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Found 2 results

  1. Lunar Holiday

    Red Dead Redemption (not) on Pc

    Okay, okay, okay. One of my favorite (and I mean very favorite) games that I hold close to my heart is Read Dead Redemption. I had so much fun on that thing, despite some of its blatant flaws, such as: No lasso in multiplayer, no zombie multiplayer, not much of anything in multiplayer, no hat physics (at all,) feels-y ending that made me cry (twice), and no lasso in multiplayer. I played it on both the Xbox 360 and the PS3 and enjoyed the crap out of it. Only one issue: I'm not a huge console person. It's not that I hate consoles or anything, but for me it's more enjoyable to have the game a little closer to me and to be able to quickly alt-tab to take care of something else along with a variety of other personal preferences. Pretty much the only reason I still have my PS3 and Xbox is because of this game, and I don't think that Rockstar would be making a port anytime soon. This. This saddens me, friends. So, my fellow horse fans, tell me your thoughts!
  2. Lord Seraph

    Vent Thread

    This is a thread for people to vent whatever is in their mind, frustrating them, whatever.