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Found 27 results

  1. Hello, everypony and creature! Today I will be giving you a poll and a multiple choice question! It is not hard at all I mean that's if you make seem hard! I wish you all the best luck this is for fun no competition at all! Enjoy!
  2. Dragoon77777

    Playstation 4 comminity

    PS4 Update added communities so I went ahead and made a Brony related one! Just search " Bronies on PS4" in communities and you should find it. Haven't picked a game(s) to focus the group on but I've met some of you online and Destiny seems to be popular so that might be a good start.
  3. Otaku-sempai

    G'day everypony!

    Hi there! I'm Andrew, a.k.a. Otaku-sempai, and I'm a brony. I came into the fandom because of my wife Tayna, who has been an MLP fan since childhood--long before Friendship is Magic. She even helped organize a local pony-moot that was held a few years back when we were living closer to Rochester, NY than to Buffalo. I watched FiM and liked the detail that when into the mythology of the show, the charm of the characters, and the relative sophistication of the writing compared to many other children's shows. Of course, I never checked out Equestria Daily until after the series finale (which probably helps to explain why the forums are so quiet). My avatar is Phantom H. Fetlock, a pony character I've made for Tails of Equestria (though we've yet to play the game). Tayna did run a "Savage Ponies" game a while back, using the Savage Worlds rpg, but I wasn't part of that game. Pony Name: Phantom H. Fetlock Player Name: Andrew L. Pony Type: Unicorn Level: 1 Element of Harmony: Loyalty Cutie Mark: Pony skull & crossbones Body: D4; Mind: D6; Charm: D6; Stamina: 10 Talents: Swashbuckle (D6), Telekinesis (D6) Quirk: Blunt Equipment: Barding (light), Clothes (elegant), Food (simple meal), Kit (scroll), Ponybalm (5 uses), Rope, Saddlebags, Sword (sabre w/basket hilt), Telescope. Phantom Harcourt Fetlock was raised in a proud tradition of chivalry and service to the Crown, and to value freedom. The Fetlocks have long protected the coasts of Equestria as sailors and privateers. However, Phantom H. Fetlock sees an opportunity to make use of the captured airships of the Storm King to form a Royal Aerial Navy. Note: Fetlock's sabre is a family heirloom; its hilt is decorated with his family's crest.
  4. So I got back from school today, and I went to grab my headphones from my kindle (I had been re-watching, and I was at "Sonic Rainboom" s1 e16,) when I realized that it had been playing ALL DAY! it had gone all the way up to s2 ep 15 "Super Speedy cider Squeezy 6000". But anyways.... I'd like to know if any of you, also like to binge or rewatch FiM. Happy 2 days til Derpy/Muffins/Ditzy-Doo appreciation day! Thank you!
  5. Hello! I'm pretty darned late to join this group, what with the series actively ending and all, but I must say that I belong here. Equestria is my home. I just can't live there.
  6. V_Champion

    what's up EqD

    Hey! I'm V_Champion (my friends call me vchamp for short since it's easier to say/type). I'm from the Republic of Ireland, (my parents are Ukrainian, and I speak Russian at home, so no, I'm not of Irish heritage xd) I've been into the MLP fandom since late 2017, and still am as of today. I'm a Roblox Developer and I love to make games and other cool stuff, and an advantage of being a creator is that I'm able to do afford stuff (plushies <3) I've always wanted (most kids my age would be working summer jobs by now). I've joined the Equestria Daily forums because It'd be nice having an account and interacting with what part of the community is still left from time to time. I do watch MLP:FiM (I'm currently at Season 9), I love MLP art, music and especially remixes. I've recently bought a 4DE Rainbow Dash Plushie, too. Anyway, I've never really put that much effort into these introduction type threads, but I'm in love with the fandom so I want to make a good impression) Hi!
  7. Working Brony

    Working on a Blog For You All.

