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Found 3 results

  1. Hello Bronies and Pegasisters, I can finally present to you the English version of my first fan fiction. Its about Twilight and Spike getting stuck in the alternative Time line of Nightmare Moons Celestia. Sadly the pictures aren't still ready and i don't know how long it will take to finish them. But i hope you like it anyway and maybe leave me some constructive critique and i wish you a good time reading.  Claud Melchior
  2. Velgarn

    Seeds of Harmony [PnP RPG]

    Thanks to Ryhaal for the amazing Cover Art Official Tumbrl Link: Downloadable Material: Hello Folks, this is Velgarn, creator of the Pen and Paper RPG Game: Seeds of Harmony Seeds of Harmony is a Medieval-Fantasy RPG based on the MLP universe, who uses an hybrid dice system, since uses different die, even if the core die are the d20 and the d100. The game is more focused on Adventuring, Exploration but also has a good focus on combat. Roleplay is still a fundamental part of the game, and the rules often grant some material for the GM to work on or will simply let him decide what is better. Character Customization: Another important aspect of the game is that the Character Creation allows you to customize the Character as you prefer. Even if there are still restricions for advanced feats, a Character isn't forced to just pick a generic Class or to look for those Homebrew-Unbalanced-Unprobable Classes. Not here. A Character is based on a Career and Career Type, and while the Career name is not really important per se, it's used to just determine what he is supposed to do, while the Career Type is fundamental since it's used to determine which feats a character can aquire. Also, there are 9 Races available, instead of only 3 or 4, as i seen many of the other MLP RPG out there, such as: Donkey Earth Pony Griffin Minotaur Mule Night Pegasi (aka Bat Ponies) Pegasi Unicorn Zebra Absence of Crystal Ponies is explained later Core Edition or Pony Edition: When i first started to make the game, i based the Core Rules on the use of Anthropomorphic characters for the simple fact that they have hands, so it would make more sense for them to actually hold items, use weapons and all the regular things you do in a typical RPG, but then, since not everyone could like it, i've also created the Pony Edition Ruleset, who still uses the Core Rules, but have few changes to some rules and makes things more show like, such as: Only Unicorns can cast spells, No Hands means No weapons Pony Edition Example: Core Edition Example: Game Setting: Core Edition uses mostly a Custom Setting, even if i've still used all the Canon material available, with some changes to allow a more vast choice for locations, stories and adventures. The game is located only 200 years after the Defeat of Nightmare Moon, so the setting is more Medieval-like and most of the stuff who has happend in the show, have to come. Another important aspect is that no one is actually aware of the existance of the Elements of HArmony, but still, the Core Rule Setting has a more Mature approach, with reigns divided, war and invasions. The Unification of the Equestrian Reigns, who required a lot of hard work for Celestia, whas then shattered in the End by the uprising of her beloved sister, when she turned into Nightmare Moon, starting a Civil War who divided the four reigns, and in the end of the conflict, the Reigns outside the Reign of Canterlot, decided to become indipended from the Canterlot's Sovereign, while still following his laws and respecting the Solar Princess. There are four reign available to play who grant different themes: Nordvern Reign: The larger of all, the Northen Reign sometimes is often described as barbaric and uncivilized, but still the greatests cities of the North have nothing to envy from other southern cities. Even if the reign is vast, there are a lot of areas left untouched and far away from pony civilization. The rulers of the Reign are different Jarl, who have one or more cities to rule, even if they do often wager war to each other when trying to exapand their domains. The Northen Reign is also connected with the Frozen Wastelands, a dire and cold place, where is told the mythical Crystal Empire once stood, before his mysterious disappearing. Yakyakistan is also located somewhere in the Frozen Wastelands, and Yak raiders often descend from their ancestral home to bring havock and pillagin or to became mercenaries in one of the many conflicts of the Equestrian Race. Ouestvern Reign: The most richest and gorgeous of all reign, the Western Reign presents vast plains, beautiful lakes and stunning Arcane Forests, where all kind of strange things can be found. The reign is more close to the original concept of Princess Celestia about how an Equestrian Reign should be, but even so, while the War of the Two Sisters become more and more a Story, the Reign started to evolve in his own direction. The Reign is also known for the fierce rivalry with the Easter Reign, since the Ouestvern sided with Princess Celestia during the War, while the others sided with Luna. Östlichvern Reign Once the direct rival of the Western Reign for both his beautiful landscape and cites, the rise of Nightmare Moon drammatically changed everything. The Easter Reign is a grim place to live, where dark forests and gloomy swamps cover most of the region, while tall and cold mountains offer also protection and a peril within. People form the Eastern reign are used to work hard for everything, since not only the enviroment is hostile, but also the monstrous creatures who lurks the woods and the everfree forests within. The reign has also a high percentage of Night Pegasi, while in the other reign they are uncommon or rare. Griffins and Diamond Dogs are also common both in the Eastern Reign and the Nothern Reign. Sudvern Reign: Thile the Southern Reign is still a little gem of his own, the charming landscape is often ruined by the frequent battles and skirmishes between the numerous Cities who fight for theyr territories. This reign is also famous for his inventors, mercenaries, explorers but also that it always divided into many factions who spend more time waging war to each other than try to use diplomacy. Politics, War and Betrayal is a common theme fro the Nobles of this shattered Reign, but even so, they stand still, proud of their origins. This is a simple summary of the setting,a nd as you can See the Game is placed outside Canterlot, who is seen more as a Far Away land, who was once the centre of what some called the Equestrian Epire, but no more. Celestia still tries to reason with all the