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Found 5 results

  1. D.R Oatz

    Second Life

    There is this 3D virtual world called Second Life, it's without objectives so I'm not sure if it would be called a game. Would there be a place to talk about 3D models in the platform like MLP building replicas, avatars, ect? (Also here is a picture of Scootaloo)
  2. eeyore84

    My 3D Artwork

    just going to stick to one thread instead of making a new one every time i want to share something. if you like what you see my dev art link is in my signature below, and heres my twitter feedback is welcome.
  3. Hello, I hope it is allow also post 3D art. So yeah, I created Rainbow Dash with Blender. It's not yet rigged yet. If you want to know, I could not create RDs Mane, so I have her a bit other look. Yes it's Twilights cutie mark If someone else want to creating something simliar use this Tutorial. It helped me a lot.
  4. Laen666

    3D Pony ART

    We Should have a Art Thread for the Artist of 3D PICTURES that was make with Source Flimmaker, Poser, Gmod and all the other Renderin Softwares. i make the beginning with 1 of my pics. the other are in my own topic. Next one Please
  5. Laen666

    Laen666 Art Thread

    Hi this is the Thread for my Art. I work with Inkscape and SFM because that there are 2D and 3D Art. Have Fun with it.