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Found 3 results

  1. Lunar Guardian Freak

    COH - Dev. Update

    No. 001 Sorry for the long cap between posts. I had birthday, lost one year of my life (got twenty) and my final exams are coming. Great. I could work only little on the game in the meantime. Unfortunately that won’t change until Christmas when I’m done with my “Self-Study” Essay about the History of the Clavier. Story Transcript for the Prologue is under way. Currently its 80% done (in german). I take it to myself to translate it into English. Don’t worry. I’ll give the finished transcript to a good friend who’s willing to correct my grammar and spelling. A game is boring with long dialogues. I don’t want my game to be a visual novel. Therefore I’ll try to give short, meaningful and sometimes funny dialogues. Being a Twilight Sparkle in this game I’d like to give the player the option to identify with the protagonist. Despite that you can’t change the protagonist name and gender (I dare you being triggered). To do so I’ll show Twilight Sparkle dialogues in brackets. Just like in PKMN Mystery Dungeon. Example as you pressed on a picture: It shows the picture of your graduation from the School for gifted mages. Twilight: (I can remember that day very well. Brother and Princess Celestia were so proud of me.) Another Example as you speak with Spike: Spike: Right! But we don’t have much time left before you leave Canterlot! Let’s look around in the Castle grounds. Maybe someone wants to say you goodbye! Twilight: (sounds good to me. Let’s have some time together before I have to go.) Maybe I shouldn’t let Twilight talk at all. Giving her a calm personality where her Dialogs only will come up if she makes a decision. Example of a “calm” Twilight making a decision: Spike: Good morning Twilight! I hope I didn’t woke you up after I came home. Player Choice: “No you didn’t!” Spike: Then it’s all right! By the way. Just by looking at your face it seems that you really have needed some more sleep. You look really tired. “…” Spike: Still tired, are we? He he. Should I give Twilight her dialogues (longer conversation = takes more time for dialogues. But adds a good amount of storytelling)? Or should I make her calm so that the player may identify better to her (short dialogues = takes lesser time. But you won’t read Twilight’s thoughts on things). I don’t know. What better for the game? I can’t figure it out. Maybe the solution is something completely different. Level-Up System While implementing this I couldn’t avoid the fact that I had to code myself some help. Giving the actor class new variables made the attribute system much easier to realize. Ranks and Attribute Points are implemented. After every Level up you get one attribute point to spend. Level up a Rank gives you one Mastery Point to invest for Masteries. At the moment you can spend points in your menu under the option “Upgrade”. There you will find Attributes Bonuses and the Masteries all together in one menu. In the future I’m thinking of redesigning the whole Menu to fit in the likes of the game. However, firstly let’s concentrate that the system works for now. Equipment System Equip Crystals can now be equipped and crafted at a Crafting station. There exists various normal Equip Crystals and Deluxe Equip Crystals. I once wrote that you need either 18 equip shards OR 3 Equip Crystals of the same type to craft a deluxe version. Well, now you need 18 equip Shards AND 3 Equip Crystals of the same type. I’ll search for a way to give you the promised 18 shards OR 3 Crystal option. Under Work I work now on the Weapon Level system. Next Steps An open documentation platform for the game. I think about a steam Workshop. Setting up a beta world for you to playtest. But I want to give the game some visual improvements first. The Hero’s don’t look like the Mane six at all. So it wouldn’t feel right. Maybe its time for some concept art to share. The Mane Six and some other important characters. I'll look, that i can gather some of my work to upload there. Just stay tuned. Future Steps While I’m improving in JavaScript coding, I want to modify the menu completely sometime in the future. Giving it a more fitting and informative look. But that lies way ahead from now. You have to live with the ugly menu design for now. I’m sorry. I Hope you forgive my lag of information. Anyway, thanks for the reading and your interest. Generous regards Alex
