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Found 4 results

  1. KronosTheTimeUnicorn

    Mike Morones Memorial Fund

    I have been thinking about Mike Morones' death all day, and I feel horrible. Nopony should be bullied to the point of suicide for liking things that don't conform to gender roles! We need to do something as a brony community. Raise money for a proper burial? A charity fund? I need suggestions and fast. We need to embody Friendship to say goodbye to one of our own.
  2. Hello everypony! I want to start am omline charity shop/ auction for a nonprofit organisation I am currently working for. I am on my social gap year in Indonesia( Yogyakarta to be specific) and volunteer as a teacher for SSCJ (Save Street Children Jogja) It is an organisation that acts more as a community for the street children living here, offering them a safe space where they can be kids but also trying to offer them education. In Order for many of the street children to be allowed to attend school ( which is only free until a certain grade....talking about crappy education systems) they have to pass a certain exam which many of the volunteers help the kids to prepare for To help them out a bit and due to my rather unhealthy obsession concerning papercraft and art I decided I want to start a charity shop or fundraiser where I sell my art and part of the art I will create with the kids. I already produced quite some stuff....buuut have not figured out yet how to upload pictures on the forum, otherwise I would post some of the stuff here ( maybe one of you could help me out...) So here are only some links, just to get a picture of what will be sold My question now is if anybody knows of a good website where something like that could work ( I heard etsy was a possibility but I am not sure...). I have never done anything like this before and I am a little at a loss here. Has anyone ever had any experience with something like this? Do you know a former project that was similar to this? Whats the best way to do transaction and shipping?
  3. recentteen14

    Summer Games Done Quick 2016

    Summer Games Done Quick is an annual charity video game marathon streamed live here and on Twitch.TV, with donations going directly to Doctors Without Borders (no middle-man)! The event features high-level play by speedrunners, playing games as quickly as possible. During the stream, viewers can donate to see various challenges completed, or to be entered in for awesome prizes! Make sure to come back for the show, starting at 11:30 AM Central Time Sunday, right here! ( is the main site, if you want to go straight to the Twitch stream.) Come on down if you want to see people destroy your favorite games, help out Doctors Without Borders, or kill the animals in Super Metroid. As always they have a host of great games, some not so great but still fun to break games, and the oh so wonderful TAS Block (If you haven't seen one- tune in Saturday, they're always a real treat.) Schedule is at so you can see what games you'll miss sleep for. Whether you've seen it live, have only seen various archives on youtube, or haven't heard of them at all before, all are welcome to see the madness that is only achievable with a lot of hard work and breaking games in half by any means necessary. For a week straight. It's always a treat, and I recommend you check it out if you haven't seen one yet- they're a lot of fun and for a good cause. Have fun and keep gaming!