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Found 4 results

  1. glittery mermaid

    Does anybody remember Luna Game?

    This was a creepypasta mlp game that was about Princess Luna basically being haunted by Pinkie Pie (Pinkamena). Tbh I didn't understand the story at all because there was barely a story. Nightmare Moon (in the game) made Luna kill Pinkie Pie and somehow Pinkie Pie haunts her? And then at the very end (in the last Luna Game) if you get the good ending everything was a dream but Pinkie Pie's sprite flashes to a Pinkamena sprite and the game closes out (I think there's a jumpscare after it closes out). I'm just so confused at the story and if anybody has any explanations please comment below.
  2. What's some horrifying dark fanfic/creepypastas? I've listened to cupcakes and lets just say I was very disgusted and mortified. The same goes with Friendship Test.
  3. this is my Halloween topic (note this topic is open anytime) so which creepypastas send shivers down your spine and which creeppastas make you regret ever reading it?
  4. I am Rick_Dart Director of the Rainbow Factory. this rp takes place 20 years after the story pegisis device. blood drives did not produce enough recorces to make rainbows so the factory was restored under new management. Dr. Hide Atmosphere still works with the factory but not full time like before. open roles are as follows... scientists, engineers, workers, gards, and escapees. lets start this rp. scientists start first