new rulers, but so far many of her invitation to peace or diplomacy receive no answer or an educated "no". Even so, she is still looking to find and recover all the Shards of the Elements of Harmony, shattered during the final battle with Nightmare Moon, while she finally managed to banish her on the Moon. About the theme of the Game: The game is not Sugar Coated as the show is, and involves degrees of what is called "Fantasy Violence", but nothing too different from other classical RPG Games, such as Dungeons and Dragons or Call of Cthulhu. Even so, many of the elements can be played or ignored as you prefer. Combat is quite intense and tactical, but also promotes Cooperations from players (because Friendship is Magic, you know) Italian Edition and English Reduced Ruleset: Since i'm Italian, the Game is originally written in Italian, but since i am the only writer, it took me a lot of time to do so. Now i've also done the Reduced Ruleset, who still allows to play the game, with less content (such as less Feats, Equipment and Spells) but also without the Lore. While you can still play a lot with both the Reduced Ruleset and Pony Edition, having a complete translation of the Core Rules would be better, but unfortunatley, i am only one person and so far i have found no one to help me out. If someone is interested into helping me with proofreading, correcting the grammar erros i probably do while writing in english, send me a message on my tumbrl Roll20 and Roll20 Tokens I've also made some Roll20 tokens for the game, who can be found in the download section. If you are not aware, Roll20 is a site where you can organize and actually play RPG games with others, and is very useful for those who have no friends nearby to play, but maybe have numerous firends online. And since you know now that you can still play a RPG with others who are not necessarily with you, you have no excuses to play the game. PS: just use google to find it is quite simple. Q&A Q: How it costs? A: That's not how you spell "Generosity" you silly filly. Seeds of Harmony is totally free. Just grab it, learn how ti works and play. I mean, why i should make a game for fans and ask for money. Or even create a Kickstarter, or Patreon. Q: But i don like Anthro A: That's not a question. Still there is the Pony Edition who allows you to hae Actual Show-Like ponies. Go get it, champ. Q: "Generosity"? So your favourite Pony is.. A: Princess Luna, obviously.
  3. Prologue Return To Canterlot High The students came back from their Camp Everfree trip and they were late to return because of Pinkie Pie destroying the dock which they had to fix again. The students got off the bus and Principal Celestia talks to her students. "I'm so sorry we had to come back at 6:00 PM. We still had to fix the dock even if we saved Camp Everfree," she said. "Again!" Tribe yelled angrily "But" Celestia Continued, "We are finally done and back at Canterlot High, We will go back to are School Schedules this Monday, I hope you have a great weekend!" She finished while everyone goes home except the Mane 7. "Ugh!" Applejack said a little annoyed, "I mean we all had a great camp trip, save the day, and save Camp Everfree but I'm really in pain of fixing that dock again." She were talking to Pinkie Pie. "Pinkie Pie why did you use your powers to destroy the dock?" Pinkie Pie said "I didn't mean to! I just want to celebrate that we fixed the dock for the 5th time." "Make it 6 times but I lost track" Rainbow Dash speaked. "And I'm with Applejack here, not only am I sick of fixing the dock again, but I'm getting very tired." she finished. "Now darlings" Rarity tells everyone. "Just because we have powers doesn't mean we can use them more often. The students and the guests at the Crystal Cave may know that we have powers but everyone in this city doesn't know this" "Yeah" Fluttershy speaked "I really don't want that to happen. I rather take care of animals instead of being a hero of the city." "OK girls" Sunset tells everyone while she got her book "We really did make some mistakes at the camp like the dock reparing again and again but it's all over with. And like what Rarity said, we don't want everyone in this city to know we have powers. The people of Canterlot High and the people at the Crystal Cave may know but we should go keep this to ourselfs". "Good Idea" Spike replied. "I really want to be with Twilight forever" "Thanks Spike, thats why I made you" Twilight respond while everyone but Sunset and Twilight goes home and say goodbye. Sunset still wondered why there was magic in the Crystal Cave. "I guess I can't figure this out" She said. Twilight asked "What are we going to do?" Sunset thought about it for minutes, and then she thought of getting Princess Twilight for help since this was too hard to fix. She talks to Twilight "Twilight remember when you met your counterpart from Equestria?" "Yes" Twilight responded but still confused about her Princess counterpart. "Twilight, before you came to Canterlot High I was popular but not this kind of popularity." Sunset continued as she tells Twilight everything that happened between her and Princess Twilight. When she got to the point where she talks about Flash Sentry. She said "I know he's not your type but for Princess Twilight he is. I talk about him to kind of get over you." "What do you mean by kind of?" Twilight ask. "I didn't want to hurt Princess Twilight feelings, but she really really had something for him. I just don't want both worlds go out of control but this serious. There's magic going haywire and I can't find it. If theres anything that I need her help, its now even if she's have problems back at Equestria. She didn't help me in the Friendship Games because she was in a time travel loop and we didn't need her help when were going to Camp Everfree since we took care of it by our selfs. Also if you meet her, she will probably have the same way you feel when she meets you." Sunset Finished. "Can she bring her counterpart of Spike from her world?" Spike thrilled. I really want to know about my counterpart." "Maybe" Sunset replied. Then Twilight saids "I really don't know Sunset. When I first meet her I feel more uncomfortable" "Don't worry" Sunset talking straight to Twilight. "everyone won't know this but our friends and Flash will. Maybe during the weekend you 2 should get to know each other while we fix this problem. You just go home and come down about this because this is something only me and Twilight can do this. You may save Camp Everfree but Princess Twilight knows magic way more then you" "OK" Twilight speaked when she and Spike say goodbye to Sunset and go to there home