  2. First view on “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day” Welcome in this thread which is about the game I do. Heh Summary Now we get to the fun part. If you did read the two last threads about my Introduction and Visions of CHO (I’m glad that you have survived the wall of text) then you will know, what will come. For those who don’t know. I talked about a project of mine where I make a fan game dedicated to MLP: FIM. Let’s get right into it. Here you will find everything you want to know about my game the “Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day”. I will explain its key elements. But I will go in each element’s detail in further posts. General Information I will make this game with the RPG Maker MV. An easy tool for beginners like me. The game will be a JRPG. You will control Twilight Sparkle as she travels with her new found friends (guess who) through the Crystal Empire. It will have a story, some side quest and interesting characters and will fight against foes. That’s natural in a RPG, duh. I try to make the game as “moneyless” as possible. This game should be a learning experience for me. So I don’t want to spent too much money (and I'm broke atm). This game will be done in my free time. I don’t have any obligations on working on it. But as much as I’d like to work on it, I won’t stop until its finished. What I do First let me write, what I don’t do in this project. That’s coding. As a one-man army I can’t program new systems for a game, when already good systems are out there waiting to be used. To be honest. I can a bit Java, JavaScript, C/Side and some PHP. But It will take much, much more time, when I have to do this all on my own. Yanfly Engine, Atelier RGSS, and some other have more than I need for my game. I hope you’re not disappointed. I have my reasons why. Now on what I can do. I “write” the story. But by “write” I mean writing a story which goes alongside “Magic is Friendship” of course. I will draw the graphics for the game too. I think I can provide good graphic for the game. And I want something originally from me in this game too. What I need You! Ye you. You in front of the display. I need your feedback and critics. I really need that to decide, whether some decisions would fit in the game or not. I’m bound to you, kind reader, to be my leader. What I have A plot. Well, it’s almost complete. No wait. It is complete, but there is still some room for improvement. A prologue, ten chapters and an epilogue. In every chapter you will face a boss and in the last one the final boss. The story will be similar as the episodes in Season two from “MLP:FIM”. I know what you’re asking. ‘If it’s your first game, then why would you choose the SECOND season?!’ Let me tell you. I don’t know. My first episode I watched was the season two finale “A canterlot wedding” (my favorite alongside “Do princesses dream of magic sheeps” and the 100th episode btw) I guess that is why I start with the second season. That was also the time when I started to work on this fan game. A battle mechanic which is the exactly the same in every “Final Fantasy”: the ATB battle system. The Active Turn Battle system is quite popular. In short, every battler has a gauge which he has to fill up before he can input a command. Filed up the Batter needs then to charge his command. After charging up he executes the Command and goes back filling up his turn gauge. Now to the battlers. In my game you will control more than four battler, like it is a default value for some reason. Instead you will control all six heroes (still guessing who) at the same time. This gives the player much more to do. The reason is, as six you need to strategize your attacks to fight as effectively as a possible. The foes are strong when you play just six heroes independendly. But they won’t be strong any longer if you play your six heroes as one organized team. Each hero has his own kit. Time your attacks wisely to win the battle succesfull. A Level up mechanic which is almost similar to the one they use in the “Mario and Luigi” Series. After you leveled up, u get a “Attribute Point” in which you can invest to boost your stats. This gives the Player a big room on how he wants to scale his heroes. After certain levels you rank up and will gain a "Mastery Skill". Choose a "Mastery skill" to improve your hero’s mastery massively. Equipment mechanic. In this game you will often hear about crystals. As crystals are my number on all-rounder material used for everything. As an Item, equipment, weapon, magic stuff etc. WithcCrystals you can do many things. Like equiping of course. Weapon Level mechanic. Also basically grinding. With certain items you can improve your Weapons. But you will have to create those said items. That leads right to the next mechanic. Crafting. To enhance your weapon, you first have to craft "level up crystals". Find Shards and bring them to a local Crystal House to craft your crystals. How I will work on the game The most important thing that isn’t here, even it should be, is the actual game. I’m sorry, but the game isn’t worth to show at the moment. I’m still in the evaluation phase of things. Recently I started to implement some systems, so it is under construction. Despite that, I want to give you a test version of my game as quickly as possible. So I decided to work phase wise. Each Chapter of the game will be a part Project. I will complete only one chapter before I move to the next one. So I can give you much more quicker a version to play and test. What now I will post more details