolls/bullies join these boards and groups. Comments are Welcomed
  3. As you know in the history of animation, if a show calls for it, a female character will melt into a complete puddle at the sight of attractive male character or from the flirting from said male character. So my question is, if this is/was done in the show, who out of the Mane 6 do you think the creative staff would have this happen too? My guess would be Rarity. How About you?
  4. The only way any kind of ship can happen, is when they decide to end the show, and the final (which I still believe will be 10) season occurs , that is where I believe any kind of ship for the Mane 6 or any other MLP character will happen and become official.
  5. Would equestria girls Twilight (sci twi) be an alicorn if she went through the mirror to Equestria? Would she take on a form that resembles her trans-dimensional Equestrian counterpart, or would she appear as a unicorn seeing as how she was never a pony to begin with. Maybe she could preform some act in the human world that would make her an alicorn if she went to the other side of the mirror? As this is purely theoretical and will likely never happen in the canon, discuss!
  6. Dashing Lightflare

    who likes twilight in equestria girls?

    i just wanted to know, if you like her like a human, i like her, but her clothes could be better. what about you?
  7. A new adventure begins in 2018... Hello Minecrafter... Today, we are glad to announce that we are working in a new, and exclusive Minecraft server, one of the first server with a "History", but, we refer to history as a "Plot" of why the server its so special?, our server its based on the famous serie My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic... Why?, its so simple... This TV show has an awesome fandom, so, we are trying to make a server, which is oriented to some scenarios, characters, and history of the show, but, does not change the essence of the game, so, this server will be friendly also with another Minecraft players, an example of this, think in a normal server PvP zone, with a Team Deathmatch game, where, will be team Red and Blue, with some kits, in a village map, now, think that instead PvP zone, its the Raimbow Dash zone, with all the same PvP games, in the Team Deathmatch, there will be two teams, team Unicorn, and team Pegasus, and will have some special abilities, its the same game, but, with some script changes, that will make the server friendly to Bronies, and normal Minecraft players. The server Plot: "In the magic land of Equestria, Twilight Sparkle, Applejack, Pinkie Pie, Raimbow Dash, Rarity And Fluttershy, were called by Princess Celestia, which sent all of them to a new kingdom, accross the portal, this new world will have exactly six places, according to their personality, Raimbow Dash, an athletic Pegasus, will gain the control of the Player vs Player zone, Pinkie Pie, an outgoing and crazy mare, will gain the control of the funny zone (TNT Games, Party Games, and Arcade Games), Applejack, a farmer mare, will take the control of the Survival zone, Rarity will gain the control of the exclusive Project Ares tribute zone, and Fluttershy will be commanding the Animal Games, but, the princess Twilight Sparkle will be take the control of all the zone, and will baptize it as The Twilight Network". - Twilight Network prelude Now, you know more about us, Do you want to join?: Awesome, now we are looking for: Developers: At this moment, we have only one developer, which has the work of make new, and exclusive plugins for this network experienced in Java, Maven, and Ruby, which are based on popular games like Skywars, TNT Run, Survival, etc... We are trying to recreate the legendary PGM plugin, which was used by Overcast Network, and is now open source, to recreate their most popular gamemode Project Ares until they closed, we decided to make a tribute for their awesome years of gaming... Also, we are looking for Website Developers (Webmasters), which have experience with Ruby, Java Script, PHP, MySql and Java. Builders: Which is the best way to recreate Equestria? The maps, we like to make Hybrid maps, Equestria maps, with the minecraft style, so, we need builders to do that, awesome builders, awesome maps, trying to make the Minecraft users feel at home. Flash Animators: Our server has a plot, a history, we can make this real, so, we need Flash Animators, and Minecraft Animators, who will work together with Voice Actors of the fandom, and will recreate our plot adventures for the mane 6. Voices: The voice actors / actresses will work together with Flash Animators, to recreate the Mane 6 adventures according to our plot. So... When will we start with the server?: At this moment, we have only three builders, a developer, and a Creative Director, which are working every day to make new content for the server, we are trying to make this Original, without copying or downloading any plugin, so, we are not hurry to open the server, and we are trying to delay it until 2018, because, we like finish all the things exactly as we want, whitout any error, so, its a long term project. I want to join, what I need to do?: You can contact us vía skype, or you can left a comment with your IGN Name, your age, what position do you want to do, what do you know about the TV Show, and any contact way (Skype, facebook, etc...), but first, you need to have this requirements: Be 15+ Years old. Be sufficient mature. Be resposible Speak English - Spanish. Do not make offensive comments or any racist comments. Skype: live:ianfe2012 - Josechango123 Good Luck, and Twilight Network wishes you have a nice day...