while Sunset Shimmer is about to write in her book for Twilight. "I hope she doesn't have anything to do this weekend" Sunset hoped while she's ready to write. "Dear Princess Twilight," "I know your busy but we have a situation. When me, my friends, and your counterpart went to Camp Everfree and it was fun. But there was magic there that came out of nowhere. I really don't know where it came from, but I really need your help this is something I can't find by my own so maybe during this weekend we can hang out and fix this problem? Maybe you will get to know about your Human Counterpart and what we did in Camp Everfree. She still feels awkward about talking to you but it should be fun weekend for both of you. Also can you take Spike with you? I hope you don't have anything to do this weekend." "Your Friend, Sunset Shimmer" She finished while she leaves Canterlot High to go home, the portal leaks more magic out of the stature. End of Prologue Chapter 1 Human And Princess Twilight (With Starlight Glimmer) Meet again. Princess Twilight wakes up from bed and she’s about to do more research on spells but she saw that one of her books is shaking and growing which meant that there was a message from Sunset Shimmer. She reads everything that Sunset wrote and she thought about coming but she had second thoughts. She then wakes up Spike and tells him about what’s going on in the other world. “I know Sunset really needs my help but I can’t go because I have a lot of stuff to do this weekend” she said. “They took care of themselves in the Friendship Games so I don’t understand why she needs me in a weekend-off thing”. “Twilight” Spike replied “I get we were in a time travel loop with Starlight Glimmer and they didn’t need us when they went to camp, but during that time magic appeared there. So I guess we should go instead of you studying on spe-”. “Spike it's not that!” She interrupted Spike. “Look just because I got nothing to do as a Princess once in awhile that doesn't mean I should go hang out with Sunset all the time. I have other hobbies I want to do in my free time and there might be solutions in Equestria that might happen again.” She finished but says one more thing. “And lastly (sigh) I meant my doppleganger.” “Your what?” Spike asked confused while Twilight began to get a little annoyed about her counterpart. “Spike when I got back to my castle I got a lot of messages from her and I had to come to her and then…” She stopped talking. “Then what?” he said. “I MET TWILIGHT SPARKLE AND YOU!” She yelled as Spike was shocked and even more confused at the same time. “Wait, you met your counterpart from the other world? And there was another me too? Spike asked. “Yes” She answered. “I just can’t believe that really happen when I came to saw the other Twilight that I didn’t expect that at all. And her dog Spike… I don’t think I can remember him because he really does thing what dogs do I guess. And I really think I should stay away from the other world”. “How Come?” Spike questioned. “Because I don’t think they need me anymore since they handled this when they went to camp. Plus what if someone see’s me and the other Twilight exposed out in the open. I can’t even walk around there anymore because of Twilight being there. And if that happens, there will be more chaos and both worlds will get worse.” Twilight got more worried about this until Spike give his advice to Twilight. “Twilight, I get what your going through, but Sunset doesn't live there. She just doesn’t want to come back just let and she’s getting better in the future. You keep her there because she wasn't ready at all. And not only that, she’s a pony. We only came back to help her and her friends. Remember The Sirens who were also from Equestria took over the school? Yes I get you and your friends were not getting along as a band but people were under The Siren's spell and they were close to get break your band, even if your friends want to do what bands do there for all I know. You really need to help her to fix something that she can’t handle even with her friends and her new friend Twilight. Also you can wear a disguise when your there so there is no need to overreact about this. Your friends in this world didn’t come with you when you came back to the other world. Also about Twilight being there, you can get along with her and maybe we can keep this as a secret from anyone else there.” Spike finally finished as Twilight made her decision. Okay, we're going there to help them.” She said. “Maybe I can learn more about their world and maybe Twilight and I can get to know each other so we won’t have this problem anymore. But I still don’t know how the magic is coming to their world.” Spike then tells Twilight. “Maybe you should take someone with you so things will be easier for you and you can teach her about the world itself.” “Yeah” She agree with Spike. “But what pony should I take that I didn’t see a counterpart of in Canterlot High?” She question. Then she had an idea and started to write a message to her student Starlight Glimmer. 10 Minutes later “Twilight what do you want? And why are you wearing that?” Starlight asked Twilight who was now wearing a hood. Twilight tells Starlight about everything and about why she really wants her to not tell anyone about this. “Starlight I know your on your own but your the only one who can help me in this predicament. Sunset can’t do this by herself so she needs my help and about the word help, I also need your help as well.” Twilight finished. “Twilight I really like to help you but the other world... I don’t think I can cooperate with it.” Starlight said. “Don’t worry Starlight” Twilight continued. “I can teach you how to walk, use hands but not to write I never got that to use personally. And you can get to know about Sunset Shimmer.” Starlight then agrees with Twilight and than Twilight, Spike, and Starlight goes through the portal that Twilight made. But Starlight stopped for a second. “This is going to be the strangest thing that's ever going a happen to me”. She says and after a quick hop were she finally through the portal. Meanwhile At Canterlot High “Sunset” Human Twilight speaked to Sunset. “We’ve been here for an hour this morning. Did we really had to wake up at 6:00 to get here?” “Yes” She said. “Your counterpart may be a Princess but she never sleep most of the time in her world”. “Yeah kind of what I do when I make my eventions. I’m still feel odd about this” Twilight depressed. Then Princess Twilight and Spike came out of the portal surprising both Sunset and Human Twilight. “Twilight!” Sunset said surprised with a more confused Counterpart. “Hey that's my