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Found 51 results

  1. Does anyone know where I find writers and artists who might be willing to collaborate on a fan comic? I have an idea in mind but I think some feedback and collaboration would really benefit it. It centers around the mythology/lore of the alicorns pre-Equestria and the advent of pony civilization. It would be unpaid for now. Is there a discord I can join? A forum?
  2. Im looking for an artist to draw a picture of my oc and dashie kissing each other in a bust style on the lips. (No need for the armor in the pic since it's a bust style pic, that means heads and maybe a little neck only.) my oc:
  3. Gleefulpep

    My MLP art

    I'm doing some MLP commissions for anyone is interested. I'm mostly doing commissions due to some problems in my life so if you want something more detailed I'm willing to do so though it'll be a little bit more! I'm doing simple pony commissions for 5$, simple pony commissions with slight movement for 12$, and simple human art for 12$! If you're interested just send me a message! Here are some examples of this:
  4. Hello, I am an artist who just joined the fandom. How can I contribute when I joined in so late?
  5. Hey all!! I am hosting an MLP art workshop at my local Michaels!! please come and join! I'll be guiding anyone on how to draw your favorite pony characters! This is for all skill levels so come have fun! Please sign up here: don't hesitate to ask any questions!
  6. Hello everypony! I want to start am omline charity shop/ auction for a nonprofit organisation I am currently working for. I am on my social gap year in Indonesia( Yogyakarta to be specific) and volunteer as a teacher for SSCJ (Save Street Children Jogja) It is an organisation that acts more as a community for the street children living here, offering them a safe space where they can be kids but also trying to offer them education. In Order for many of the street children to be allowed to attend school ( which is only free until a certain grade....talking about crappy education systems) they have to pass a certain exam which many of the volunteers help the kids to prepare for To help them out a bit and due to my rather unhealthy obsession concerning papercraft and art I decided I want to start a charity shop or fundraiser where I sell my art and part of the art I will create with the kids. I already produced quite some stuff....buuut have not figured out yet how to upload pictures on the forum, otherwise I would post some of the stuff here ( maybe one of you could help me out...) So here are only some links, just to get a picture of what will be sold My question now is if anybody knows of a good website where something like that could work ( I heard etsy was a possibility but I am not sure...). I have never done anything like this before and I am a little at a loss here. Has anyone ever had any experience with something like this? Do you know a former project that was similar to this? Whats the best way to do transaction and shipping?
  7. Batonya12561

    Batonya's pure art

    A long time ago, in a city far far away from civilized part of Russia.... *put Star Wars main theme here*
  8. blonde centaurette

    HELP! I need to know who created...

    Okay, this is probably not the typical post, but I didn't know where else to ask. You guys all know about Queen Galaxia/King Cosmos, right? These guys! I've been considering writing a comic centered around the pre-equestria era when alicorns were more prevalent for a long while now, and if I do carry it out, I eventually intend to have it voice dubbed. Obviously, I want to feature these two characters, but I don't feel right doing it without the creator's permission. So does anyone have any idea who originally created these characters and how i might get a hold of them to ask? Any info is appreciated. Thank you.
  9. Sandstreaker

    sandpit arts

    my arts and wip, comments and pointers are welcomed
  10. K-HAO-S

    K-HAO-S Art

    K-HAO-S ART SFW Hello there! I've been doing Digital art since 2014 and ponies for less than a year. I'm new to the fandom and still learning! I enjoy doing pony art I've found. Something quite pleasing about the MLP style in general I think. I do enjoy doing other types of art as well though. I don't think I have a definitive style yet honestly. I'm still experimenting and trying to find "my" style. Though I have been doing a somewhat simpler style lately due to drawing ponies and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. As far as my offline life, I'm 27 years old and have 5 furbabies that are spoiled rotten. I'm married just over a year Aug,9th 2017 and I'm pursuing a career in art. Pony OC's I have a few pony OC's but I"m still acquiring/ designing more but here are the ones I have so far. Warning link contains some nudity but nothing "Adult" in nature Pony Art Made exclusively by me Only going to be putting art made 100% by me (no bases from others used) here.
  11. Friendship is Horses

    Friendhorse Art

    Since I feel like contributing to something on the forum more positive than antagonistic discussions, I'll upload some pretty pictures I drew! If you like them, there are more on my Deviantart page. If you don't like them, be vocal about it! Feedback fuels growth.
  12. WildRoseArts

    WildRose Arts

    Hi there, thank you for checking out my thread, I'll be posting art pieces here ranging from practice doodles to finished work, if you like to, feel free t head to my DA page, for a one stop place for your viewing pleasures. I might also take requests time from time, anything in order to improve. I have big dreams, but I still have a long way to go.
  13. MidnightFire1222

    MidnightFire1222's Art Corner

    I like to draw a lot felt like sharing some art I've done before. I'll post some of my most recent ones to start, pony and non-pony. I'll probably post other things as I make them or if I feel like it regarding older art.
  14. Ninii

    Ninii's art!