  8. A few renders Ive made recently. Critiques are welcome. My twitter feed
  9. Hello everyone, I've decided to make this post because of...issues I'm having. A year ago, like many of you, I tuned in to watch EQG: Electric Boogaloo...I mean, EQG3: Friendship Games. For the most part, I enjoyed it like mostly everyone else as well. Except, there was something about it that has made me feel so...I don't know, uncomfortable? Confused? Annoyed? Frustrated and Angry? All of those apply I believe and I have reached a point I don't really know what to do to deal with it. Maybe airing my thoughts here can help somehow. Spoilers ahead for EQG3 and potentially 4 (on that note, please do not give spoilers on EQG 4, I haven't seen it yet, but intend to. If anything in it happens that should help me resolve my issues though, you can at least mention as such, just not what exactly it is.) So, my issues that stem from this film revolve around Human Twilight. To be frank, I do not like how she was treated. At all. Especially what happened to her at the end. I mean, here is the alternate human version of a character who we've seen save Equestria many times, has generally positive relations with everypony else (even before moving to Ponyville and especially after) and has confidence in herself but without ego. Yet, while the rest of the Mane 6's human counterparts in the EQG verse are practically humanized teenage versions of the originals with no real difference other than their species, age (possibly) and current life setting, Twilight seems to get the short end of the stick by going to a school where shes's surrounded by assholes, (a little spaceballs reference for anyone looking), having an insipid, vile monster as her principal/mentor replacing Celestia who manipulates Twilight for her own ends and lacks a lot of the confidence that her pony version has, making her out to be this meek, nearly Fluttershy-esque distortion of what she normally is. What? Why? I thought the difference behind this universe was that the ponies were humans, not "the ponies are humans and Twilight is miserable." If I wanted an imperfect version of any of the mane six, I rather go to a custom made universe for that, or even their mirror universe. Now I could accept that if that was the end of it, If the movie ended with Twilight breaking away cleanly from Crystal Prep. I'd still be a little annoyed, but not so much that it bothers me. But instead, we get Twilight becoming Midnight Sparkle and it just... I didn't like it. It just feels wrong. She didn't deserve that to happen to her. She already had enough bad stuff happening to her but that was a step too far. I mean, the idea of Twilight turning into a villain, at least for a while, isn't a bad one. Hell, I'd actually be quite interested in it if this had been in the show itself with Pony Twilight or any of the Mane Six there. I mean, this kind of thing has happened in other shows, movies, games, books etc many times before and I usually find quite exciting. With the hero corrupted and its up to the hero's friends or even former enemies to rescue them, that an exciting concept that flip the status quo on its head! But I feel that the way it was executed here didn't work. This wasn't the main Twilight who already has plenty of experience and goodwill built from her past adventures or some dark, evil reflection of Twilight from the mirror Universe that you could expect to become Midnight Sparkle. This was a version of Twilight who we've never met before, has never had any of the adventures Princess Twilight has had, nor does she have the kind of experience dealing with friends or being part of something strange and amazing and bigger than her. Yet she's still as good a person as her pony counterpart, she just happens to be human, living in a human society and sure, like I said earlier, less confident. So to have this happen to her, to have this be her first step in her story, it just isn't right and I need answers. Was Twilight's mind being corrupted by the magic? Was it amplifying her negative emotions, essentially forcing her into thinking more darkly and impulsively, whilst suppressing her positive traits and her conscience? Was it basically a form of mind control altering her mind and that, once lifted, Twilight's natural morals and way of thinking kicked in and she realised what she was doing, making her horrified by her what she had been doing? I would much prefer that to be the answer, rather than the alternative. That Twilight....gave in basically. That just having power and knowledge in and of themselves made her willingly think, of her own volition, "Well this is actually pretty cool. I think I'll just start punching holes into another dimension just to satisfy my own curiosity, even though I was begging Cinch just a minute ago that something bad could happen. Sure I didn't want to hurt anyone earlier and I do have family that I cared about, but they don't matter to me anymore, now that I've got these nifty powers and knowledge filling my brain, they can go suck it!" That's horrible, that feels like character betrayal to me. It would be the same as how Anakin Skywalker turned to darkside, not all that believable. I don't think Twilight, even this version, would get corrupted by just having power or knowledge, not immediately anyway. If that was all that was happening, no mind alteration involved, I'd think she would've been just floating up in the air thinking "Oh god, what's happened to me? Why can't I stop ripping holes in the reality with only my hands? Someone help me!" As such, to me, the only way things could have unfolded the way they did was if Twilight's mind was being forcibly altered in some way, there can be no alternative. Since then, the whole thing has just kept bugging me. I don't like thinking about it but I can't seem to get it out of my head. Even if I try to distract myself doing something, anything, like playing video games, talking with friends or focusing on work, the thought of it just strikes out of nowhere. Every time I see Twilight, even Pony Twilight who wasn't even involved in this, I get somewhat uncomfortable now, like anything to do with her has been tainted somehow. I just have to ask, is there anyone else who feels like this, at least somewhat? Maybe not with Twilight but with others characters who turned bad guy for a while? Like Rarity into Nightmare Rarity in the comics, or Fluttershy in to Flutterbat, or even anything unrelated to MLP? Please, say, I'd really like to know how you dealt with it and if you found a way to move on from it. I also would like to get some answers, perhaps from the crew on the movie themselves. Are there any quotes or sources where they discuss what happened to Twilight when she became Midnight? While I do believe that her mind was being tampered with, no one in the movie said anything to support or deny this. Maybe getting some solid, definitive evidence from the people who wrote it could help. I just want to finish by saying I don't blame anyone for this giving me issues. I'am not angry with anyone who worked on EQG: FF or anything like that. You did something you thought would be interesting and that's it. And normally, I'd be quite happy with this kind of story. But in this scenario, I'am not. And its left me in a weird spot I'd rather not be in. So sorry for this rant and all but yeah. If any one could help, I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks. (Note that this has been reposted from, just posting it her as well to broaden this discussion as possible.)
  10. I've finished this drawing today, after having troubles deciding what pose should be. Eh, I tried.
  11. I really don't know why the directors need to keep this relationship so open-ended, even when the comics have already told us that Twilight helped raise him they won't actually directly confirm how he is involved with Twilight's family. They just make it worse by making it seem like Cadance and Shining Armor have a close relationship with him/a long history with him. I don't know many fans who don't want Spike to be considered part of Twilight's family, so I don't know why the writers don't clearly define their relationship. It feels like it is there so the writers don't have to commit to a certain characterization.
  12. I don't consider myself that much of a writer, but I did get a little one-shot fic of my own posted some time ago. It started out as a couple short bits I thought were funny in my head (Pinkie declaring herself Mayor on the basis of inventing a new word, Discord whining about how bad he is at restoring the natural order) and I spent about nine months taking the story on in short spurts and connecting things together into something that resembled a coherent story. It was also the first piece of fiction I'd written in four years, so it kinda doubled as a test to see how capable I was as a writer after such a span of time in case inspiration for a future endeavor presents itself. Pinkie Partakes in a Power Trip
  13. Komaeda Nagito

    A EqG Spin Off Movie

    Canterlot High Ponies. There should be like a spin off movie where the ponies get human features like the humans get pony parts. So like the ponies get human arms and legs, but pony bodies and faces.