counterpart!” Spike (EQ) shaking his tail. “Hi” Spike said awkwardly. “Yeah I have the same feeling too” Princess Twilight said. She saw her doppelganger face to face for the 2nd time. “Umm? How is your time being a Princess at your world?” Human Twilight speaked to Princess Twilight. “Great and how is Canterlot High and Flash Sentry been?” Princess Twilight Questioned. “Canterlot High is fun but not Flash Sentry, he's not my type but Timber is.” Human Twilight finished while Princess Twilight now got really awkward about this. “We can talk about this when we get to my home”. Sunset said to Princess Twilight. Then Starlight Glimmer came out of the Portal surprising everyone. Princess Twilight told them that she will tell them about Starlight later. She put on her hood so she won’t get notice. The group then goes to Sunset's home. Then the former Stature leaks more magic. The magic then goes to the city of the Human World. Meanwhile In The City... The Dazzlings are by the back buildings of the city. “Errr!” Adagio Dazzie growled furiously. “We tried everything to be adored but our Gem Pendants are destroyed because of the Rainbooms beating us in the Battle Of The Bands!” She finished with her holding the shatter Gem Pendants. “Yeah, now no one will love us again.” Sonata Dusk replied upset. “Will you two knock it off already!” Aria Blaze shouting at them. “We’re never going to take control to anyone without our Siren magic. It's not like magic is crashing down from heaven in our way”. Then magic came crashing into one of the empty trash cans. The Dazzlings come close the magic and the magic made the Gem Pendants whole again Which means The Dazzlings are back to Sirens. “Yes (Laughing evil) YES!” Adagio said evilly. “Now we will sing again and again!” Sonata said thrilled. “That’s right, but first we should get revenge on the Rainbooms who ruin our lifes.” The Dazzlings then walks off into the city while they were using there Pendants. End Of Chapter 1 Chapter 2 The Return Of Everfree Forest And The Sleepover Party at Twilight’s House They got to Sunset’s home which is a motel. “So this is where you live in this world?” Princess Twilight said. “Yes” Sunset replied. “I really don’t have much to offer but I’m okay with it.” Then Sunset explains about how their trip at Camp Everfree went. “So you're saying that there's magic everywhere in this world?” Starlight questions. “Well yes but we really don’t know why and where it's coming from. I thought it was in the Everfree Forest but Sunset thinks that it came from somewhere else.” Human Twilight explained. “I have looked everywhere at Cantorlot High to see if there was any magic but it's very hard to find.” Princess Twilight said “Maybe your right Twilight” “I’m right?” Human Twilight questions confused. Then Princess Twilight continues. “In our world it's the Tree of Harmony there provide us with magic. That’s how me and my friends saved Equestria. If there's magic in the Everfree Forest in our world, then there's also magic in this world.” Starlight Glimmer then said. “Maybe we should go to the Everfree Forest if she’s right. I don’t think this isn’t right at all.” “What do you mean?” Spike (Equestria) questions while Starlight continued her sentence. “Both worlds might be similar but I really don’t think magic just came here for no reason. I know I didn’t learn about the Everfree Forest but I can help you to find magic IF there is magic there.” “Maybe you're right.” Spike (Dog) said. “I mean we got the necklaces but that wasn't the reason why Everfree Forest had magic there. We should go there again to see if there's still magic there”. People thought about it and decided to go with Starlight’s idea. They get prepared for their 2nd trip to Everfree Forest while Sunset talked to Princess Twilight about getting caught with 2 Twilights out in the open but Twilight was a step ahead by having a hood so she won’t get noticed. At the Everfree Forest... “So this is what Everfree Forest looks like in this world?” Starlight asks. Then Princess Twilight said “Yeah I really don’t know a lot about this world. But Sunset Shimmer and… Twilight knows this place.” Human Twilight then looked at her awkwardly while Princess Twilight awkwardly looked at her too. “I still can’t get used to this” Princess Twilight whispered to Spike. Sunset shows them the Crystal Cave and where the magic gems were, she tells them on what happen when she, Human Twilight, and her friends did during their Camp Everfree trip. “Are you sure magic came into this cave?” Princess Twilight being serious. Then Sunset said. “Yes I know it was hiding in this cave when we got here. I really don’t know if we can find anything here anymore.” Starlight said. “I think we should go and search everywhere in this forest. Maybe there might be something you missed during your trip so, we should check everywhere if there's some hidden magic.” “Good idea” Sunset said. “We should split up. Princess Twilight and Spike will go search in the forest. Me, Starlight, Spike and Twilight will go to camp to find any magic. We really don’t want Timber and Gloriosa to see two Twilights”. The group split up to find more magic in Everfree Forest. Sunset’s group goes to Camp Everfree and they ran into Gloriosa Daisy. “Well hi” Gloriosa said. “I really didn’t know you were coming to visit so soon.” “It's great to see you again” Sunset said. “You see there might be magic in the forest so we think we should check around the camp if that's okay?” Gloriosa is okay with them checking the camp since they save Camp Everfree from Filthy Rich and save her life from getting corrupted by magic. Meanwhile Princess Twilight and Spike are checking the forest and the Spike Tells Twilight “you know, Sunset should give us a map on where to go in this forest” “You think?” Twilight said. “I just feel that this is a bad idea. Even with this hood, I can’t take this stress.” Spike then tells Twilight. “Twilight it’s going to be fine. I know we didn’t do anything since we came back but we might find something about this.” “Ok but I still don’t think I can handle hanging out with Twilight because of everything that happened when I was gone. And…” Twilight stopped for a second and then finished. “Flash Sentry.” “Maybe we can talk to Sunset after this.” Spike trying to cheer Twilight up. “I hope nothing gets out of hand” Then a loud chop happen witch scared Twilight and she grabs Spike to run away. It was actually Timber cutting some wood. “Ahh!” Twilight screamed as she ran as far away from Timber. Sunset and the others didn’t find anything in camp so they tried to find Princess Twilight. While they were looking for the