    Hey guys. Just wanted to let you know about things that are going on at the moment. I've decided to get my new Twitter handle (@WorkingBrony76). So if you have a Twitter account, click the link and then the FOLLOW button to follow me. Now for the meat and potatoes of why I'm writing this post. I'm currently working on a Brony blog called... well... The Brony Blog. I'll have everything a Brony may need to feel right at home. Online MP3 player, video games and all the pony goodness that the blog has to offer. Of course, I'll add the Equestria Daily to the menu bar at top. That to show my loyalty to the site/blog that shows me love all day every day. So look forward to the announcement later this week.
  8. Hey guys. Just a quick introduction. My name is Sean "Working Brony" Mallon. I live in NYC and work as an Information Technician. As you can tell with me being here and by my display name, I'm a Brony. Favorite pony is Applejack with Twilight a close second. I'm a video gamer, writer, blogger and an all around good person. I'm just glad that I've found a place to call home. So it you need help with anything, please send a message to me here. I'll help if I can.
  9. With The 8th Anniversary of My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic happening, I discuss the 2 (perhaps 3) things that got me into the fandom Comments are Welcomed #Sparity #Rarity_mlp #SpikeTheDragon #Rarity_X_Spike #Spike_X_Rarity #StarlightGlimmer #AppleJack #Starlight_X_Spike #Applejack_X_Spike #MLPFIM #MLPShipping #MLPMOVIE #MYLITTLEPONY #MYLITTLEPONY_FRIENDSHIPISMAGIC #TheBestGiftEver #ThePerpectPear #RARITY_MLP #SPIKE_MLP #SPARITY_MLP #MISANTHROPONY #MLP_SilverQuill #LightingBliss #Firebrand #GoldenFox #Keyframe #DrWolf001 #Brony #Bronies #Pegasister #Pegasisters #MLP_8thAnniversary
  10. White_Water

    MLP Themed Minecraft Server.

    PonyGamers Equestrian Adventures is a Multiplayer server inspired by the show My Little Pony:FIM, Explore the Vast lands of Equestria on our Custom Equestria map as closely identical as we can possibly create in Minecraft. (the 2017 map of Equestria created for the movie). Explore as a pony with the Mine Little Pony mod, create magic and tech, sail ships around the vast oceans of Equestria, Meet the mane six and make memories, Roleplay as your OCs and more this server has a wide verity of things to Explore and do. (Please note the map is still under development so not all equestria towns have been added yet)
  11. Hello everyone, I am Fabian (better known as Flutter-Fighter), I am 20 Years old and need your help. For my school education I have to write an academic assignment. I chose the research question: "Why/How did the Brony/Pegasister-fandom form?" or the short form: Phenomenon Brony To answer this I have to ask you a few questions about you and your life as Brony/Pegasister. You don´t have to answer all questions, but I will be thankful for every answer. You need to know: - Nobody except me can see your answers. - It is anonymous. - I could look at a single survey, but I don´t think that will happen, because I just need the overall result for the evaluation and not a single survey. - You don´t have to answer all questions. - By submitting this survey, you agree that I may quote individual answers from it. - You don´t have to finish it at once. You can send it to me and edit it later. - The option "Sonstiges:" means "other option". I am from Germany, so the language is German and i don´t know if it will be translated for others. - If you have questions, just ask me right here. Thanks in advance. If you want, share it with your friends and other Bronies. Brohoof /) Link to the survey: If you have found a mistake or a question I could add just tell me.
  12. watchinaweoftrixie<3


    Does anyone know where I can find brony dubstep music?
  13. Hi, everypony! I used to be a brony from the good ole' days of 2011-2013, but unfortunately fell out of it soon thereafter. Recently, however, I've gotten back into it full swing! I'm not totally up to date as of now with the show or the fandom, having been out of it for so long (as some may know it's a bit daunting to come back without being familiar with much anymore; heck, I'm still only familiar with what was funny and newly relevant six years ago lol.) Regardless, I used to frequent this site back in the day and thought it would be a good way to get back into the fandom and the show as a whole. I used to write a lot of fanfiction and made videos / collaborations on YouTube with others, and still do, but to a lesser extent. It's become apparent that I left the ponies, but they never left me lol, so I'd appreciate any suggestions or ways to get involved! (forgive me, I'm basically a newbie to this site since I haven't used it in years) Thanks!
  14. I want to find Bronies near me because around my home town I don't really ever see people who are just open about liking the show. I am hoping I can find people near me who feel the same way and want to connect with fellow bronies and make new friends. I want to start a group where people near me can talk and share their opinions and find people who share their interests. I want to make a group to connect with the bronies near me and give them people to connect to. I am starting a group on Google+ so we can talk and hang out, post art we like or that you've created whether it be drawings, music, animations, or simple reviews. I want to find people like me and let them know they are not alone. Please, if you are in Northwest Indiana click on the link and come share you friendship with me and the others around us. I hope I hear from you guys and talk soon. Remember, there's always people around you with similar interests, but it takes you to make the choice whether or not to find these people. Bronies in Northwest Indiana:
  15. watchinaweoftrixie<3

    Meetup Group?

