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Found 4 results

  1. Hello! Does anyone know where I could get some of the friendship is magic collection figures? Mainly the cmc balloon booth, shining armor and his chariot, and the rarity set figures. I’ve been looking everywhere and they’re so hard to find, I found a few on eBay but they’re ridiculously priced and from overseas. Any help or suggestions would be really appreciated!
  2. ABronyAccount

    ABA Recommends

    As I burn through my 2010-2015 catalog of collected brony tracks, sometimes a few just jump out at me. Tracks that warrant a revisiting since their hay-day*. Usually coming from Equestria Daily's Music of the Day, or Spotlight posts, or my finds from Beats, or just things I stumbled across in a random album purchase. These tracks deserve to be highlighted for new eyes. Basically... I needed a thread where I can dump some random recommendations from whatever compilation disc I'm listening to at the moment. THIS IS THAT THREAD! Are you a bad enough pony to brave my eclectic collection, my ecllection if you will? *See what I did there?
  3. Ponies made me collecting things that connect me with them. I've got a great bunch of pony things. I know some of you have that kind of collection as well. So I have made up this thread so anypony, who would like to show off his/her collection of pony in the most polite and possibly-detailed pictured fashion could do so! Just remember: be polite to one another P.S: You are free to show the merch that you got from DA, Etsy, Cons as well.
  4. Masturboy84

    Show your collection off!

    My collection spans from 1982 to present time, here i will show you my pre-G4 specimens. Some of them may be dusty but i don't dare washing them for fear of accidentally erasing their cutie marks. These are the oldest: Now Applejack and Firefly: An early version of Rarity: I love this one whose eyes resemble gemstones: I love that little one. Don't you think it's cute too? This one has a doll-like eye mechanism and a more elaborate cutie mark: Now, we're entering the nineties: Here comes G3: And the famous and beloved G3.5: Sweetie Belle, my dears!