Princess Sunset talks to Starlight. “So your name is Starlight right?” Sunset asked Starlight. “Yeah” Starlight answers. Then Sunset talks to Starlight about her time with Princess Twilight. Starlight said “It was better than I thought. Before I met Twilight I really thought that Cutie Marks ruined my friendship with Sunburst. A pony who abandoned me and I made very personal mistakes when Twilight came to my little town.” Sunset was surprised and she tells Starlight about something. “Geez I didn’t know you were in this kind of wrong between your friend. I was a former student of Princess Celestia but I didn’t get what I wanted so I decided to go on my own by going in to this world. But now I’m learning more about friendship and getting better. I really didn’t know better. That there were other ways in friendship. When Princess Twilight helped me after she stopped me from making things worse she gave me another chance. Now I know a lot about this but you, really surprised me about your past.” Starlight then said “I guess my past really hurts me. I don’t want to remember what I did. Also Sunset are you ever going to come back to Equestria?” “I really don’t know” Sunset said “I know that’s where I came from but I never made any friends when I changed. I made a lot of friends in this world because I know them better, Princess Twilight is the only pony I can be friends with since she can only be in this world. But… Twilight in this world transferred to CHS so I really don’t think our Princess should be around and she also spends her time at home since she knows her friends more.” Sunset finally stops. Then Starlight said this. “Well maybe you could think about it. Because things won’t be the same if you won’t return. Celestia from Equestria really misses you and even if you didn’t get what you wanted, you can still do it again” Starlight gave Sunset some advice about coming back to Equestria. Then Human Twilight came to them telling them that they looked everywhere and there’s no magic in Camp Everfree. They stopped and were about to find Princess Twilight but Spike warns the group that Timber is in the forest and they all freaked out. They rushed to the woods and tried to find her before she got caught. Back with Twilight… “I’m really getting tired of this lets just go find our friends Spike” Princess Twilight said as she walks in the woods tired of finding no magic. Spike said “Twilight! You might get caught, get back in the woods our friends might find us.” Twilight said “Spike we ran away from someone I’m sure they-” Then Timber bubs into Princess Twilight and Twilight is frozen in place that she got caught from someone she doesn't know. Timber is happy that she meets Twilight again but he doesn't that Twilight she sees is a Princess. He said “Twilight! It’s great to see you so soon. And where’s your glasses?” Timber is confused but Twilight is too scared to say anything since she knows that Human Twilight knows him but she doesn’t. She tries to say something but she's too shocked to talk. Then Sunset sees what's happening with Princess Twilight and Timber, she tells Human Twilight and Starlight to get Princess Twilight out of there. Sunset calls Timber so he will get distracted. Starlight the grabs Princess Twilight and pulls her behind the trees. Then Human Twilight then got into Princess Twilight position and talks to Timber. “Hi Timber” Human Twilight being awkward but Timber is confused because of Twilight’s outfit since Princess Twilight is wearing a hood. Timber said “What? What happen to your hood and other clothes? She said in a thinking way. “It was one of my clones that I wanted to mess with you for a little.” “But where's the smoke? If your clone is gone then she should disappear with smoke.” Timber explains then Twilight said “Minor experiment set back?” Then Timber laugh a little for Twilight messing with him a bit. Sunset then explains to Timber why they came back to Everfree forest. He said that he might help them soon just to hang him out a little. He gave them his phone number and say goodbye. After he left Starlight gets Princess Twilight out of the woods. “I think I have leaves on my clothes,” she said while everyone laughed. “Did you find any magic?” “No” Sunset said. Human Twilight Said “Don’t worry Princess, We'll find the magic, maybe we should call our friends and hang out at the Coffee shop. You can still wear your hood there. And maybe after that we can… have a… walk,” Human Twilight talking to her Princess counterpart still feeling weird. Then Princess Twilight said “It will be fun,” and then they walked over to Sunset. “Sunset do you think this is going to work out? Can me and you just hang out instead?” “Come on Twilight” Sunset said. “You have to know your counterpart so we can find the magic. This is very serious please, get to know her so things will be better between you two. And… about Flash Sentry” “What do you mean?” Twilight question. “I’m going to be sorry but I told him to kind of get over with Twilight.” Twilight overreacts until Sunset and the other’s calm her down and tell her, they will work this out. They leave to go to the Coffee Shop to join the others. At The Coffee Shop “So what are we going to do?” Spike (FIM) said. “I don’t know” Sunset said. They got inside the Coffee Shop and Sunset Friends were there waiting for them. “Hey! Princess Twilight is back!” Pinkie Pie shout in excitement but her friends are covering her mouth. “Pinkie! Don’t let everyone know this!” Rainbow Dash warned Pinkie Pie. Sunset and the others sit down with her friends and talk about the situation going on. Applejack says “So you need Princess Twilight to help us since there's magic coming somewhere and you can’t find it?” “Yes this is hard for us to find it. We had to come back to Everfree Forest to see if there’s magic coming from there if I was wrong about coming from somewhere else” Sunset explain. “But darling who’s that by Twilight?” Rarity said pointing at Starlight Glimmer. Princess Twilight said “I need some help because even I can’t find where Sunset is looking for. And if the magic gets more powerful then I don’t think we can handle it so I need Starlight to pony up to help us.” “Pony Up?” Starlight question. Rainbow Dash said “It’s something we do in this world.” “But how am I going to do that?” Starlight said. “It’s the magic of Friendship.” Human Twilight said. “We do that by embracing are magic and we have these geodes when were in the crystal cave so we have super powers.” Princess Twilight is amazed with the geodes the mane 7 have and said. “Wow these are beautiful. These must be the Elements of Harmony in this world.” “Yeah and