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Found 7 results

  1. todays my birthday everybody
  2. LunarThunder

    Birthday! :3

    So...nothing special...but today is my 16th birthday! xD This is my first (official) birthday with ponies and my lovely boyfriend ^w^ (also not to forget all my new friends ^w^)
  3. Well... I survived another year. With that accomplishment came some victories- the successful launch of my first work of fiction (A Song of Transformation), the audition that landed me on the WSU Snare Line, and the semi-successful founding of my YouTube studio (Dead Eye Studios) among them. It brought some painful losses that I hope will one day teach me powerful lessons. And, most notably, it brought Pony into my life. Here's to another fantastic year, to the power of friendship, and to all of you who make this world bearable even as the rest of society seems to be hellbent on ripping itself apart... *holds up glass* Cheers! Thank you, and good day!
  4. MARK9000


    Well, as you can obviously see from the expressive way I wrote it, today is, or was (depending where you live, here is 23:33) my birthday, and I considered a good idea to come tell it here to bring a little life to my dark mood or something, also I'm just a year away to be of legal age in here (18) so more so. I'd really appreciate your wishes, and thanks.
  5. Hello! It's my birthday! And what a fantastic day for a birthday! March 1st? It has to stand for something! God bless. <3
  6. RK_Striker_JK_5

    Today is my birthday!

    Okay, according to the forum header, birthday posts are allowed. So, might as well. I was born on this day, in 1978. So I'm 38 years young. I am old enough to remember watching G1 back in the day. I'll leave you my favorite song of all-time, as sort of a gift from me to you.