    Hoii sweet buns! So I am doing this post to show off some art! I mainly take character design customs, sometimes commissions, you can just ask if interested Most examples are just Character Designs of adopts I make, so that's why some of them have the same pose since I sell the design and not the rest. I draw mainly anything Many of them belong to a semi closed species known as Northlings, if interested let me know ! Art is my full time job so please do understand that I do not do requests I hope you enjoy Do let me know what you think!
  15. dakotadarkhooves

    Dakota's Art

    Figured I'd make a thread to show off my pony-related artwork! I do a lot of different arts and crafts so expect a variety of things here. I'll update it whenever I created something new! If you'd like to support my artwork at its source, please check out my deviantART! (These are sorted from most recent to oldest.) Digital Art A design/piece I sold on deviantART just recently, 'Starkissed Satin'. A piece featuring my Space Cottonmouth (closed species by Pomiheii on deviantART), Audrey. A request for Frost Note on the Equestra Amino. This is their adorable bat pony boy, Frost Note! Some fanart I did of Apple Split. Even though he's just a minor character and only has two lines in the show, I adore him! A sketchy headshot of my vampire pony OC, Nightlore. My ponysona, Merry Anvil! She was based off my love for blacksmithing and swords. This is an older piece from 2015, but it's currently the only fullbody ref I have of Nightlore. Traditional Art None yet! Custom Ponies A WIP custom of Cattail, from a fakie. I'm still working on the rest of his accessories but I made his hat! A WIP G3 Apple Split! Plushies None yet! Sculptures/Other None yet!
  16. Hey! In this place i will just throw some mlp art Feel free to ask me anything ~
  17. sapphicstarlightglimmer

    Some of my mlp art

    I really like drawing humanized mlp so I wanted to share some of my art. Also I'm on derpibooru as mylittleyuri (in case some of these look familiar)
  18. DragonicBladex

    Just finished an OC.

    It's meh, spent a few days on it, think of it what you will.
  19. This is all stuff inspired by the "Roleplaying is Magic" RP my friends and I do called "Equestria Chronicles" which you can see a blog of our adventures of on Equestria Daily HERE! My good friend LytletheLemur also does lots of art from our RP you can find on his DeviantArt page, including original works inspired by the RP like his comics "Gimbal's Job" and "For the Love of Nutmeg" Anyways, I'm going to be posting my own artwork related to our OCs here, I hope you all like them!
  20. Ilona

    Ilona's Artwork

    Well, time for a topic where I show my artwork. I will also show you guys some of my non-mlp/shirt designs. Perhaps you guys would like that. :3 Pony: Non Pony
  21. invertigo

    inv art

    is this place still alive i just wanted to say that i got a little better from the last time i posted my art here ages ago
  22. Well hello everypony! How are you boys and girls doing today?! I wanted to create this short topic to promote one of my best friend's work: she made this amazing cover art for my first fanfic ever, titled "Silent Love". She's currently following a charadesign career, and created her Facebook page, "Killjoy Draws", two years ago, go check her out! I'll most likely post other cover arts, since I have the plots of two other stories, and will ask her to make the covers! If you appreciate her art, tell me and I'll let her know! Bisous, Saga.
  23. Retro_

    Art Thief!

    This steam user "Umbre" has stolen some artwork recently from some well known artists. Here is his/her steam profile And here is the conversation we had: 1: 2: 3: He also ended up blocking me afterwards when he was found out So as you can tell i HATE people who steal art, especially those who will go out of their way and straight up lie to my face, so i urge you to leave a comment on this guy/girl's profile telling him to take down the artwork; Thanks for reading and take care Edit: So i found out he has been harassing others by judging their artwork (Kinda contradictory eh?). Proof: (Images provided by "Mistress Woona Sparkle" 1: 2:
  24. Martesa

    Martesa`s art

    Just my art of color horses. 1) Flurry Heart. My first digital work, I didn`t even know about "curve. 2) Twilight without butt tattoo 3) Guess who?
  25. Smugleaf The Smug

    Smugleaf's Smug Art Thread!

    I welcome you from my dankest hole. Its been a while since anyone has graced my humble home. But now lets get down to the brass tax, I've been feeling good to draw again for a few days now and i was thinking to pick it back up again. I have a few links of some "new" stuff. I may take a few requests just like the old days, tho mostly gonna be Sketch/Traditional or head shots. If i'm feeling good and nice i may give it a digital touch. Bonus: If I've done you a Request from a realllly long time ago, I can give it a redo. Just link me which one. Find me on: DA ,Twitter, Steam, And Discord: WildfireTheSmug#7281 Examples: A few head shots and a snivy I did this one tonight! Pixel Bite Pent Pony Pent and a Khonjin Wild and the night In the dead of night I G N I T E I G N I T E (without the b/g)