not only that” Rainbow Dash said. “I can go way fast than anyone. I love my super powers!” “You said that like 3 times” Fluttershy said. “Twilight, we really don’t want anyone to know this.” Sunset said. “Unlike your world, the people in this world are more normal and smart to see us.” It cuts to Derpy trying to full up a cream with her ice cream but she misses. Then Sunset said “Well only the people who know us. But not everyone in the city, I just don’t want the popularity that way since I’m from Equestria as well.” “Well that’s something we don’t have in Equestria” Spike (FIM) said then Rarity picks up Spike. “It’s great to see you again you adorable little dog.” Rarity said while Spike is in love with her. Then the other Spike who’s on Fluttershy’s knees looking confused. “So you love Rari-” Then Spike came off of Rarity’s hands and covering his counterpart mouth. “Please don’t say that in front of her!” Even though everyone pretty much know that Spike has a crush on Rarity. “Geez! You don’t have to be personal.” Spike said. “I have something to say” Fluttershy said. “Princess Twilight, are you getting along with our Twilight?” They all look at both Human and Princess Twilight. "I really don’t think we can handle this. I’m still in struggle with this and I can’t even say anything to her because this is the strangest thing that ever to me.” Princess Twilight said. The girls look at each other and Pinkie Pie has an idea. “We should have a slumber party at Twilight’s house!” She said. “Oh no! no! no! no! no!” Human Twilight said. “I can’t have a girl who’s like me in my house! What if some of my parents or siblings might see her?” Then Fluttershy has a plan to resolve this. “Maybe I can bring my friend Tree Hugger to distract your family and you can take Twilight in your room. My friend can take care of this.” Fluttershy said. “Well I guess it could work so I can show Twilight my books and lab” Human Twilight said the everyone cheered for the slumber party at Twilight. And then Princess Twilight said “Why do I always get in myself in this predicament?” The Slumber Party Everyone is having a great time at Twilight’s house. Fluttershy and Rarity are playing with the 2 Spikes. “Those 2 Spikes are cute even if their Counterparts” Fluttershy said then Rarity said “I know they are very adorable Darling.” She then Scratches Spikes ear and he's in love in her again. Spike who’s by Fluttershy said “am I supposed to be with Rarity?” “No you don’t have to” Fluttershy said. Rainbow Dash and Pinkie Pie teaches Starlight how to use her hands by playing a video game. “Ok so these are your fingers, you use them to touch something.” Pinkie said then Rainbow Dash said. “Pinkie she knows how to do that in Princess Twilight’s world.” She then shows Starlight the controller on teach her how to play the game. “Don’t worry, I’ll take it easy on you” She said then Pinkie whisper to Starlight. “Don’t trust her, she hates losing!” Applejack, Tree Hugger, and Sunset Shimmer are showing them their laptops and Human Twilight is showing Princess Twilight her books and inventions. “That’s look really impressive. In my world, I have a lot of books because I love reading and I do spells to save Equestria. I even have a Castle.” Princess Twilight said. “That’s actually pretty sweet that you’re a Princess in your world. I wish I was a Pony like you so I can do all that.” Human Twilight said. Then Princess Twilight said “Yeah If only”. In the meantime, The Dazzlings were spying through a window. “That’s them alright.” Adagio said “Tomorrow we will destroy them in the woods before we take over this world” Then Aria Blaze pointed at the 2 Twilights. She said “Hey, there’s 2 of them” “Interesting” Adagio said “We should get those Twilights away from her friends so she can’t help them. And use our Pendants to end the Rainbooms.” Sonata Dusk says “Can we go now? You said we will get Taco’s after this.” “Ok were done for the night let's go.” Adagio finishes as The Dazzlings walks away from Twilight’s House. Back inside at the slumber party… Human Twilight asked “Hey, do you want to see my lab?” “Sure!” Princess Twilight said but Rainbow Dash is groaned. She said “Uhh come on! We were just about to watch the Daring Do movie.” “Okay after the movie we will go to my lab if we have time” Human Twilight said. They both agreed and watched the Daring Do movie. End Of Chapter 2 Chapter 3 Princess Twilight’s Tough Love and The Sirens Revenge After the girls are done watching the movie, they all went to sleep in Twilight’s room. Meanwhile downstairs in the basement Human Twilight is showing Princess Twilight her lab. After she finished her tour, Princess Twilight tells her counterpart about on how she acted since she came back to this world. “Twilight I’m sorry I was acting weird. It just that I feel uncomfortable being here with you. Things just hasn’t been the same since you came here.” Princess Twilight said then Human Twilight said “Princess, I know things were not fun since we meet again but things are serious. There’s magic coming from somewhere in this world. Sunset needs you because I’m not that good with this. I know I saved Camp Everfree but it was my friends who help me and you’re the only person who can fix this.” “Yeah” Princess Twilight said “But that's not the point. You see when I saw you the first time. I was being nice, I never have any real opinions on you because this is so strange, I’m speechless to do anything here anymore.” Then Human Twilight walks towards her Princess counterpart. “Twilight” She said. “You don’t have to stay away from this world just because of me. I know Princesses are busy and you are paranoid about this and I can understand that. But the friends you have here are still your friends. That's like you got replaced but you didn’t. I know we didn’t have things we like but that’s something people have. Also you need to know something.” “You know that guy Flash Sentry?” Human Twilight questions while Princess Twilight blushes for a bit. “Yeah a lot” She said but Human Twilight said. “You have to get over him” Princess Twilight overreact again but Human Twilight calms her down. She said “I’m sorry about this but this will make both worlds feel safe. I know you like him that much but he isn’t in your world. Also Sunset told him that you won’t stay here all the time and he got over you.” Princess Twilight is in tears of what she’s hearing. Human Twilight said “Look I’m sorry things changed ever since you left but it wasn’t my fault. I know you didn’t deserve this but we can work this out. Is there a Flash Sentry in your world?” Princess Twilight said “Yes but he's in the Crystal