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Found 1 result

  1. The Canterlot Armory " We make tiny horse armaments and sit on benches." This thread will mostly be a modding workshop / depot where I'll be posting my Mods (or anyone else's should they want to) mostly Payday 2 ones for the time being. It'll be divided into two sections, Releases and Work in Progress. Releases are self explanatory while the Work in Progress section will update every few days and feature WIP designs, ideas and concepts. I'm open to ideas from everyone who wants to contribute and I'll post my planned list in the WiP section. Feel free to scrutinize, criticize, antagonize or any other -ize's you can think of, thread's all about feedback and improvement. If any of you who still stick around Payday want to make a request for a mod feel free to do so and I'll add it to the list. Caution : // Image heavy post prepare your internets // So without further adieu Mods : Releases Sidearms : Sparkle Glock 25 / Glock 35 for the Chimano Custom : Comes in one variant for the Stock Slide and two variants, Librarian and Royal, for the Long Slide. One of my first mods and probably due for another pass soon as I've found better ways for dealing with the Payday Engine since I first made it. Preview : Stock Slide (Glock 22) Long Slide (Glock 35) Sparkle Glock 18c : A complimentary mod to the previous Glock mod since both of them use the same Frame with different slides and lack of magwell. Went with a more Military feel on this one with a Solid Sparkle theme. Firing this in full auto always makes me remember the scene Pinkie uses her as a Gatling cannon in A Canterlot Wedding. Preview : Spoiler Primaries : Lulamoon MSR for the Rattlesnake Sniper rifle. A sniper rifle befitting of the Great and Powerful Trixie, I believe it fits her to a T. Personally one of my favorite mods as it was almost effortless to work on and it just came together in a single sitting. Preview : Wooden body Tactical Aluminum body Twilight Blazer R93 / Tactical for the R93 Sniper Rifle : The last Twilight themed weapon which completes my usual set of one secondary and one Primary per Pony. Which I sort of already broke by having Twilight have two Pistols but, they're both Glocks so why not. Features variants for both the Wooden Body and the Stock Polymer body. Preview Wooden Body : Stock Polymer body Magnifique FAMAS for the Clarion Rifle : A primary weapon I believe suits Rarity perfectly, it's elegant, compact and packs a punch. First of the Rarity themed weapons with the Wather PPK being next on the list. Preview : Melee weapons : The Royal Judgement (Twicane) for the Ding Dong Breaching Hammer What's better in life than defeating your enemies? Defeating them with a giant golden cane of Twilight Sparkle, that's what! Now you two can enjoy the delight of bashing your enemies skulls in with a cane made out of solid gold! It's 100% Discord approved! The Lyre's Nocturne : Who doesn't like Lyres? Oh, someone doesn't? Well that's why this weapon exists: to teach the ignorant masses about the beauty of Music. It replaces the Psycho Knife Halloween Community melee. The Cellist's Overture: I blame Light Landstrider for this. It replaces the Classic Baton from the Aleso Heist DLC. The Spear of Equality : Spreading Equality, one Stick at a time. Replacer for the Spear or Freedom melee weapon from the Gage Historical Pack. Masks : The Big Crown Thingy (Twilight's Element of Magic) for Vlad's Tiara First thing I though when I saw that Tiara : "I have to turn this into Twilight's crown." And so it was. May contain minor clipping with regards to Bonnie and Wolf, haven't tested it on Jiro, Sokol, Jacket or Dragan since I don't have those characters. It should hopefully work though. If anyone spots any weird clipping on those be sure to tell me about it. I may find a way to fix it. I wouldn't recommend trying to Customize it as only Materials seem to change on it and patterns get lots somewhere, no idea how to fix it at the moment, but the again why would you even want to customize it? Preview : Trixie's Hat : Requests : IF-12 Ironpony / AA-12 "Security" for the Stakeout 12G (Fallout Equestria : Project Horizons ) Special AA-12 made for Sidewinder,a good friend of mine, themed after Blackjack from Project Horizons. Preview : Download links for all of these can be found HERE ! Links seem to have broken for some reason, will edit this when they start working. Work in Progress Section will be constantly updated so keep your eyes on it. Diamond Walter PPK for the Gruber Pistol. Something for good old Rarity, matching her with a very small, easily concealable pistol, the Walther PPK. It's a classic really. I think it fits her perfectly as its small, powerful and stylish. Walther's still on its first pass as I've no idea what to do with it at the moment. Shimmer G3 for the Gewehr-3 rifle Rifles still need a bunch of work, unsatisfied on the most part and the wooden segments need to be moved to the new base. Celestia Scar-H, still chugging along... still don't have a name for it but Sunshine seems like a good one but I'm open for suggestions. Luna AR-15 and Nightwatch M1911. Two American classics for the one and only Princess of the Night. AR-15's still have no final name, Nightwatch is a good one for the 1911's. Currently doing final passes and polish on the 1911 and most of the AR-15 parts are done. Need to do detail work on the AR-15's and move them to polish Octavia M-1928 Thompson Sub-machine Gun Pretty basic so far, needs work on the barrels, polymer parts and a proper name, the working names are "Melody" or "Melody's Cello" Rainboom Sig-552/553 So here's the first Rainbow Dash weapon in the works, WIP's been around for a while, but most of the parts are done. Need to work on details and the base foregrip, stock and grip. Vinyl's Headphones I will note that these are really weird and clip in all kinds of places, might be able to find a sweet spot and minimize clipping. Otherwise I may not release them at all. We'll see how it goes. Internal TODO list : Again as I said above these are up for debate / consideration. These are just my own ideas I've thrown together and I'd be glad to hear what you guys think and suggest I should do. That's all for now folks! Skyrazer, out.