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Found 2 results

  1. Welcome to the Apple Family Fan Club! Feel free to post pictures, videos, and/or comments about the Apple family. Rules: ☆ Please, keep in mind what Fan Club this is. Please, don't make a Rainbow Dash post, for instance, unless it has the Apple Family, too; ☆ Try not to make too many posts that are exclusively about Applejack, as we already have a fan club for her. ☆ Bear in mind that there is a younger ones out there! With that said, no NSFW content is allowed. ☆ This is a Fan Club, not Hate Order. If there is something not-exactly-nice you have to say about this place, The Apple Family, or virtually anypony or anything, then please keep that at bay; ☆ All EQD Forum rules apply.
  2. Note: This episode is scheduled to air on Australia's Boomerang Channel on June 21. A poll will be posted after it airs. Title: The Perfect Pear Air Date (Australia/Boomerang): June 21, 2017, scheduled time 1:40 AM EST, 10:40 PM PST. Air Date (U.S./Discovery Family): N/A Writer: N/A Summary: "The Apple Siblings learn about their parent's love story and find out that they're half Pear." Poll's up! Credit to @Jeric for all of the poll choices except the top and bottom.