Empire. I just spend most of my time in Ponyville and sometimes in Cantorlot. I only go to the Crystal Empire for any problems they have. I never have any time to hang out with him.” “Geez that's sad.” Human Twilight said then Princess Twilight overreacted she said. “I’m a princess not an ordinary pony anymore. I was planning to stay instead of coming here. You may be me but you have no idea on what’s like being a princess. It’s not that easy!” Princess Twilight cries on the table then Human Twilight puts her hand on her shoulder. “Were fix this tomorrow, we will get Flash here so you will talk to him again and maybe you can hang him one more time I guess.” Princess Twilight agrees and they both go back to sleep. The Next Day Sunset calls Flash Sentry to come to Twilight’s house this saddle this. Flash came to the girls and everyone but Princess Twilight welcome. “Twilight you have to talk to him!” Sunset shouting at Princess Twilight who’s in Human Twilight’s room. Then Starlight Glimmer came to Twilight and talks to her. She said: “Twilight you have to do this right now.” “(sigh)… OK” Princess Twilight depressed while she slowing gets downstairs. She meets Flash again which she blushes and cried at the same time. “Twilight what’s wrong?” Flash said nicely. Everyone fill in Flash about everything that happen this weekend. He then comes close to Princess Twilight. “Twilight, it's okay” he said. “I know we haven’t hang out a lot but I get it now. You’re a princess from your world and we can’t get pass this”. Princess Twilight gets even more depressed that she has nothing to say at all. Everyone feels bad for Princess Twilight, and Human Twilight and Sunset try cheering her up but she doesn't feel any better. The Flash talks to her again. He said “Don’t cry Twilight. Just because we’re not going to be together doesn't mean were not friends. You were something I want to hang out because you are sweet, smart, and nice. We can be friends if that makes you feel any better.” Then Princess Twilight smiles and they both hug it out. “Hey, if it makes you happier, we should hang out, by doing shopping, go to a restaurant, and maybe watch a movie. But just for today.” Flash said. Princess Twilight agrees in happiness and they both go outside being gone for a while. “Well at least things will get better after this” Sunset said. “So what are we going to do with the magic going to places problem?” Pinkie Pie said. Sunset said “I don’t really know. Hey, Twilight can you make an invention that can find Magic?” Human Twilight said “Sure. I did that before when I came here but this time, I’ll be more careful this time.” She gets to work on her next device. 3 Hours Later… Twilight finished the Radar device and the girls go outside. But they ran into the Dazzlings who are standing in front of Twilight's House this whole time. “Did you miss us?” Adagio said then they use their Gem Pendants to take out the girls. 1 hour later The girls wake up and there in Everfree Forest but there all trap in a bubble of siren magic. “Get us out of here!” Rainbow Dash yelled. “Forget it, all of you will never get out of here” Adagio said. “Why are you doing this?” Starlight said. Sonata Dusk said “Because you girls ruin everything we had after the Battle of the Bands. We had to talk jobs, find food, and find to take showers in the city.” “Do you ever take anything seriously?” Aria Blaze argue. “Hey! How did you get those Gems back together? We shatter them!” Applejack said “There were magic flying all over the place and it made are Pendants back to repair.” Aria said. Sunset said “Wait so you don’t know where the magic is coming from?” “WE DON’T!” said all The Dazzlings. “Now were you stop talking and listen to me!” Adagio yelled. “Before we take over the world, we need to get rid of you so you will never help anyone again! We decide to do that in the forest so no one will see us” “Think again Darlings” Rarity said “Gloriosa and Timber will find out about this and will call someone to stop this madness!” Sonata Dusk said. “Oh no! What should we do?” They then show them Gloriosa and Timber under the siren's spell. “NOOOO!” Human Twilight shout in tears. “You leave them alone! And let us go!” She yelled but the Dazzlings refused. “Shout all you want; you will never win this time. You and all your friends are helpless to break our spells. Even your Princess friend.” Adagio said then came close to Twilight. “Speaking of that, where is your sister? Did she go back to her world because she got rejected?” “No she didn’t” Rainbow Dash shout. “And there’s one more thing you don’t know. Things change since the last time we saw you. We have these!” the girls use their geodes to break the spell bubble. Human Twilight, the 2 Spikes and Starlight manage to escape but the Mane 6 got trapped again and the Dazzlings take the geodes away from them. The Siren’s spells are too strong to take down so The Dazzlings take the geodes away from them so they are powerless against the Siren’s “I will never let you beat us again! You will be gone forever!” Adagio yelled at the Mane 6 who are stuck in Sirens spells. The Location Revealed Human Twilight and Starlight Glimmer ran fast as they can. “Girls can we slow down!?” Spike in Twilight's backpack said. The Equestria Spike in Starlight’s backpack said “Yes I think we're far away from them!” They slow down and they need to find out how to stop the Siren’s. They need to find Princess Twilight so she can stop the Siren’s Princess Twilight and Flash Sentry got out of Flash Sentry’s car with new clothes that Twilight is wearing. Then Human Twilight and Starlight Glimmer get to them and tell them everything. Twilight and Flash are shock about this. “What are we going to do?” Starlight said. Then Princess Twilight said. “Maybe I can make a counter spell on them again but we need are friends. Those only 6 of us.” “Maybe we can get more friends.” Spike in Twilight's backpack said. “No it’s really not the easy” Spike in Starlight’s backpack said. Then Starlight saw something. She said “Um Twilight, you really need to take a look at this. They saw that the Stature is leaking more magic. “Oh no!” Princess Twilight said. “That’s must be why the Siren’s got their gems repaired.” The group need to think fast about this and Starlight has the idea to get 2 Twilights to work together so she can use the spell against the Siren’s. Flash and the dogs will try to snap out of Gloriosa and Timber from the Siren’s spell. “Wait” Princess Twilight said. “What if it won’t work, I don’t think it can work this way.” Then Human Twilight said “Twilight, I know we didn’t get along as best friends but this is serious. We