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Found 6 results

  1. status : CLOSED Commission prices : _ Full body : (default) Black lines : Lines only = 40 pts // 50 coins Lines + flat Color = 70 pts // 80 coins Colored lines : + 25 pts // + 35 coins Lineless : + 35 pts // + 45 coins + shading = + 25 pts // + 35 coins + background = + 30 pts // + 40 coins _ Chibi : 60 pts // 70 coins _ Headshot : 45 pts // 55 coins _ Half Body : 50 pts // 60 coins _ Customs : + 30 points // + 40 coins For the Hard character it will be : + 20 pts // + 30 coins For extra character it's : + 50 pts // + 60 coins What I draw : Ponies , Hybrids , Cats , Dragons , Deer ! Things I won't accept ! No robots or metals No NSFW Art No Gore (I'm only doing it in one comic) No humains or furries in case you wanna use coins : My Equestria Amino account : My Fallout Equestria Amino account : my Deviant Art : link of the exemples on DA
  2. ChuchipDraws

    Cheap Commissions

    Hey, guys! I am looking to get a few extra commissions. I am running out of inspiration and nothing makes me happier than drawing an OC or something of the like. All of my commissions are Pay What You Want. This means that as long as you pay a minimum of $1, you can pay me as much as you like and think I deserve. Don't worry, I won't feel bad if you only pay me $1. If I would have been butt-hurt by that, I would have set the minimum a bit higher. I accept PayPal or Deviantart points. I can do traditional sketches or digital. traditional sketches will be mailed to you. They will not be colored or framed. Here are a few examples of my work. You can find more at
  3. Just some art that I have done Shameless self promotion: I am open for commissions! At the moment I only take points on Deviantart! Find me here:
  4. Just some art that I have done Shameless self promotion: I am open for commissions! At the moment I only take points on Deviantart! Find me here:
  5. Hello! I'm relatively new here on Equestria Daily but I would like to put myself out there as a new artist in the community! Here is a link to both my art and my prices if you are interested in commissioning me! And if you want to participate in my Sona-Sunday event, please consider becoming my patron on Patreon! Thank you for your consideration!
  6. hi guys! i really really like drawing ponies and i'd love to draw yours! I'll draw show ponies, but i love love love drawing fanponies. i'll also draw your other ocs, furries, humans, etc. pixels - 10$ 50x50 tiny pixels of ponies. great for profiles, signatures, etc. signature dolls - 15$ 200x200 little drawings, perfect for signatures, abouts, profiles, blogs, etc! You can put them wherever you'd like, but if you take one off-site I ask that you please link back to me somewhere. icons - 10$ 500x500 or 100x100 icons to use here or any other site. full drawing - 20$ simply shaded or simple background full body pictures of your oc. drop me a comment if you'd like something, PAYPAL ONLY please. be sure to leave your ref and what you'd like in the comment so i know what to draw! I'll let you know if your order has been accepted.