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Found 1 result

  1. Lord Nanfoodle

    100% Orange Juice

    I was wondering how many people play this game. It's a quirky little RNG board game style game where your goal is to go around the board, amassing stars or battling other players or NPC's ranging from chickens to robot orbs to evil, evil seagulls, and even boss enemies. In fact, right now, during this current holiday sale, it's 66% off, making it only $2.37. Anyhow, I'm well-vested into this game, haven beaten all of the campaign maps on Normal (including the nightmarish "Tomomo Hell" level) and gotten 9 of every playable card in the game, guaranteeing I have access to at least 3 of every card at any time. I'm currently Level 41 with 28 wins online, and I have all the DLC characters and regular characters unlocked except for Shifu Robot (Don't have enough stars to unlock it yet), Flying Castle (Also can't afford him yet), and QP (Dangerous) (Must buy another game on Steam to unlock her). My favorite characters I normally like to main are Nanako (from DLC 1), Aru (one of the original characters), and Krila (from DLC 4). Below, I'll explain what they do and why I like them. Nanako is a glass cannon-type character with only 3 HP, and I believe largely the reason hardly anyone plays Peat anymore. Her KO recovery cost is also lower than most characters (besides Peat, Syura, Chicken, Robo Ball, and Seagull). She has great defense, decent evade, and her Hyper can make her a monster (if the seven points it divvies into your stats goes to the places you need it to). I like to compliment her deck with cards that up her attack and evade, as well as miscellaneous event cards like "Nice Jingle" and "Nice Present." Aru gets -1 to attack and defense, but has +2 to evade and 5 HP, which means she's good about avoiding damage all together or simply getting creamed. She's rarely going to be leaving a trail of corpses, but honestly, battling shouldn't be your focus. She's the only character that can hold four cards at a time, upping your arsenal, but more importantly, it makes her Hyper, "Present For You," even more powerful, as it costs 30 stars to play and it operates by giving everyone cards until their hands are full, or if their hand is full, one more card (thanks to the Sham/Sherry Character Pack update), and for every card it gives players, you get 10 stars, so (with the recent update) you can get a minimum of 10 more stars than you paid, but upwards to 100 net stars if everyone's hands are empty (130 if everyone is playing Aru). This can mean big bank, but if you have the misfortune of playing Aru on a map that has the Charity field event it can seriously nerf your Hyper. However, what I love to do is pair her Hyper with the Flamethrower trap, which utterly annihilates a player's hand, and if they don't have a hand, it's an instant KO. Furthermore, "Scary Solicitation" is a card I've come to love with Aru, as it does basically the same as "Present For You," but makes each player (other than you) draw until they fill their hands, and then pay 15 stars for each card they got from this. It's the anti-Present For You. Krila has strong HP (6 HP), but has -1 in defense and evade, so she feels the pain in straight battle. However, she's a sneaky cur. Her hyper, for a scant 10 stars, slaps 3 to 5 copies of a unique trap card on the field in random place, and if you trigger them, you're immune to your own copies. What they do is deal 2 damage to the victim, heal YOU for 2 HP and can overheal you, the only effect in the game that can overheal a player, and lowers the victim's attack by 2 for two turns. With enough uses of this Hyper, you can turn the field into a living hell, all while making the other players heal/overheal you. I also litter my contribution to the deck with other traps, like one of favorite traps, "Piyopiyo Procession," and I love to use "Tragedy In The Dead of Night" as well with Krila. I also throw in "Oh My Friend," which can replace regular encounter tiles with Boss Monster encounter tiles at any time, and a "We Are Waruda," which shuffles the positions of all trap cards on the field, just for the evulz. Krila is the only character I like using "We Are Waruda" with, though. Finally, no matter what character I play, I ALWAYS put "Holy Night" in my deck. It is by far one of the best cards in the game, and no deck should be without it. I want to know what your favorite characters and cards are, and even favorite maps as well. Also, if you're on and you see a game in the Multiplayer Lobby ever titled, "666% Onigiri Rarity," that'll be a game I created. Feel free to join if a slot is empty. I typically run a game with the maps and events set to random, with most of the maps enabled (except for Lagoon Flight, Sunset, and Warfare) and events enabled (except for Random Warp, Air Raid, Home Roulette, and None).