can worry about the Stature after we save are friends. If there’s any time to stop this with your help, it’s now You have to help us!” Then Princess Twilight came to the realization that she should will help. She said “I know I don’t belong here, but we’re friends and friends always work together.” They all worked together and they make a plan to save their friends and stop the Sirens. End Of Chapter 3 Final Chapter 2 Worlds Becoming Normal In The Future Twilights, Spikes, Starlight, and Flash went back to the Everfree forest. “It’s up to us Spikes. We have to snap out of Gloriosa and Timber.” Flash Sentry said. “I will try to get your friends out of their spells. I’m sure I can pony up somehow”. Starlight said. “Then me and Twilight will take down the Dazzlings. And I will get those Gem Pendants away from them because they might get more magic again and they will prepare them again.” Human Twilight said “And after that there going back to Equestria.” Princess Twilight said. “Why?” Human Twilight question. “Because they are also from Equestria. You want both worlds normal, then you will get it.” Human Twilight smiled and they began with their plan. The Dazzlings continue to torture the Mane 6. “You won’t get away with this!” Sunset said. Sonata Dusk said “Oh yeah? Who’s going to stop us?” Twilight’s group are behind of the Sirens. “Ok Spike, go distract the Dazzlings, I’ll go help Gloriosa and Timber.” Spike (Equestria) said. “I’m ready to do my thing!” Spike (EG) said. Flash tries to keep the 2 Spikes safe as sound by keeping an eye on them. Meanwhile Starlight tries to save the Mane 6. She tries to pony up but she doesn't know how to. Human and Princess Twilight try to use their counterpart magic to take down the Siren’s. Human Twilight still has her geodes and Princess Twilight needs to use singing powers in order to stop the Sirens. “Ok, time to take the Sirens down once and for all!” Both Twilights said. Human Twilight tried to use her magic to stop the Dazzlings but she couldn’t do it. “You got to do better than that Twilight!” Adagio said. Human Twilight said: “I will not fail!” Princess Twilight tries to use her counter spell on them by having Human Twilight trying to take down the spells but Human Twilight is still failing. “Starlight you have to get are friends out of there!” Princess Twilight said “I’m trying! This is way too hard.” Starlight said. Then Princess Twilight said “Do it! Yes, you can! This is not hard at all. Magic doesn't only come from Equestria, it’s always everywhere!” “But Twilight-” Human Twilight interrupted Starlight “Please Starlight! You are only hope!” Flash stays away from the Sirens and the 2 Spikes are failing to stop the spell on Gloriosa and Timber. Princess Twilight said “Do what your cutie mark does to everyone!” Then Starlight manage to pony up and stop the spells on the Mane 6 and they all pony up. They use their super powers to get their necklaces back their necks. Princess Twilight got pony up and the Sirens are in trouble. The spell on Gloriosa and Timber is broken and everyone who’s pony up with all the Mane 7 using their magic. “You may have the magic to get your Gems repaired.” Princess Twilight said where all of them use their powers to get the Pendants away from the Sirens. She finished “But it will never happen again! You’re going back to Equestria where you belong and you will never come back to this world again!” Then the girls vanish them back to Twilight’s world. Everything in Everfree Forest is Siren spell free and Princess Twilight with her Counterpart hug together. “We did it!” Human Twilight said “I think we know each other already.” Princess Twilight said with both of them laughing in joy, but the Mane 6 are looking in worried in shock. The Counterparts are confused but they realized that Gloriosa and Timber are looking in surprise. Human and Princess Twilight are scared in speechless. Human Twilight said “Timber it's not what it looks like.” but they get to Princess Twilight in a close look. “Did I just saw you yesterday?” Timber said and Twilight awkwardly said “Yes.” Then Sunset fills in on Timber and Gloriosa on everything. They finally go with it and keep it as a secret like Flash and the others do. “I just wanted to thank you for saving us again.” Gloriosa said “Even if there’s 2 Twilights, I’m still best friends with you.” Timber talking to Human Twilight who’s now blushing when she gets a hug from Timber. Princess Twilight and the others are laughing at Human Twilight. “Still adorable.” Rarity said Back at CHS Flash Sentry waving goodbye to Princess Twilight who also waves back. “I’m going to be fine now” Princess Twilight said. Then Sunset sees that the Stature is leaking magic. Princess Twilight said “Sunset, I know this is hard to fix but I have to get back to Equestria soon. I’m going to take The Dazzlings somewhere they can’t escape. Maybe can you put something up there so magic won’t go anywhere?” Sunset said “I can’t it will go through something and might break the portal.” “Well I got nothing right now. Maybe I can find an idea to fix this solution.” Princess Twilight said. “So was this weekend a waste of time for you?” Sunset said. Then Princess Twilight said “No it really wasn’t, I had a fun weekend to hang out with you and your friends, “We stop The Dazzlings, and I finally know my counterpart now. I know we never got along at first but she’s now my friend.” Human Twilight was happy to hear that. “Maybe if you come back we can get to know each other better.” she said. Princess Twilight said “Yeah, and I promise I’ll be more serious to know you better”. “(Sniff) I’m going to miss you do dragon Spike.” Spike (EG) said crying in tears. “I’m going to miss you to my friend.” Spike (Equestria) said. The Mane 5 say goodbye to Starlight Glimmer. “We are never going to forget you!” Pinkie Pie said while hugging Starlight. Starlight then said “Don’t worry, I will never forget all of you.” Twilight, Spike, and Starlight go through the portal back to their world. “So what are we going to do now with the portal going haywire?” Applejack said. “Twilight has to think about this. Maybe soon we can fix this, but in the meantime we just have to go everywhere and save the places that have magic during our free time. We should go to places just to make sure we get magic away from them.” Then Rainbow Dash said “Oh! can we use our powers to get there?” Then everyone said no to Rainbow Dash. “We’re not using our powers out in the open.” Sunset said. “Come on!” Rainbow said upset “I just want to be like a superhero.” They all walked off to different places while the sun sets on their future journeys. The End