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Found 4 results

  1. CBR's Jon Arvedon reports: "IDW Publishing announces a new My Little Pony series based on characters from Netflix's recently released reboot movie." The May debut dovetails nicely with the rumored premiere of the upcoming Netflix show.
  2. Mine being "Ponies of the Dark Water". Not because it is badly written or anything. Because...I love Mane 6. I am used to see them as not perfect characters, but good overall. And the sole thought of all 6 going bad gives me unreasonable amount of sadness. When I first learnt of the premise, it alone made me sad. But I avoided any spoilers and waited until the release of Vol. 11 to read it (I only buy TPBs, not issues). When I finally hurt big time. Even before I read it, my brain gave birth to a short fanfic of rather dark nature with this idea being a major element of it. Sorry, but...I CAN'T SEE PONIES GOING EVIL!! 'sobs'
  3. Personally, from the comics that I've read, my favorite arc was the Nightmare Rarity arc
  4. This is all stuff inspired by the "Roleplaying is Magic" RP my friends and I do called "Equestria Chronicles" which you can see a blog of our adventures of on Equestria Daily HERE! My good friend LytletheLemur also does lots of art from our RP you can find on his DeviantArt page, including original works inspired by the RP like his comics "Gimbal's Job" and "For the Love of Nutmeg" Anyways, I'm going to be posting my own artwork related to our OCs here, I hope you all like them!