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Found 1 result

  1. Ice bear has appeared on the EQD forums. Hello. I'm InklingBear. Some know me better off as Ice bear cause I like to roleplay much (okay yes, i'm into We Bare Bears). So, a few things about Ice bear; I am an all around musician, dabble in a lot of genres, except for rock. I've lurked on this site for about 4 years and finally noticed EQD has gotten forums. So I compose my music under three different aliases: Fractilx (2013-) - All around type music (mostly dabble in trance, and house music) Kyu♥ (2014-) - Kawaii type music (dabbles in anything that has cute sounding instruments) アイスベア (formerly うすうすベア) (2015-) - Hardcore type music (dabbles in happy hardcore, nu-style hardcore (aka gabber) and idm music) Ice bear is also one that provided some music for Dinky's Destiny (prologue). Not just this, Ice bear's also a co-member of the TrotMania series (ponified DDR), writing charts for it and sometimes making music for it as well. If you got any brony tracks you want Ice bear to check out, i can try to fit it in the game. ;3 Ice bear can also screenwrite. So this is just about all that Ice bear has to say about. Ice bear hopes for a good time here x3