    Hello, does anyone know of any meet up groups in the District of Columbia area?
  16. Fan de Mexivergas - TUrret

    HELP ME Finding this song Please

    I heard a wonderful song In a video from EquestriaNet (website dedicated to brony hispanic comunity) The video where it appears this song is in the episode 17 season 7. I tried all. I searched if it was a brony song or not; I didn't find an answer, I asked to EquestriaNet but they told me that the source where it cames this video it doesnt longer exist. Please Help this humble pilgrim who visit this great realm, i need the knowledge of the community, the best community ever indeed, and i know that my family will help me finding this song The song starts in the credits in the minute 21:29. YOU WILL LOVE THIS SONG I PROMISE
  17. Dante Bane

    Friends Needed

    Hello everypony who reads this, I just wanted to know if there are any bronies in the bay area, more up towards Santa Rosa, Rohnert Park, and Petaluma, who want to hang out or just chat online. Thanks you for reading this if you do!
  18. Ice_Wing

    BronyCon Location?

    Hey, Where do I ask where a brony con location is? ~Ice Wing/Ice Shocker
  19. Hi my name is Red Steel as many of you i am a fan of my little pony and i love the G4 show; i started watching it with my niece while i was babysitting her and i already heard about the brony culture just didn't pay much attention to it (not confuse with hate or disdain only that i knew existed and that was it). I began to see the show from the start on netflix beacuse my niece loves to have marathons of her favorite cartoons and luckily that day she wanted to see MLP then we saw it from the very first episode and i realize what many of you probably realized in that first episode !!!THIS IS AMAZING AND INCREDIBLY FUNNY AND (inner rainbow dash) AWESOME¡¡¡ after that i couldn't stop watching it; i caught up with at the time was half of season 5 and i keep up with the show since then, but here is my problem i live in mexico and there are bronies here but they aren't as vocal as american or european bronies are but at least they show it proudly how big fans they are; not that i am not, i wear my brony shirt proudly, but they have vlogs, reaction videos and to my shame they can buy merchandise, i have a very tight budget to live on my own and i can't afford many things and toys, i still buy comics but not as many as i'd like, the only toy i have is my PINKIE PIE plushie but because my niece gave it to me and she is my favorite pony and sometimes because of this lack of paraphernalia i shouldn't consider myself a brony or even a regular fan, as a writer i've made some short stories for my nieces and little cousins, including their OC's or just stories with their favorite ponies and i can quote every line of every episode and sing the songs(horribly but none the less sing them) and "Equestria Girls" movies, i still feel that with everyone i see online, youtube, cosplaying, making music or their incredible art; should i even consider myself a brony? i leave it to your opinion everypony
  20. Mourningfall

    It's a sign from the gods

    Taylor Swift confirmed brony? Or unperceivable coincidence? Either way, my day has improved from this point onwards.
  21. Hello my name is Nick and I would like to introduce myself. I'm an up-and-coming artist of the pony variety and a amateur YouTuber and pony analysts. I'm also a bit of a writer and not just for fanfiction. I also write several original stories myself. You can check out my works on my deviantART I hope to meet many new friends and have intriguing conversations conversations about art, videos and theories about the pony show. As well as working with you all on art collabs, fanfiction, and much more. Hope to see you soon.
  22. Hello everyone, my name is Cody. I live in Roswell, New Mexico. I'm pretty laid back. Enjoy video games, guns, browsing the internet and obviously MLP. I've lived around guns my whole live and and are my other obsession besides ponies. So if anyone else like talking about them, shooting them or anything else I would love to talk about that too. My plans for life are currently joining the local Police Department and serving my community. But please, feel free to ask me just about anything I enjoy talking about everything and have an opinion on just about everything too lol.
  23. charcolpastel

    hello every brony

    hey every pony my name is charcol pastel im an artist and a lover of music, actually most of my iphone is filled with brony music actually check me out on twitter just look for charcolpastel my da account is uhh shameless pluss (rubs back of head) i also play alot of skyrim and fallout 4
  24. "Lets get this party started"-Pinkie Pie (season two episode 26) /) hello my fellow bronys my name is Crash and Burn, and I am super excited to meet all of you. As one of the originals to jump on the Pony band wagon back in late 2011. I assure you if you need help with the fandom or something cool to watch, I am your mare. I enjoy talking about the show, and the fandom in general. I been to many convention including ponycon 2013, trotcon 2012, and Pon3con in 2014. In my many years into this fandom I know there is a darker side to it and I general do not discuss or partake in anything of that nature. I joined this fandom for the art, music, and general love of the community, and I plan to stay that way. Now in the royal Canterlot voice i bid <GREETINGS AND LET THE FUN BEGIN>!