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Found 11 results

  1. K-HAO-S

    K-HAO-S Art

    K-HAO-S ART SFW Hello there! I've been doing Digital art since 2014 and ponies for less than a year. I'm new to the fandom and still learning! I enjoy doing pony art I've found. Something quite pleasing about the MLP style in general I think. I do enjoy doing other types of art as well though. I don't think I have a definitive style yet honestly. I'm still experimenting and trying to find "my" style. Though I have been doing a somewhat simpler style lately due to drawing ponies and I'm enjoying it quite a lot. As far as my offline life, I'm 27 years old and have 5 furbabies that are spoiled rotten. I'm married just over a year Aug,9th 2017 and I'm pursuing a career in art. Pony OC's I have a few pony OC's but I"m still acquiring/ designing more but here are the ones I have so far. Warning link contains some nudity but nothing "Adult" in nature Pony Art Made exclusively by me Only going to be putting art made 100% by me (no bases from others used) here.
  2. WildRoseArts

    WildRose Arts

    Hi there, thank you for checking out my thread, I'll be posting art pieces here ranging from practice doodles to finished work, if you like to, feel free t head to my DA page, for a one stop place for your viewing pleasures. I might also take requests time from time, anything in order to improve. I have big dreams, but I still have a long way to go.
  3. dakotadarkhooves

    Dakota's Art

    Figured I'd make a thread to show off my pony-related artwork! I do a lot of different arts and crafts so expect a variety of things here. I'll update it whenever I created something new! If you'd like to support my artwork at its source, please check out my deviantART! (These are sorted from most recent to oldest.) Digital Art A design/piece I sold on deviantART just recently, 'Starkissed Satin'. A piece featuring my Space Cottonmouth (closed species by Pomiheii on deviantART), Audrey. A request for Frost Note on the Equestra Amino. This is their adorable bat pony boy, Frost Note! Some fanart I did of Apple Split. Even though he's just a minor character and only has two lines in the show, I adore him! A sketchy headshot of my vampire pony OC, Nightlore. My ponysona, Merry Anvil! She was based off my love for blacksmithing and swords. This is an older piece from 2015, but it's currently the only fullbody ref I have of Nightlore. Traditional Art None yet! Custom Ponies A WIP custom of Cattail, from a fakie. I'm still working on the rest of his accessories but I made his hat! A WIP G3 Apple Split! Plushies None yet! Sculptures/Other None yet!
  4. Hey! In this place i will just throw some mlp art Feel free to ask me anything ~
  5. Well I finally made an account here so I would like to post some of my stuff here I am drawing a lots of things, because of a large interest I do commissions very often but I also try to draw some stuff for myself to keep the pace and fun of drawing. I'm not thinking about myself as a genius artist, I'm more a guy who loves drawing and is learning on his own mistakes and is inspired and motivated thanks to many AWESOME artists in this fandom. Ok it's not an introduction topic, so I'll go straight to the pictures. I'll start with something I made just an hour ago (after 2 days of work). I'll be trying to mix new stuff with my oldies so... Enjoy "Tonight at Luxor" LINK:
  6. Green Arrow

    Drawing ideas?

    Woohoo! It'll be my first time selling art at a convention this summer. As well as selling prints of my existing art, does anyone have some suggestions on what and who I should draw? I'll be selling at at Project SEAPonycon in Thailand.
  7. Anyone up for an ironically shit draw thread? Bonus points if it's of Skyrazer.
  8. Ebon Scar

    Ask Quiet Note!

    Hi folks, decided to try having a sort of Ask Thread here. Still mostly for drawing practice. But while I'm at it, how about some fun for everyone? Leave asks for Quiet Note here and I'll draw replies as time allows. However, Quiet Note doesn't exactly speak, she is too shy of her voice. She whistles in specific way instead. Whistling is her special talent after all~ This should help you understand her better. Quiet: .... .. .-.-.- / .. / -- / --.- ..- .. . - / -. --- - .
  9. Imalou

    Incoming !

    hOI everypony ! My name's Imalou, I've been watching and in the fandom since march 2011 and I'm a pony drawfag ever since ! I'm the proud momma of theses three that you may have seen on the drawfriend or derpibooru or even /mlp/ I'm a 20 girl, French, living in Paris for being more specific (honhonhon) and a professional concept artist in the game industry. My passion for drawing exists since I learned how to take a pen in my hands hehe, I've been drawing digitally since i'm 11 ! I love animals, especially doggies ! I was initally a furry before entering the world of the ponies -come at me bro !!- My favorite pony is Pinkie Pie and she was the character that made me watch MLP I love meeting new people and have fun, I love going to conventions, sing at the MLP karaoke and draw other's people fav pony/OC ! My favorite vilain is Chrysalis <3 and my favorite artists in the fandom are Crookedtrees, AssassinMonkey, Equestria-Prevails and Tsitra. My fav seasons are season 1, 2, 4 and 5, for me the best Pinkie Pie's episode are in season 4 <3 I found this forum while reading an article in EQD who was introducing all the staff of the website and I saw there was moderators and admins of the forum so that's why I'm here ! I'm looking for meeting new people because in 6 years most of my brony friends stopped watching the show, I'm missing the good old vibes from 2012 :'( ! The french forum where I was is pretty dead for now so I'm looking for a new place to discuss about the show ! I think that's all, if you have any questions about me or about drawings don't hesitate <3
  10. Soobel


    Hello Im new here, and... Likely new brony also, cause i discovered those colorful creatures couple of year later than core of the fandom. And hope to make some friends here. Seems im only brony, who attempt to build a model railway scenery of ponyworld and i like to draw them too. (Weird: how to illustrate a post with pictures?)
  11. DayanDey

    Dayan's Arts

    Hi, my name is Dayan. I come from Poland. I'm in the fandom Bronies from 2011. From childhood I liked to draw. In The fandom I had the opportunity to meet many awesone artists. Lately I develop my artistic skills, mainly vectors and sketches, not only ponies, but also humans. One of the newer drawings. Portrait of man Vector my OC: DayanDey My account in Deviantart My Twitter My account in Derpibooru Regards ;)