for the upper section said mechanics. So I can decide, based on your feedback, whether I should let them as they are or improve them. But I want to keep it as simple as possible. Keep in mind that I can’t promise anything. What’s coming After I worked this out, I will implement the mechanics in the game. I will upload then a “Beta Version” where we can test the work. It will be an all classy four-step long communication between you and me. (You play, you complain, I fix, you happy). What’s coming after “what’s coming” When the mechanics are set and ready. I can finally work on the actual game. The prologue will be the first chapter to be worked on. But more information about that will come when the time is ready. Tanks for the reading. I hope I gave you a good first look on the game. Just ask me when something is unclear. Best regards Alex
  3. Welcome to the thread about my Visions for “Chronicles of Harmony” Summary: in this Post I’ll give you information about my visions of COH (short for Chronicles of Harmony). I want to give you an idea on what you can expect from me and the game. Of course I’m not here empty handed. I have quite much to tell what I have planned with COH. So grab seat if you dont sit on one already and lets get stared. Why a game I can’t imagine what is the most itense telling a story to a person as playing the "story" by himself. Sometimes a game can play with the feelings of it's player. Like PKMN Mystery Dungeon for example. Who wouldn’t cry at the end of every adventure?! Even its just a game, why am I awlays shedding tears for it?! It gets me every time. And that impresses me somehow. That's a reason for me for sharing my story throughout a game. My Vision with Chronicles of Harmony As you may or not may know, in my Introduction I wrote a little bit about the story of COH. I wrote that I’d like to give COH a plot, which will be inspired by serval games I’ve played in my life. Including “Friendship is Magic”. So let me break it down for you on how the Story for the game will be. I’ll take the most inspiration from the world of “My Little Pony”. But that doesn’t mean, I’m going to straight up copying the lore from “Friendship is Magic”. No. I don’t want to do that. Not at all. I just want to tell you my version of its story. A version containing different Story Elements as “Friendship is Magic”. Same Character, arranged in a new Story. The Character won’t be Ponies. They are humans, also divided in three races. Flyer, Worker and Mage. The reason is, that only ponies in a game won’t appeal non-MLP fans at all, I want to show, that the Story of this beautify show can be quite entertaining. COH should be a fan-game, Where the player feels familiar with the world itself. Like he would do watching an episode of MLP. What I have On my PC’s Data driver, I have Megabytes of textiles and documents for the game. Even more in my head. (I get crazy when it comes to documentation and stuff) And as a wannabe artist I have tons of sketches and drawings dedicated for the game too! I’m open to share some of these with you, when the interest is given. I’m not a real pro when it comes to art. But my drawings shouldnt cause eyebleeding four you. I planned quite a lot already. I can easily explain the whole story arc all day long. However, now it’s the time to do something. To make something out of it. At the moment, I have a playable version of the game. But it’s not yet ready or worthy showing it right now. I’m still implementing some basic mechanics. I’m messing around with the possibilities the game could have at the moment. What I’m working on My first game. Chronicles of Harmony: The Perfect Day will be the first game of its series. I’m not planning on doing a great JRPG straight away. I just want something that is a good starting point and learning experience for the future. Together Stronger than alone To give you guys a game that is worth to play, I need help. It’s easy to make a game. However, finding someone, who is willing to give his time for it, is difficult. As stated before, the reason why I’m here is to see how the reactions from you for my ideas. Sometimes I really need feedback for certain elements in the game. Therefore, I need your help. I like this fandom. I can feel the strong bound, which emanates from here. That’s why I decided to finally join the herd. Aftermath So, If you’re interested in this, feel free to follow me. I will post my so called “Dev Corner” here. I will not upload posts on a daily base. Just when it its worth to be posted. Let me know, if you have any questions for me. I’m open for everything. What will come Now I’ve told enough of my visions. Let’s get to the core. The reason why you are here, right? On the next Post I’ll show you my project I’m working on so long. Stay tuned and thanks for the reading. Best regards Alex Post Scriptum: To be clear. I absolutely MEAN it, when I say I want to create a game. For more than four years I’ve been planning on it. And that won’t be for nothing. (pinkie) Promise.