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Found 1 result

  1. Yay. Another one of these. This time it's this... As for why... As I stated previously... BECAUSE IT'S DIGIMON. THAT'S WHY. As always I'll be discussing this game, and my thoughts and my experiences in it, as I play through it. Let's just get started shall we...? Part 1: Nostalgia Factor So... this game appears to either be a sequel or a spinoff to the very first Digimon game that game out back on the PS1. Now admittedly... I did play that but I never beat it. Because its starts in a similar way. A kid puts on a Digivice and gets sucked into the Digital World. Straight away we're thrown into battle with a FREAKING MACHINEDRAMON. THAT WAS FAST. Also... unlike Cyber Sleuth... this game has an english dub. Oh one other thing... the game PRACTICALLY GAVE US WARGREYMON AND METALGURUMON RIGHT AT THE BEGINNING. Though... it was clearly just a tutorial. Because despite all that... and despite IT FREAKING DIGIVOLVING INTO OMNIMON it somehow STILL wasn't enough. SERIOUSLY?! I CALL CHEATING. But somehow... Omnimon... does... something that causes the Machinedramon to be defeated and it reverts back to... A TOKOMON?! THIS GAME IS TROLLING ME I SWEAR. Though... it seems to have been a sacrifice as the WarGreymon and MetalGurumon both disappear. We get pulled into the Digital World for real and meet Jijimon. THIS SEEMS FAMILIAR SOMEHOW. I WONDER WHY. So... yeah... we converse with the Jijimon. It's pretty much the normal 'Digital World in danger' mantra. BUT I DON'T CARE. BECAUSE IT'S DIGIMON. Though... Machinedramon is apparently a flat-out villain/cause this time. It destroyed a city and caused Digimon to scatter. So we agree to try to help rebuild it. As our partners are reborn as Digi-Eggs. I chose Botamon and Punimon and began training. Yep. You HAVE to train them to Rookies to even to be able to leave. It was... kinda annoying but it didn't take overly long. However... I didn't get Agumon and Gabumon. I got Black Agumon and Psychemon. It looks like you can't really 'control' digivolutions like you could in Cyber Sleuth. That's... kinda ridiculous. Oh well. Nothing I can do I guess. So yeah... this game is pretty similar to the first PS1 game. You have to feed them, they have to go to the bathroom sometimes (not joking ) and stuff like that. Honestly... this game is pretty addicting. I trained A LOT and was REKING EVERYTHING for awhile. Anyway you have to recruit Digimon to move back to the city in the main field and build it back up as well as gather materials, food, etc. Kind of like Minecraft I guess? I don't play Minecraft so I don't know honestly. I was doing okay until my Digimons almost died to some RedVeggiemon. WELL SO MUCH FOR THAT. Not sure what I'm doing wrong. I could have gone to the wrong area or maybe I need to training grind some more. Anyway... here's the regular battle theme. Seems motivational. I don't even mind grinding if I get to listen to something like this. Next time: More building up the city. More exploration. Training grinding. This game is SO different then Cyber Sleuth but still just as addicting BECAUSE IT'S DIGIMON.