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Found 9 results

  1. Sparklefan1234

    Disney Thread

    This is a thread in which we discuss all things related to Disney's past, present and future. Rules: No hate, no off-topic posts, and no NSFW content.
  2. howdy a while ago i watched a very old (one of the first in fact) mlp fan series on youtube but i think the creators took down the episodes recently it was called sleepover at fluttershy's or something similair. in it the cast (which was all male due to this being made before good mlp impersonates were available) play games while staying in character with the mane six and later the cmc they eventually transition into reading and reacting to the harry potter fan fic called my immortal while still remaining in character. they also did a 1 episode abridged series for season 1 before they took down sleep over at fluttershys and also tried to do a sequel named sleepover at pinkies. i was wandering if anybody remembers this and can point me towards either there origanal group channel or the individual channel's of the members who doubled as both the writers and the voice actors especially the guy who played twilight .
  3. creega message

    i am angry at equestria daily.

    6 YEARS. MORE THAN 800 MILLION VIEWS. and equestria daily did not think about making a "animation post" like drawtrhead. this makes me go nuts. there is NO SUPPORT for the animators on this fandom. wich as a consequence will be doomed to be soo weak on animation part, despite MAJORITY OF EQUESTRIA DAILY VOTERS ON THE POOL CHOOSE 2D ANIMATION AS THE MOST INTERESTING FAN CONTENT. it makes me think that they are all retarded. but i am not mad at them because they did not throw any animations of mine over there. i am mad because NO SUPPORT FOR ANIMATORS. they have draw driend, featured music, bonus music, fimfiction post, game mods/ original games post, occasional randumb post, custom merch post and in 6 years of existence NO DAMNED ANIMATION POST. and what we get? LITERALLY NO ONE IS INTERESTED IN ANIMATING. because they do not have that "push" or that support other fancontent artist has. for example: brony musicians even haves "horse music herald" just for them! REALLY? 6 YEARS AND NOT ANY ANIMATION COMPILATION POST?
  4. I'm sure the majority of the fandom are mostly familiar with Flash and Toon Boom, the former used to animate the show and the latter used to animate the movie. Both are widely used in the industry and are popular tools for animators, especially for those in the MLP fandom. However, there are three certain programs that are worth acknowledging and can create great Pony content when in the right hands. 1. Moho This program is vector based, just like Flash and Toon Boom, but has rigging tools that are far more advanced than the two. What's even better is that it's easy to use. The Pro version may be slightly more expensive than Flash, but the Debut version (which is far cheaper) would be the best place to start in order to try it out. The Pro version also has frame by frame tools. 2. TVPaint Unlike the three programs that I have mentioned prior, this program is raster based (like Photoshop) and can only do frame by frame, but is very powerful in that field. It has unlimited drawing tools and can create virtually any style of animation. It has been used to animate things like Cartoon Saloon's Song of the Sea, Vivziepop's Die Young Animation, and various short films from the French animation school, Gobelins. 3. OpenToonz Unlike the above programs listed, this program is free and open source, just like Blender. It can do both puppet rigging and frame by frame respectively, and is capable of both vector and raster. It also has a feature similar to Toon Boom's deformers called "Plastic Tool", where you can have the ease of rigging, with the expressiveness of frame by frame. Before it became open sourced and just called "Toonz", it was used as a scanning software that contributed to the production of films such as Balto, Anastasia, Studio Ghibli films such as Princess Mononoke, Spirited Away, and Howl's Moving Castle, as well as TV shows like Futurama and Steven Universe. With these additional pieces of software, we could see even more variety from the fanimation community.
  5. Hi, I would like to ask a question about how to do a walking animation in the program of Adobe Animate CC (formerly Flash). What tools are needed, it is desirable not to make each frame separately, because the quality of this suffers. I asked this question on the sites of my country, but since on Russian-language sites do not prompt even how to rename the folder then it's useless to go there. So, so, for the animation, I took this puppet:, in it every border is a separate layer. To begin with, I tried to change the shape of the foot and add the animation of the form, it did not work out, because the form animation was not available, I have no idea in what case this function is available, and in what does not. Trying to combine different layers did not help, everything is crooked. I can make a classic animation of the movement, but when it comes to the smooth movement of the foot walk on one layer, I did not mean that the oak, I stump. I need help. The animation should be something like this:
  6. My first post here, but I think I'm posting in the right section. Someone let me know if I'm messing anything up. Hi, I'm GeekySonic. I'm a voice actor for a fan animation called "FrankenTwi's Monster". It is being animated with Toonboom Harmony, and was in animatic form the last time I was updated. This is not my project; like I said, I'm just a voice-actor. I'm here to ask for help. We need a Celestia voice actress. The rest of the main cast has already been decided, but we can't make this happen without Celestia! If there is someone, anyone here that can voice Celestia, please consider checking out the link below to the project on Casting Call Club (she has no auditions as of right now, so there is literally no competition). If you check it out and see that the deadline was last month, don't be confused. We're still going, I'm just getting really desperate to find a Celestia VA. If you decide to try out, thank you! But before you go all in, just know that this is not a paying role. The creator (also the animator) is paying for access to Toonboom Harmony, and can't afford to also pay voice actors/actresses. Thank you again for taking the time to read this, and have a good day/evening.
  7. Princess Emerald Moon

    Background ponies needed

    I'm making a MLP animation to start up my new YouTube channel, I didn't want to make a bunch of random generic ponies in the background, so I'm looking for OC's to use. I will say however it is not guaranteed that I will use your OC (Depending on how many people put theirs forward ). I will be putting them in Victorian styled costumes, so if that would be an issue I'm afraid I can't use them for this animation. If you are interested reply with an image of your OC along with your name (Or youtube name) and your pony's name if you wish me to credit you if I use your OC. Thank you for any submissions
  8. To the people who participate in making contributions to the fandom, what kind of stuff do you do? I personally make comics, if anyone's interested :3
  9. My team and I are looking for people who want to make fan animations in the show's style. We're currently are in the production stage of our current animation Remorse of the Sisters. We have an animatic for anyone interested in watching. For anyone who would like to join the email is on the channel's about tab. Please know we are only looking for people who can replicate the show's style fairly accurately. We are looking for artists who can: -Animate with show style puppets -Make show style vector background -Use After Effects to create dramatic lighting visual and other visual effects About The Animation After watching the Lullaby For A Princess animation and recently finishing our first animation I was inspired to make a prequel to Do Princess Dream of Magic Sheep. Now, for over a year we've been producing it the best we can. This is our first real shot at animation, and it hasn't been without it difficulties. It's been really fun working on the project, and we're excited that it will be finished in the upcoming months. Hopefully with help we can release it sooner. Team Channel: Animatic of current project: Some Vector Art: