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Found 1 result

  1. Steel Crescent

    Cave Story+(Cave Lyra+ mod)

    Hello everyone! This is my first ever mod and it's something i would like to add on to as i get better at modding. For now this is just a small thing aimed more towards bronies unless you are fine with a pony or don't like Curly for some reason then by all means get this. Simply replace your BASE folder with the Cave Lyra+ BASE folder. This mod is based off the original Cave Lyra mod for Cave Story. As i said the mod is simple. This mod replaces the normal story with the Curly Story so playing on Easy or Hard will result in you playing as Quote and meeting a second Quote with Curly's lines but hay that could be funny. Anyways i also did a couple other things like change Curly's portraits to Lyra pics and did a small recolor of the HUD. If you come across any issues inform me and i will fix them! Here is the Download 1.0: Version 1.1: Changes include- *Dialogue has been changed to fit Lyra *Changed one of Lyra's portraits when speaking *Changed Password in Plantation to ynoP tseB sI aryL though i don't think the inventory item was changed with it. Thanks to Noxid for informing me on how to alter Dialogue. Version 1.2- Changes include-New Title Screen Final Version-Version 1.3- Lyra+ *Fixed text flying out of Dialogue box in plantation. Version 1.4 *Changed Soundtrack. I worked very hard on this. Special thanks to Elite Ferrex and the original Cave Lyra sprite maker. *fixed song volume issues Version 1.5 is out Changes include *Song volume tweaked *all bugs ironed out. Assembly hall can be entered.(thank you doors) *More dialogue tweaks *easter eggs added Here is a video.